Friday, January 30, 2009

Round 11 and Basketball


Here is Kiley holding her trophy and certificate for Instructional basketball. The season is over and she loved every moment of playing. The bottom picture is Destiny being a goofball while awaiting practice to end. The coach is hoping that they let her do a season of soccer so the girls have something to do this spring as all the spring sports are more for the boys. I hope they let her cause cheerleading for Destiny also ends next week and that means they are done with sports till the fall as nothing is offered during the summer for whatever reason. But they could both do soccer if they allow the basketball coach to do it. Destiny still has Brownie scouts till May though. And this Saturday and Sunday we have cookie sales at the shoppette!

Here is my Fair and Square Exchange Round 11 to Veronique D. (no Blog). I am so glad you liked them Veronique as they were a joy to stitch for you. :)
EDITED TO ADD: This was a from from here called Plant Kindness

As for my hat I was crocheting in the multicolored wool yarn, I ran out, its taking more than the pattern said it would. The pattern is a freebie and I am not sure if it was actually tested but oh well I will order more wool yarn today and finish it later. I did start on another hat out of a book I have and I know I have more than enough yarn. You'll see that probably sometime next week as I am itching to pull out MLOTS again. I do have errands to run today but DH has staff duty all day Sunday again so if anything I will get lots of stitching done that day. Today I have laundry to do and Destiny is home as there is no school for some weird reason today.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lots of pics!

Here is MLOTS as of Friday. I had put her away to work on a gift but then decided it would be better for my older DS to do it and give it as she is low on funds atm. So then I decided to pull out some yarn and crochet. Can you tell what it is or going to be? Its being done with Lion Wool Prints - Flower Garden. Its a freebie hat pattern. My winter hat from last year was lost somewhere and I have yet to buy a new one so I thought I would just crochet myself one. :)

Above is my girls, just doing some coloring and being cute :) and below is Bobby and Michael, they haven't been shown in awhile so I thought I would post a photo of them I took a week ago. Their cage was cleaned out later in the day and food refilled, I just had the camera in my hand that morning.

And look at the snow we got this weekend! It came down in fast huge chunks. The girls were thrilled as they wanted to make a snowman with daddy the next day. But later on it rained and it is all now melted. My Geraniums that I have indoors are starting to flower surprisingly. :) And Below is Kiley at her Instructional basketball practice. This Tuesday the 27th is her last practice before the season ends. The bottom pic is Destiny waiting to go home after the kids have their snack, she is watching the older kids play basketball.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Alright so I used my digital camera this morning to take a picture of this and then realized that my camera cord to connect it to the computer was buried in a cabinet with a ton of other cords thanks to DH so I just didn't want to dig through them this morning. So onto the scanner it went. As you can see its a bit too big to get it all on the scanner so this is just what fit. Anyway everything up top the straight line is what i have done over the past week or so. I was looking through my WIP pics of this and I had started this on Feb 8, 2008 can you believe its been nearly a year? I hadn't realized I had this that long.

Today I have to take Kiley to school for her 30 minute session and then wait another half hour for Destiny to be released. Then I am on my way to the post office to mail out my fair and square exchanges and then run to our PO box to see if anything came in and then rushing back towards the house and stopping and the JFK Gym for Kiley's basketball practice before I can come home and make dinner and get Destiny working on her homework.

This weekend we washed all the kids clothes and came to realize that Kiley has enough clothes that they fill up 2 large dressers and than most of her closet so we have started the process of going through them and seeing which ones can go to donation. We are hoping to get rid of about half of them. DH also has a new commander and he has decided to visit every families home to meet spouses and kids. Sounds nice right? Well its not at least to me. You see I never have to deal with commanders and to me it sounds like a house inspection more than a visit. Cause really he could have just had some kind of event at the JFK gym or pendleton field and met us there. So now DH has gone a cleaning spree throughout our house to be sure everything is spotless and I am expected to be home everyday all day until he arrives which we have no idea which day. DH has what they call nesting syndrome throughout the weekend which isn't bad and all but I think I am just more irritated that I have to be home the entire time. Oh well, guess I should be able to get in some good stitching time, right?

