Thursday, April 29, 2010

Green Crocheted squares

Well DH took Zeus to work with him yesterday and I took full advantage of not having the little guy around. Yes he wants constant attention and playing, its like having another baby all over again! LOL he is adorable and all but it was nice to get a few hours break. Anyway I finished all 11 green squares for Baby Martin's baby blanket. Now to wait and see if Baby Martin is a boy or girl and then i can complete the blanket.  So here is the stack of green squares. Same granny square pattern as the white ones. :) Time to go get to work on baby Jones blanket.  But before i end, my sister Lynnette is getting married tomorrow! Congrats sis! DH and I are so upset we can't make it. Heather promises to take lots of pictures though!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crocheted Squares and Meet Zeus!

I have finally finished 20 white squares towards both baby blankets I am making. 10 are going to each one. I have now started on the green ones which I need 11 of for my little sisters blanket. Her shower gift from my sister and I is frog themed so the blanket will match with it in color. The other baby blanket for my older sister Lynnette (Yes both my sisters are pregnant and about 6 weeks apart) is going to be monkey themed so her squares will have brown in them. Each blanket will have three colors in it but I must wait to see if they are having a boy or girl before the third color becomes official.

Here is the adorable 4 month old puppy we came upon. He is a boxer/terrier mix and nips like crazy. Which we are working on but the kids just run and scream and then cry when he gets them. He loves kids, don't get me wrong but nipping is how he tries to play with them and they are having a hard time understanding how to get him to stop. Anyway here he is after his afternoon nap in my stitching chair so yes you can see one of my crocheted squares there on the chair. DH has decided to name him Zeus BTW. He figures it goes with his cat Xena and no I avoided mentioning that Hercules goes more with Xena than Zeus. I just said OK honey and went on to my crocheting.

And DH couldn't resist this one i guess. Zeus and I fell asleep Sunday afternoon. I was having some bad allergies and with all the meds i took to get rid of them I crashed without realizing it. Ask DH I can only sleep at home in my bed or at my moms house so this is a rare moment which i blame totally on allergy medicine. That's my story and i'm sticking to it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

More Granny Squares


I finished 6 more squares yesterday. Yes, I am doing all white squares for now till I figure out what other colors I want to add in. I know a lot of you want to see me stitching but I just haven't been in the mood and I have just felt like making these squares.

So i leave you all with this photo of Manzo that DH took last night. He stayed in this thing covered up for quite awhile. And yes miss Kiley was in her play makeup before this picture was taken.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby blankets have begun


Here is what our weather has looked like for days here. And you see that big branch in my front yard? Everytime we have a wind storm one of these fall from that huge tree in our front yard. DH will be calling a tree trimming service soon.
Here is Manzo laying in one of my daughters push cart toys, he willing jumps in it and allows Kiley to push him around the upstairs in it. So cute. I'm glad he is finally bonding with her.

Well between my two sisters and my two cousins, I have 4 baby blankets to complete. My two cousins will be first as they are due first. So far we know there will be one boy. So I have decided the blankets will be made from attached granny squares. A good way for me to destash some of the yarn i have. So here is what I completed last night.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mi Amor!

Happy 30th Birthday!

I'm sorry your birthday BBQ got rained out, turns out we were doomed to be rained on as it was raining when we left home and it poured even more shortly after we arrived in Cheyenne, WY On the bright side the following day was bright and sunny! (At least till we drove home and it rained again)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Season

I had a wonderful surprise on my doorstep this morning! Gevalia delivered my Spring season of Pecan Torte coffee. Oh it smelled so wonderful I instantly had to make a pot of coffee up. So glad I did cause it tastes as good as it smells! Though they sent 4 boxes of it so I think I'll surprise my mom when we go see her this weekend and take her one of these boxes.

Our family has also been looking for a good family dog and after all the research online we decided a boxer would be a good family pet for us. I found a rescue shelter online that is here in town that has a 4 yr old female boxer rescued from an abusive home. She loves kids and gets along with other animals quite well so we put in an application to adopt (which was accepted) and this Wednesday evening we have our home visit appointment. If all goes well they will give us the address to the shelter and we can go meet her and if we like her (which I have no doubt we will) then we can take her home with us. I can't wait, I'm so excited!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joy at last!

600 skeins of DMC floss, $100 USD, (spent on ebay trying to regain my lost floss) and a day later DH comes in proudly asking how much I love him. He has found all my missing craft supplies! The movers had packed them in with our dining room chairs which we are selling so they were never unwrapped. Dh had noticed some were heavier than others so he opened them up and there were my craft supplies along with some of the kids pillows and blankets we were looking for too!  I just ran up and kissed him. And of course told him he was the best husband ever! So today I can get it all put away and find something wonderful to stitch!

Thanks to everyone who is still here, I know there has not been any kind of crafting on here in such a long time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Depression has overtaken me. I have not felt like crafting anything much less finishing up my craft room. The loss of my stitching supplies is what has brought me down and I know to some this is just silly, but it took me years to collect every single DMC color and the great help from some dear friends and a wonderful floss mommy. The only thing that brought me up some was when I visited my mom Easter weekend to help her move we found my bag of overdyed threads. So it seems only my DMC collections and some fabrics have gone missing. I did find a bag of spares I had and went thru the list marking off each one so hopefully when we go back to Wyoming for a visit I can get my mom to go with me to Hobby Lobby so I can pick up some more of the colors i need and some fabric so I can try and get back to stitching. I do have some things I can stitch but I am just NOT in the mood.

Happy Easter!


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