Friday, May 30, 2008

Hand dyed floss and flowers

Okay so today I received some beautiful hand dyed floss that I ordered off of ebay from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe The 2 at the far left end are the freebies she sent me. Each skein has 20 yards on it! And she sends free floss with every order, I got 2 skeins because it was my first time ordering from her. I am not sure why the far left one looks orange, maybe because of the sunlight in my house but its a beautiful deep purple color. I am definitly going to order from her again. I ordered the four set of pinks/purples this time so maybe some reds? I think I am going to use some of these when I make up my Round 7 squares. :)

And these plants or this plant has taken nearly 2 years to finish growing and bloom so I felt I had to share though don't ask me what they are called because I don't remember. anyway I planted these as seeds last year in 2007 and they only grew about 6 inches before winter hit and they surprisingly survived the winter and now this year they have grown to about 1 foot and started blooming! This is the first one. I have hanging pots all around my balcony of different kinds of flowers including sunflowers which I hope will bloom this year.

Thank you everyone for your concerns about Destiny. she is doing good and stayed home from school today. She'll be back on Monday. We also bought her a pink water bottle to fill with water of course and carry with her at all times as the kids are starting to play outside more often and if our daughter dehydrates, well lets just say lots of problems there.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

One of the scariest days

Yep you read correctly. Yesterday afternnon was filled with fear, Military police, EMs, Dr's and nurses. If you haven't already guessed, this has to do with Destiny. She came home yesterday and at 1500 we checked her sugar, all was good so she ate her 2 BE consisting of a buttered tortilla and 8 oz sugar free koolaid. And then fell asleep in her daddys chair in our livingroom. We were watching desperate housewives when at 1630 she started convulcing, drooling, and her eyes went into the back of her head, she had seized. This had never happened to her before so I was yelling at my husband to call an ambulance. An MP showed up first and I was pissed! What the hell was he going to do???? Well he did nothing but stand there and stare at us as I tried to keep Destiny concious. It took 8 minutes for the ambulance to arrive but it felt like 20 minutes. And then they were filling out paperwork!!! While my daughter sat in a chair and was crying!! I'm sure DH saw steam coming out of my head by then. I had 3 MP's and 3 EMS in my livingroom and they were all just standing there talking in German none the less. I finally went to one of them and said "help her!!" We had to show them her passport because apparently that somehow makes a difference. I'm sure once they saw American USA citizen their feet dragged even more. I had to carry her to the ambulance!! Can you believe that???? And then their idiot Dr who I had told that my daughter has very deep veins couldn't for the life of him find her veins to administer Glucose. Now they used their machine to check her sugar and it registered at 32!! Ok our new machine is defective but I'll tell you about that in a bit. Anyway this idiot Dr used every last needle in the ambulance on my daughter trying to find a vein, all the while my daughter is fighting and screaming (this is an effect of low sugar) They finally give her some through her nose and also give her something to calm her down which only hyped her up instead of relaxing her. They sat there working on her for 30 minutes before deciding to drive to the hospital and even thier the Dr didn't do much. They pulled blood and ran a test that took them till midnight to give us the results. By then Destinys sugars dropped back to 34 and she had thrown up about a 1/2 gallon of liquid. You want to know the test results? They showed nothing and this female Dr's response was she didn't know what was wrong with my daughter and then she went home!!! No Dr till 0700 this morning. Thankfully it was the male Dr who cared for her when she was first diagnosed. He found that not only was her monitor broken but her idiot Dr earnhardt had her insulin dosage way above where it should be and was having her eat too much food, thus a fat little child. Our insulin pen also broke so they replaced it for us and also gave us a new monitor. NOW ANYONE WITH A MONITOR, If you are using the one touch ultra, the comapny NO LONGER makes these, they are outdated so go replace them with the One Touch Ultra 2. No wonder the pharmacist told me he gets them for a penny, they don't work anymore. Oh and the female Dr said 2 other kids the previous week came in from faulty monitors, the EXACT same one we used and I looked at her like and you didn't think the word should be put out? Cause seizures can kill. Anyway to make this short she is now going on a new plan which we have to take her back to the hospital June 16th to learn about and how to care for her then. Also her 30/70 (NPH) is working against her now which they didn't think would happen for several more years. Destiny is back to herself now but no patient liason showed up either which they are required to do so I will be going into our clinic to find out why she never showed.

Thanks for listening to me rant, I had to get this out.