So how was everyone else's weekend?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alright, this weekend I did get some stitching done. I completed my 2 signature squares for the first two exchanges of 2009. So yay! Sorry you will have to wait till they receive it before you can view what I stitched for them. Hopefully i can get to the post office on Tuesday to get them out. DH has gone to play poker with the boys tonight and the girls are tucked into their beds, not quite asleep yet so i may have to poke my head in and see if I can quiet them down a bit. Anyway I think I am going to put on a movie and stitch on MLOTS. I also want to get a scroll frame where the fabric fits inbetween two pieces of the scroll so you dont have to baste or velcro the fabric to it. Does anyone know a good one? I want one I can sit on the couch with.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Boo Fucking Hoo


Subversive Cross Stitch
28 count Cashel Linen
Paradise Blue
Completed January 16, 2009

Here's another one completed. Chloe yes I thought Bite Me fit perfectly for my DH, lol. And this one I must say to the girls so many times on the weekends especially. :P

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bite Me


Subversive Cross Stitch
Bite Me
Completed: January 15, 2009
32 count white Belfast Linen

So here is my first Completion from my new book and of the year that I can show you. Though this is finish number three. This was quick and fun, I may do another from this book though I have no idea what to finish them into so into the completed and not finished into anything pile it goes. I did complete my 2 exchanges except for the signature squares which I am not in the mood to stitch right now. But I still have plenty of time before the send out date.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Okay so I have had my first finish of the year and today should actually have my second finish too but I can't show them to you yet. They are both for my Fair and square exchanges. I have finished one main square and will finish my 2nd main square today. And then over the next few days I should be able to get my signature squares completed. I know they are not due out until Feb 23rd but I really became inspired to work on them and the first one just flew by plus it was nice to get a little break from MLOTS. I also got a new book in too that I completely forgot I had even ordered until I opened up the package, lol. Have that ever happened to you? Well here is the book I bought. I certainly laughed reading through all the sayings and even DH was laughing as I read them out loud. I ordered from Amazon which seems to be where I am ordering a lot of my stuff lately. Anyway as soon as these 2 exchanges are completed I am plan on stitching a few of these up. But I do have one thing ahead of all others. I found out a few days ago that the Elementary school nurses birthday is on Jan 25th She goes out of her way to care for Destiny and has even stopped onher way to the school to pick up Destiny for school so she is not walking in these freezing tempatures (DH takes the car to PT each morning and is not home in time to drive her himself). She has even taken both girls for a sleepover and buys them gifts on their birthdays and christmas. She has become their extended Grandma and so I want to do something special for her. She isn't married anymore and has no children so she is alone up here as what family she has lives in Chicago. So tonight I am going to find something I can stitch up for her and may even put my exchanges aside so I can make sure to complete my gift in time. I can show that one here cause I know she don't read my blog. :)

Friday, January 09, 2009

My Completed Projects from 2008


So all in all I completed:

1 Plastic Canvas
8 Crochet
27 Cross stitch.

Not too bad. :) I do plan to do the Fair and square exchanges again this year. Their are 14 total throughout the year and I have already signed up for three of them. I plan to work on them in between MLOTS and whatever else calls to me. Should keep me busy this year.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Lady Of Snow


So here she is as of last night. I have finished across from her. I put a box on the section I just completed so you can kind of see the amount that is completed on her. I am working my way up before I go about finishing her dress below. So yes soon enough she will have a head and even the owl will be there though I am not sure how about putting the owl on cause her entire arm is beads and you all know I do those last so I may have to put some stitches in just so I can count correctly on her hand and owl placement and then remove the stitches afterward.

Destiny had her Optometry appointment today and the Dr dilated her eyes with three different drops so she is blind for the day. Well at least on the part of seeing up close. So I decided to keep her home today and she will return tomorrow. She even got those cool sunglasses, lol. He said her eyes are very healthy so yay! No glasses!

Anyone get any snow? We did! We got about 2 to 4 inches yesterday and another couple of inches overnight. They delayed school by 2 hours yesterday but everything is on time today.


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