Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday, doll, and Christmas

Happy 7th Birthday sweetie!
November 14, 2008

Here is my Fair and Square Christmas Round from Jennifer B. above and my Fair and Square Round 10 to Joan S below
And here is the doll I crocheted for Kiley. remember me telling you I was making this one and ran out of yarn for her arms. Well it came in and so I finished her up today.
I also made 3 loaves of banana Nut bread today. This is my all time fav recipe. It comes from my Grandma on my mothers side. I make this every Thanksgiving and Christmas though anytime your in the mood for it you could make it. Here is the recipe for it too in case anyone wants to try it out. Please let me know if you do and what you think.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fair and Square Christmas Round

Here they are. They were sent to Jennifer B. who also has a love of snowmen like myself. I am thrilled you like them! Sorry they are not ironed in this pic but they are on Jennifer's blog. I had to snap off a quick pic as I was on my way to the post office that day.

Just wondering where the Round 10 squares are now as I mailed them the same day and they both went to the USA......

Friday, November 07, 2008

Collecting Shells and an apple crumble

Here is she again. What you see done outside her is what i have done over the last 2 days. There is so much to do above her I truly wonder if this will be finished in 2008 or if it will be a 2009 finish. I am guessing more like 2009 unless I ONLY work on this for the remainder of the year.

Here is the Southern Apple crumble I made last night for dessert. This is a huge hit with everyone so I felt I had to finally share it with you all. :) Mine also has chocolate chips because it calls for an oatmeal cookie mix and the only one we have at the PX comes with chocolate chips and I never feel like picking them out, besides a little chocolate never hurt anyone right? The recipe is here. I always add extra nuts too as I love that crunch they give mixed with the warm gooey apples.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

So huge history was made obama won! Happy days right? No I am so upset. He wants to take away military raises. Excuse me but our soldiers risk there lives everyday out there and deserve every penny earned and its not like they were that much in the first place but still. Everyone deserves a yearly raise. Not to mention he wants to remove the US flag from the uniform and get rid of our national anthem! Where the hell is your American pride Obama???

Okay rant about politics is so over!

Anyway, I did pick up an old WIP. My collecting shells one. You see at the beginning of the year on one of the groups I belonged to we were all challenged to finish some WIP that was at least 1 year old. Well this one I have had since Destiny was a baby and she is going to be 7 on the 14th so yes its over 6 years old! Thats insane for a medium project. Anyway I have most of the girl finished and decided to get some of the background in. I just picked it up last night so not too much to show yet. Maybe I can post a pic up tomorrow but I really am going to just abandoned all other WIP's right now and work on collecting shells so I can just be done with it. The crafting bug just isn't there too much lately as I am stressing over everything! DH leaves for Haz 11 training on the 16th thru the 20th and that we have to pay for up front and its appr $600.00 USD We don't have the money for it so DH is looking to get an advance for it. Granted we will get paid back for it so not a huge deal but right in the middle with holidays and all the extra money that gets spent during this time of year. Lets just say that I think book 3 and 4 of the Twilight series was my last purchase for me for the year.

Destiny has the next 6 days off of school for whatever their stupid reasoning for it was and she has already started by fighting with her sister non stop today! I am at the point where my head is going to explode! We have also had moving trucks and people non stop in and out of our building as 2 families are PCSing. And since we live on the first floor the movers can't help but bump our doorbell a million times a day. Its too bad I cannot disconnect it. I am so tired lately too perhaps from all the stress is all I can figure. I will be better after xmas is over. Things can return to normal.

Has anyone started their fall decorating? I realised this year that I have next to no autumn decorations....I wonder why that is. Anyway I may have to try and remedy that this year.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Vote for Me Please

Please click on the link below and vote for me. Thank you everyone!

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Pictures!


Well here are my cuties in there costumes this year. Destiny definitely got into character with her Cinderella princess. I was definitely ready to de thrown the little princess by the time we arrived home from trick or treating. We started our day by running some errands which meant walking all over post so I grabbed the girls some BK on the way home for lunch. Then we had to clean the house which Destiny wined that we wouldn't have enough time! But we still had 3 hours before trick or treating began which meant 2 hours for cleaning, dinner and making sure sugar levels were good enough for Destiny to go out walking for trick or treating. DH had staff duty which is a 24 hour shift so he couldn't go with us again this year. Our evening was interesting enough. In fact we had a fun conversation on the way to our friends house before trick or treating.
On the way out the door:

Me: Destiny take your coat its going to get cold

Destiny: But I am hot, I don't want it

Me: take it anyway I don't want you getting sick

Destiny: rolls her eyes and grabs her coat

We cross the street

Destiny: mom can you carry my coat?

Me: no you can put it on

Destiny: No, Cinderella doesn't wear a coat

Me: No but Cinderella doesn't go trick or treating either

Destiny: Well Cinderella has servants to carry all her stuff

Me: Destiny, we are not your servants so carry your own coat

Destiny: Well if I were rich I would have my own servants

Me: That gives you something to shoot for then doesn't it?

The rest of the evening went on like this with her telling us what Cinderella does and doesn't do and with a snobbish attitude. I was on my last nerve by the time we arrived home. Poor Kiley was exhausted too. She was complaining her legs hurt so she fell asleep quickly when we got home. They loved carving there pumpkins too. Kiley picked out the window with the kitty, spider and pumpkin which I traced out onto the pumpkin and daddy carved out. The girls both cleaned out the inside guts too. Destiny wanted to do a twilight them so we made up a vampire about to bite a girls neck. she loved it! We made cinnamon and sugar seeds too which turned out pretty good. :) I am so glad Halloween is over, this one was the most tiring yet.

I did start crocheting a baby doll for Kiley but ran out of yarn for her arms so i ordered some on payday and will finish it up when it arrives. I didn't take any pics though. I also pulled out some yarn to crochet me a top but am not sure I like it too much and may scrap the project all together. DH bought me some drawers and shelves for my stitching and crocheting supplies and made sure I had plenty of extra room for when I buy more! I am so happy! Though I am not sure what to work on next as I need to finish up some gifts to get sent out next payday so they arrive by xmas at their destinations which means I won't have too much to show you all.

I'm sorry I am not commenting on all your blogs. I am reading them but as my life is a bit busy right now I don't have too much time on the computer each day. Thank you for all your comments though, I really do appreciate them so very much!

As for everyone who loves my Mr and Mrs snowman. I bought the kit here


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