Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2008 EMS Rose Sampler Happy Dance!


Its finished!!! Woohoo! Another WIP completed! Good thing too as this makes my final completion in Germany. We get up at 0500 tomorrow just to be at the on post shuttle in time for it to take us to the airport. Our original ride got a flat tire and is using a donut now :( Anyway I'll try and post again soon. I have some other pictures I want to share but DH wants to get his show downloaded before we leave the hotel.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

EMS 2008 Rose Sampler


I finished the row of roses and leaves and have about half of the uppercase alphabet completed. The first picture is the entire sampler itself and the second picture is a closer up view of what I had stitched since you all last saw it. I only had like one or two of the roses row completred. I had stopped stitching when i was sick. I had a fever of 102.6 which really had me scared but i took my excedrin and drank some cool liquids once i was able to keep things down and am happy to report we are all feeling a whole lot better. Kiley also spilled her tea on this so it had to go for a washing and air drying so i also lost time there but oh well thats life. I am just thankful it all came out.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Happy Dance!


She's done! Woohoo! So many beads wow, I think she had more beads on her than the other two I did but oh well I loved stitching her.

I pulled out my 2008 EMS Rose sampler to work on and I got some done.

Non-stitching news:

The movers came and took nearly everything but forgot some things including the bed frame we had downstairs. I am so upset over it plus they left all there trash here all over our house and downstairs leaving us to clean up after them. Mike signed the papers without going through and making sure they got everything. Plus they left the front door and back door open for the two days they took to pack our house and so I froze the entire time. Now Kiley, DH, and I have the flu. Plus we had to go to an xmas company party on Thursday which was mandatory and the kids weren't feeling well or anything. But its all over except this flu bug which we are fighting. 

9 more days before we fly!

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Elf fairy


Here she is as of oh I would say two days ago. I haven't touched her yesterday or today as of yet. Please forgive the needle there, not sure why its there but ok whatever. The other day I finished the stitching and backstitching and got all the beads around her feet completed and then the next night the beads on her legs and bottom portion of her dress and wings done and then nothing since. I spent yesterday finishing up all the packing and today the mover is here yes I said mover not movers, apparently they are suppose to be doing two house at once so we have one guy here. Good thing they are scheduled for today and tomorrow. But he has my front door open and our back door open so its so so so sooooo cold in here! I have my oven on and open trying to get a little warm though I am tempted to go into my bedroom and crawl under the covers. DH has his laptop so i will continue to have computer and internet till about the 14th but I am not sure if I will be able to show any progress pictures after this one but I will update as soon as I can.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Round 16 and Elf Fairy


Alrighty so Susan P. received my round 16 about a week ago I guess and I just saw on the Fair and Square blog that she received it. I hope you like it. It was fun to stitch rudolph up.

Also here is my elf fairy as of today. I just have that little square to fill in and then its time for backstitching and beading! I can't wait for this happy dance, she has certainly taken me longer to complete than the other two fairies did but she's still fun to do.

My Edelweiss lodge and resort marriage retreat got canceled sadly but is rescheduled for the 11th of Dec. so I am hoping we can make it as our things will be shipped already, luggage packed, and the house ready for inspection so cross your fingers everyone that this one doesn't get canceled either.

We also took Christmas pictures this past Saturday. They were suppose to be in Dec 14th but was moved to Dec 18th which means we can pick them up in Veisbaden a 20 minute drive from the Frankfort airport on the 17th or they can mail them to my mom's address where we will be staying for the next 6 weeks and we receive them after Christmas sometime. This one is going to be played by ear though. We already viewed the pictures and picked what we wanted and paid.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving weekend? We spent ours relaxing and weeding through more things here inside the apartment and down in the storage in the basement. Fun stuff lol.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am so thankful that I have DH and the girls together this year. I am also thankful that we get to go home for Christmas for the first time in 4 years. There are many other things to be thankful for this year but these are just a few of mine. What are you thankful for this year?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Kiley!


Happy Birthday Kiley! We love you so much! You have just grown so much over these last 5 years, we are proud of you! 

