Saturday, July 07, 2012

Renaissance Fair


 My mom and Kiley had to try on the hats. That was fun ^_^
 Some of the costumes they sold. Aren't they pretty?
 These faces crack me up. They had them on all kinds of stuff.
 Had to buy the girls jingly bells ^_^ They wiggled the whole day just to jingle. So cute!

 And they got to practice there archery skills too. Destiny slayed the dragon while Kiley killed an evil cat.
 Lunchtime of smoked turkey legs and soda, yum!
 We watched Celtic Legacy while we enjoyed our lunch and after the show they autographed our CD's ^_^
 These are soy lotion candles, omg i love em!
And this is a hair piece i bought. It was a bit pricey but i love it! I'll have to put it in the girls hair so u can see how it looks but this one piece can be used in over 60 different ways! and the design is over 600 yrs old if i remember correctly.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Wow where has time gone? Hubby and I celebrated 10 yrs married and 13 yrs together. We had a couples massage, couples Mani/pedi's and then i got my hair done. Then hubby took me out to this restaurant on the mountains I've been hinting at him about. It was an awesome day all in all. Oh and 10 yrs means a new ring ^_^ so i got a 3 ring set standing for past, present, and future in the dress blues set i have been eyeing since they came out.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Zoo Day!


 So we got to feed the giraffe's, that have gone green so they got fed lettuce ^_^ We feed them every time we go, its so much fun.
 But it was so hot that even the animals had to take naps.
 Destiny had to read every sign about the animals esp the white tigers
 This statue was by the restrooms and so we snapped a pic of Destiny while we waited for the others to finish up.
 And a white peacock even joined us for lunch ^_^
 Daddy was home on R&R so we had to get some pictures in. The girls were over the moon the 2 weeks he got to be home.
 Towards the end of the day we were all so tired we were just being goofy.
 My mom and I imitating the girls per the request of Kiley.

And some more pics of the girls. They aren't camera shy at all ^_^  It was such a fun day.


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