Monday, May 26, 2008



Okay after a day and half here is what I have completed on Mys Day 8 SAL. Why yes that is only half a bear, why is he only half done? Because he is boring to stitch, I just don't normally stitch bears and am now thinking I should have used half stitches, mine can be different right? I have until June 5th to finish this one as thats when June Day 7 starts. So maybe I can actually get him finished before the deadline. This one is just hard to find the motivation. And yes I have abanoned my rotation. My stitching mojo is depleted big time so I am stitching what I can to help keep it going as I feel awful when i haven't made one x in anything.


Currently offered: MDesign's Survivor Tree pattern, pink pens, and a couple of other goodies not pictured:

What are you still doing here? Leave my blog and race right over to Stitch Pink for a chance to win this beautiful prize!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Piggy Bank


Okay so this is what I spent the pass week doing. Destiny needed a little bank to keep her money in that she is saving towards a camera. So I used plasyic canvas and created this little bank for her. The lid lifts off so we can remove the money when need be and its small enough to sit on the fridge to keep away from little grabbing hands. I also completed my 4th of July round for Fair and Square in plenty of time for the deadline which is June 2nd. I had started to work on my Round 6 0r is it 7 but my wrist started hurting so I had to stop stitching. I have been trying to read blogs and keep up with all your beautiful stitching as well but DH is on night shift again which means he is on the computer all day long and so I am hardly online. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to stop by and leave a comment, they are appreciated and help keep me motivated. :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Lady Of Snow and Daisy's

Wow I just got moving on this one this week. I picked it up on Wednesday and got a huge amount done but continued to work on it on Thursday also. I was just getting so much grey done I didn't want to stop. Anyway no stitching was done on her on Friday so I am putting her up until next week so I can pull out Collecting Shells. I am eginning to hate working on Aida cloth though so hopefully I can finish her before I despise it cause i really like this piece as it reminds me of Destiny when she was littler.

Also Destiny graduated Daisy scouts this past Tuesday. She had her bridging ceremony from daisy scouts to now a Brownie scout! Congrats baby girl! Here she is in her uniform before we headed off. All the little things attached to the front pockets are called swaps that she got at some meetings, she has more but I couldn't find them all.

Monday, May 12, 2008

EMS Rose Sampler and Peacock Stitching Chair


Saturday I decided to work on the arms of my 2nd Peacock Stitching chair and even though I was hoping to complete them, life got in the way and all the specialty stitches slowed me down. I still have to order quilt batting to complete this which I forgot to ask my floss mom for when I sent her a floss list I needed so I may just order this online instead of having her make a second trip. The stitching is not crooked, its just the way i took a picture. Its 2312 here so I am tired so please forgive the bad picture.

And today I worked on Part 4 of the EMS Rose Sampler. I completed most of part 4 so I feel I accomplished something today. Next week I can complete part 4 and start part 5 if there is time. I may catch up after all on my regular rotation. :)

Tomorrow Destiny has her Bridging ceremony where she bridges from being a Daisy scout to a Brownie scout. Her daddy won't make it since he is working night shifts again. He had to replace someone who is having marriage problems and cannot attend work for whatever reason. And DH also goes tomorrow to get new uniforms and gear for his deployment and so we have no idea when he will return and then he has to go to work again so he will be sleeping on the bus and inbetween missions. And I am betting come Wednesday mornign when he is finally off work he will sleep all day long. Anyway its late here and so i am off to bed. But I do leave you with this picture of Kiley holding our bunny Cocoa. He is well adapted to our family now and allows Kiley to take him everywhere. Oh! Also I am being honored on May 21st as a volunteer for the elementary school. It was a complete surprise to me! They are honoring all the volunteers. :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm terrible


Here is the amurgurami owl I made May 2nd and I started a amurgurami mushroom but only got about 90% done when I went eh, I don't want to do this anymore. I made this owl for my mom who loves owls.

Anyway on the 4th we went out and looked around and while out I found The Sims 2 Castaway for Wii and I bought it and have been connected to that for this entire week so I have no stitching to show you but I did beat it and completed all the goals too so I promise to have some stitching to show you on my next post.

DH and I have been getting things together and ready for his deployment. Yesterday we went to legal and looked over our wills that we never got signed from last year and other than they have to change 2007 to 2008 everything looks good. We are also getting power of attorneys done up too and so today we go sign all of that and legal will be done with.

The weather has actually been nice out and so I got a lot of flower planting done and even some put into pots so I can have flowers inside the house too.

Wait! I do have stitching to show. Remember my mothers day towel exchange, well my partner received it and she loved it saying the towel was the softest she ever felt. Anyway heres what I stitched for her. This was completed April 27th BTW


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