Monday, November 23, 2009

TUSAL and a Christmas Elf fairy


Okay I know I am very late showing my TUSAL but both kids were ill all the way thru Sunday and even Kiley wasn't feeling well so she stayed home today too but both kids are so much better and will finish off the remaining two days of school this week. Anyway what did I add to this container this month? Different colors from my FS exchange which I can't show yet but I also added more fibers from my Christmas elf as well. I am actually working on her wings as we speak or type? Anyway I am hating working on her wings and was highly tempted to leave them out. But alas she shall have them so she may continue to match my other fairies. And I normally don't mind beading but this one seems to have a ton of them oh well one bead at a time right? Besides the finish product will be beautiful!

DH signed the 4 of us up for a marriage retreat at Edelweiss Lodge. It's a free trip and we always wanted to go there so now is our last chance. We have to go to a few group meetings with our Chaplin but I am actually looking forward to what he has to say. They have free child care as well during these meetings and all kinds of things to do when we are not meeting with the Chaplin. We leave this Sunday and return Tuesday December 1st. 1st SGT is approving the leave of the soldiers to miss work Monday and Tuesday but the kids don't have those days off from school so I will have to let the school know they will be missing more school. And then on the 2nd and 3rd housing comes and collects all our things to ship to Colorado. woohoo! But this means I must have everything we are taking on the plane packed up this Saturday as I don't think I will have the energy when we return. How was everyone else's weekend?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hmm wonder what my days have been filled with? Let's see I ran around doing last minute things and contacting people about this weekends double birthday party for the kids, Go Wednesday grab the kids, mention to the school nurse that destiny seems lethargic as she laid down on the nurses bed while we chatted. So she has no temp and claims she is fine so off we go home. She fell asleep on the love seat for several hours before getting up to nibble on some dinner. I looked at Mike concerned but again no fever or complaints though she has come home from school all worn out since she began pre school. Sure enough Thursday morning she is in a ball complaining of stomach pain and she has a 101 degree fever so we had a Dr appt anyway with her German Dr and after dosing her with pepto for her tummy and Tylenol for her fever she fell asleep. We had our Dr appt at 1130 and asked him to look at her in which he stated she has a virus which will work itself out. Mike (DH) on the other hand decided she needs medicine for this virus! I just gave him my if looks could kill look as the Dr explained to him yet again how virus do not need antibiotics and will work itself out, if she vomits or her fever spikes to 103 then bring her back in or to the klinikum. We say or P's and Q's and left out the door, came home fed and medicated her as her first dose had worn off by 1300 (1pm) she rested and I spent the day telling Kiley to leave her sister alone, she is sick, stop pestering her, no don't poke her either! Yes thank you Mike for the wonderful suggestion of lets keep both kids home! So today both kids continue with the fevers and to add to it Kiley had a new cereal last night and woke with a red rash from head to toe, her face was puffy and looked like a tomato! I had no benadryl left in our cabinet and was severely low on Tylenol and no ibuprofen so i sent Mike to the clinic for all 3! Poor thing stayed rashy all day today till he arrived home tonight and after a nap she is looking so much better! Though the party has been canceled so my entire day was spent on the phone relating the news to all our parents guests. Mike told the girls he would still get them their cake though. Of course we have to, its special ordered with Disney princesses and Tinkerbell and half pink and half green and reads Happy Birthday Kiley and Destiny! LOL I'll show you guys, this was a huge argument on the kids part but the bakery lady was laughing with us about it. Awww good times.

Well  my stitching mojo has been missing too so if anyone has seen it please send it back to me. Its been missing all week and I can't find it anywhere. It must have runaway with my sanity too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fair and Square Autmun Round


Here are the squares I received from Jeanie C. (no blog) for the Autumn Round She stitched a SanMan Original which I adore SMO's. Thank you Jeanie!

I completed my Fair and Square Round 16 squares today and got them into the mail, so they are headed to the USA now! Now I am off to go pick up my elf christmas fairy again.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Destiny!!


8 years ago today I gave birth to a blue eyed baby girl and even though she is know officially 8 years old she is still my baby girl. Happy Birthday my love!

