Wednesday, June 27, 2007

F&S Exchange

Well, I was just about peeved when I came out of the bathroom after completing the little house sampler. I came out of the restroom and my 2 year had to help mommy cut off the border strings and in her attempt she cut a hole in the fabric next to the number one. So I had to redo my square which is what I have ben working on since my last post. I opted to leave the house white this time as I liked it better that way. Heres a pic:

I then carefully cleaned and ironed it and put it into the envelope and sealed it safely inside. I mailed it off today so she will get it soon. I also signed up for round 2.

I have still been crocheting the baby blanket too but no pics this time of it. Its halfway done and now with my full attention on it at least tonight I hope to get a hug portion done of it. Though I know I am going to run out of yarn soon and I can't go pick more up for at least another week. But thats ok I have other stitchy projects to work on too! =)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

F&S Exchange

Okay so I still can't get the images from my camera but I did take okay ones with our webcam. I apologize for the quality, theres bad lighting in the room. Heres my square for the fair and square exchange. Tanya likes houses and samplers so I kinda joined them both. The house is from Herb Garden by Leisure Arts. I still need to stitch up the second square with the personalization but that will be a quicky.

And here is the pic of the PIF gift I had finished earlier:

Its one of the motifs from this month Gift of Stitching magazine. The Dutch Sampler. If you look for it its the lower left motif on page 7.

I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments, I appreciate them very much. I'm sorry I have not been commenting on all of your blogs lately. I just haven;t had much time to sit down at the computer. I have the kids home for summer vacation through September and they rarely give me a moments peace. I am reading your blogs though. =)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1st PIF gift done!

But I can't show it to you since I can't figure out how to get it from m camera to my computer. Kiley destroyed my memory card and I don't know where the original one is and so I am trying to figure out how to go from the dock to the computer. If not then I will buy another card on Friday and then I can show it to you guys. But I won't say who its going to. =)

Thanks for the nice comments, I read them all and appreciate them a lot. I am a lot more relaxed today. I have a bit of a clogged nose which kept me up all night cause thats when it ants to be a waterfall, but other than that i am doing better and getting back into my stitching. My material came in for the fair and square exchange and I have everything ready to go, so I will be working on that and my next PIF gift. =)

Friday, June 08, 2007


That's how I feel at this point. My entire week has been and still is tiring and exhausting! Firts of all we had to clear a ton of stuff out of the community storage area because the SGT upstairs swears he saw a baby rat there. So DH and I go downstairs and load all our stuff that we are tossing onto a borrowed truck and he drives it to the junkyard, 2 trips there and I felt we barely made a dent. Then our pregnant friends come over to look at whats left, i.e. all the baby furniture from our now 2 year old Kiley. They pick out what they want, we decide on prices and DH hauls it to their storgae until they get their housing. Now they left on vacation and I have yet to get paid but DH ensures me I have nothing to worry about and when they return on Thursday in two weeks, we will get said money. I'm like uh huh we have been burned before (not from these people). Then this week was my DD last week of sure start. We got her yearbook and the thing that made me laugh is one of the pictures when I was volunteering there made it in, and Kiley (the 2 yr old) made it in the yearbook, LOL. Anyway there was tons of stuff being sent home, homework to finish up, digging for crayons to finish homework, and tons of house cleaning and organizing being done. And I have been outside with the kids in the heat all week for at least 4 hours a day. I'm exhausted! I have stitched a little this week though. I am working on a PIF gift and I also pulled out my Chinese goddess and filled in a little bit of the never ending yellow moon. But mainly I am tired and I don't want to do anything but crawl back into bed. But there is still tons of laundry to wash, dry, fold and put away and the house needs to be spotless before tomorrow. As we are going Kayaking tomorrow all day and there is a sitter coming to watch the kids. And you all know how we hate for people to see our house messy. There is some other stuff I wanted to say but will do that later since I need to put the kids to bed and I think I am going to take a little nap myself before I have to finish up the laundry and the house.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Book/bookmark exchange & baby blanket

Well stitchy news first: I received my book.bookmark exchange from Margie, she did a wonderful job!

Now on to other news, my pregnant friend Enya just found out shes having a boy! Which is great since thats what she wanted, though her DH wants a girl. Anyway, I have started a baby blanket for the little tike:

I thought about adding a hunter green into the mix but then I have to order it and then wait. The blanket will be about 35 inches once completed. I also want to make a pair os socks, a hat and an outfit to go with the blanket all in matching colors kinda like one big set.
My DH already told her I was going to make her something for her baby and thats why I wanted to know the sex when she found out. I was so mad at him for it since I wanted it to be a surprise, though she has no idea what i am making for her so I told my DH to keep his lips zipped.


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