Tuesday, April 10, 2007

peacock stitching chair

LOL this had to be almost perfect timing. My fabric and floss came in today. well two skeins are on back order so hopefully they will come in soon. So now I can start it! yay! Can my SAL partner email me? I lost your mail addy when aol went wonky. I am going to put in the border stitches to seperate each piece so when we get ready to stitch my fabric will be all ready. :o)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

Okay I have been stitching but they are for some exchanges I am in so I can't post pictures yet until they are recieved. One goes out tomorrow and the other one not for another two weeks. So now I can concentrate on stitching on something I can show you so stay tuned!

Happy easter everyone! Hope you all had wonderful days. Here are some pictures of how our day went. Basically they searched and opened their Easter baskets and then we dyed eggs (anyone ever had an egg float before you cook it when you put it in water? I had two do that to me but they sank when cooked) then we went to the bowling alley and had some easter bowling since the kids got to play for 75 cents per game, and then we came back and spent the afternoon with the kids and great grandparents playing with their new Tweety bird balls in the back yard.

Friday, April 06, 2007

TOL sampler part 3

I finished part 3 finally, though I'm not too happy about the appointed color for the wording, it seems too light for me. But now I am caught up and waiting for part 4 to be released.

After all that stitching these last several days, I felt like doing a little crocheting and made a bunny magnet and a couple of owl magnets, I need to order the wiggly eyes for the owls but other than that, there done so here they are:

So now I am off to stitch a little something for my mystery exchange and if I get to it, the May flowers exchange.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

TOL sampler Part 2 complete

I finished part 2 on my TOL sampler which was released in February. So now I just have to get March's part 3 completed before the end of this month when part 4 will get released.

At th home my poor oldest daughter Destiny has developed the stomach virus. It started on Monday, her appetit decreased and she complained her tummy hurt. The on Tuesday the same thing but at dinner time she threw up tice thankfully in the toilet both times. So this has made her sugar levels high except when she threw up they seriously dropped. So she went to the Dr Wednesday who diagnosed her with a stomach virus and said lots of fluids and sweets to keep her sugar levels up. This is important since she is a diabetic, when she throws up she loses a lot of her sugars she needs to function and the loss of appetite makes it more serious than a non diabetic child. I have to force her to eat and drink and right now I am giving her sweets if she will eat them. But you know she is sick when she denies ice cream. She threw up again today at school so my DH had to go get her, thankfully it was his lunch break. So she got home, we changed her and I popped her right into bed and turned on some cartoons while trying to get juice into her. My DH is picking up some coca-cola for her since that will bring up her sugars the fastest. poor thing, I don't know how Easter Sunday is going to go. I don't know if she will be well enough to go to the Easter egg hunt, I hope she is as this will be her first one.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Miribilia Easter Fairy Completed!

Here she is:

Easter Fairy


32 count Natural Linen from Zweigart

03/05/07 to 04/03/07

*Happy Dance*

Now I have an exchange to stitch for real quick and then I guess I could be a good girl and work on some of those WIP's......

EDIT: Its now Wednesday and still no word on Otis though my DH went out searching and found me another furbaby that is and has been strickly indoors. He plans to go get him on Friday, its a long 2 1/2 hour drive there and then the same amount back.

Chloe: The fabric from the kit is what I stitched her on.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Good news and bad news

First the good news!

I am almost complete with my miribilia fairy! Just that darn krienik thread thats slowing me down some. The beads go so fast so the ones near her feet and in front of her will be finished fast after the krienik is completed. Here she is:

I had realized after I had outlined her arms and face that back when I outlined her legs I had done so in the wrong color! So I had to frog that and redo it. I'm not really fond of how this krienik is laying down either.

I also made it to the post office today with the intent of buying some postcards to send off to everyone who sent me their snail mail but the bookmark which sells the postcards is closed on mondays! I had no idea, so Wednesday since I have to go to the commissary anyways, I will then send off the postcards. So if you haven't sent me your snail mail and you want in then pls send it to me by Tuesday. My email is on my profile her on my blog.

Now the bad news:

Yesterday morning my dear Otis ran away! He was an indoor/outdoor cat when we adopted him and I guess it drove him nuts to beinside all the time and so he escaped when my DH was coming in and out the door. We plan to put up posters to see if anyone will be kind enough to return him if he is found. But cats are so hard to come by here that I doubt he will be returned. DH promised to find me another furbaby. One that is just an indoor cat only. Its still sad and I am a bit depressed right now.


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