We bought her this cheerleading 2 game for the Wii for her birthday so she is happily playing on the Wii right now. I'm sorry I have no stitching to show you either as I am working on my exchange piece which I hope to be completed by Sunday night. Today I also bought some clear storage containers like my TUSAl one and put my buttons into one and my pony beads into the other. I have to separate my seed beads because a certain 4 year old thought it would be fun to mix them all up including the ones for MLOTS which I am so itching to bead on tonight but alas it must wait. I have to decide on what I am taking to my moms in Wyoming and just have for 3 months while the rest of my things arrive. Hmmmm, you think DH would think I am on crack if I tell him I want to put all my stitchy stuff into a trunk and mail it to my moms so I won't have to be without my stash for 3 months? Though there is a hobby lobby up the street from my moms........

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

End Of The Year Giveaway


Angela from Hooked On Stitches is having a giveaway for this beautiful box. You only have until December 10th to enter!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Fall FS Round and Christmas Elf


Jeanie C. (no blog) received the Fair and Square Fall Round I sent her. I'm so glad you like it, It was fun to stitch up for you.

Also here is my progress on my Christmas Elf Fairy. I just have her hat, wings and beading to do to complete her plus a small amount of back stitching. But for now she will be set aside as I have my final round for the fair and square exchange for the year to do up and get mailed out so i can concentrate on getting things in my house packed up. I leave in just 4.5 weeks!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

My Very first Mailart!


I heard from Dawn today that she has received my mail art exchange so I can finally show it. So here are pics of the front, back and even the fabric for the inside. It was a teddy bear theme. I also included the remaining fabric in her envelope and a Halloween pencil too. I wanted to include some other teddy themed items but couldn't get a hold of any over here. I'm so glad you like it Dawn. It was fun to make too so I may enter into more MA exchanges when I get settled in Colorado.

EDITED: OK address thing fixed. Sorry had a mommy brain moment and completely spaced about the addresses.  Thanks everyone for the reminder. :)

Crochet Happy Dance!


Mesh Long Sleeve Sweater
Herrschners Whisper Soft Yarn
Color #: 0020 Color Name: FR PK MULT
Designed and Crocheted by Heidi B.
Completed: November 04, 2009

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Some stitching and some crocheting plus Halloween


Here are our costumes for Halloween night. It was so much fun going out but oh so cold so DH and I were nearly frozen when we came home. I wore 6 inch heels that blinked pink and got lots of compliments though i was in so much pain halfway home that my legs gave out and I fell down. Luckily i didn't get seriously injured though i walked home the rest of the way barefoot and the cold felt soo good on my aching feet. We forgot to carve our pumpkin too, any ideas what to do with it now?
Here are the oh so cute buttons I bought from Anita. I love getting stash from her, she has such awesome service and what great prices! She had to mail this to me 3 times! She said the post office kept returning it to her and eventually had her fill out a different customs form and she had to use a different post office but I do appreciate her service! Thank you Anita!
Here is the very soft sweater I am crocheting for Destiny. I'm proud to say its my own pattern! And its nearly finished though Destiny asked for me to add a turtle neck to it to help keep her neck warm.
My Fairy Elf as of last night. She is going rather quickly and I am so excited! I am hoping to have her completed in the next few weeks.
I got my JCS ornament issue in today! My sister Lynnette got hers in yesterday and I was sad that it was taking so long for mine. Now I can't wait to finish up a few things so I can stitch a few ornies from this issue.
And last but not least I have received my Fair and Square Halloween round from Sharon V. Cute huh? Thank you Sharon!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

DH is home!


Tuesday morning i got a phone call saying my husband was coming home and will be here at command in about 6 hours! So i ran to the store for a decent meal and came home to clean and organize what i thought i had a week to do still and tried to get it done in a few hours. I grabbed the girls an hour early and head to command where we then found out that they didnt realize our soldiers had bags and equipment so we will be waiting longer. he finally arrived at 1600. I cried all morning long, happy tears of course!

I have been stitching on my fairy and even crocheting on a sweater for Destiny, my pattern of course, lol. I'll share these two things with you later on today or tomorrow even.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christmas elf fairy Day 3

Here she is after 3 days of stitching now. I am surprised how much I was able to get done on her yesterday though it helps that I am enjoying this one a lot so it keeps me motivated. I don't know that I will get a lot done today as my kids are up for a big unhappy surprise for them when they come home today from school so I will be doing that today. I'll explain about it more later.

Happy Stitching!

TUSAL and a Christmas Elf fairy

Here is my TUSAL for this new moon, well OK I'm two days late in posting this and i won't make any excuses, its pure laziness lol. So i snapped one with my webcam this morning so i apologize for the bad picture. The only added things in here that I can tell you about is some excess fabric from Poe's curtains and some reds from my Christmas elf fairy that I am currently working on. All the other tidbits that I added this month are from exchanges that I am still waiting on to arrive at their destinations. Also if your interested in joining this just click the link in my sidebar under SAL's

Yesterday I was able to sit and stitch for a good 4 hours! OK I admit I watched TV shows too while I stitched this. But I am happy with my progress and plan to work on her some more today. Names were sent out to for the fair and square round 16 so soon i will have to set my fairy aside to complete MY last exchange for the year. Once I am moved into my new place I will start doing the fair and square exchange again.

Sunday, October 18, 2009



Christmas Ornament Kit of the month
Painting penguins
Oct 18, 2009

This is what I did on Sunday The girls tried to help me out but it ended up being messy and i had to do fix ups on them. So they ventured off to pain on their own and ended up getting it all over my hard wood floors and now there's a spot of pink dried on my floor where Kiley laid her paper to dry. Hmmm I don't think we will be pulling the paint out anytime soon again with them home. Next painting kit that arrives, I'm doing it while they are at school lol.

I did crochet on Saturday but then on Sunday decided I wasn't happy with the way it was turning out and I set it aside. I unravel it today I think and just sit and go back to my love of cross stitch.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Curtains, bowls and an adventure at the post office


DH got to re up in Romania! I'm so proud of him! And Fort Carson is in his contract! WooHoo!! Congrats babe!

Here are the curtains I made for my darling nephew Poe's room. I stayed up till midnight on the 14th to get them completed for mailing on the 15th. They are Precious Moments and if you recall they match the quilt I made him, in fact this is the same fabric that was used for the back of his quilt. I just had to order more. If you don't remember the post I am talking about then click here
And these two little things are small Halloween bowls. I actually used a free pattern for a bag and just went up to Row 9 before stopping. I may fill them with candy....any ideas? They are sitting on my coffee table right now. Free pattern is here
And here are my squares for Fair and Square Round 15 from Peg! They will make a great addition to my friendship quilt. To see the post of my quilt click here. I don't think they have my fabric anymore either so I will just use what I can for now and leave it smaller than planned if I can't get more from Joann's.

So I went to the post office on the 15th with the intent of mailing off 4 packages, one to Lynnette filled with baby things, a few gifts for family sent to my mom, my fall F&S exchange to Jeanie C in Singapore, AND my very first MA to Dawn. So I go to the guy I know and my husband and him are friends and he sees my MA and is like

him: "this is so nice! Are you sure you don't want to put it into an envelope?"
Me: Nope please put actual stamps on it and all
him: you want me to stamp on your fabric? what is this? hemp?
Me: no its linen and yes stamp on it
him: hey (guys name next to him) look at this! Isn't it nice?
Guy: Yea that's nice! Did you make that?
Me: Yes I did (beaming with pride)
Guy: is that knitting or what is it
Me: (looking at him like he's crazy) No its cross stitch
Guy: oh OK (then precedes to ask me about myself blah blah blah)
him: I'm not sure if I can mail it like this, let me check with my manager (checks & yes he can)
Me: (Rolls eyes) You can mail it this way. People do it all the time
OK so the stamps are on there, are you sure you don't want to put it into something else? I worry it will get dirty
Me: No please just mail it like it is
him: OK ready (he positions the black time date stamp over the proper place and gives me an are you sure look and when I give him a blank stare he stamps it) I have to put tape over this to ensure they stay, OK?
Me: OK that's fine.

Then I was able to pay. I left kind of laughing at how many postal workers/stitchers have gone through this same conversation. If you made it this far, congrats to you and thanks for reading through my post!


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