Thursday, August 27, 2009

My little cuddler

I was going through last years school clothes and having Destiny try them on when we looked over and found Batista had crawled onto the couch and was cuddling up with a bear he had stolen from the girls room. So cute! My couch doesn't really look like this, its a blanket thrown over my couch so it don't get covered in puppy fur.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Newborn baby hats


Simply Sweet Baby Hat
Red Heart Super Saver yarn

I found this pattern on Crochetville today and it works up quickly and easily so I made 5 today all for baby Poe. Though these are a great way to use up that xtra yarn and I know hospitals always need them for all the newborns so I am thinking of making some more and taking them down to the local hospital here. You may see some more of these over the next week since I will be stitching too but I wont be able to show it to you yet.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Etui and a day outside


Yesterday was so pretty we went out and played. The girls and neighbor boy Dustin played Barbies on a spread out blanket for hours so I got to sit at the bench and stitch away for a bit. Even Batista was enjoying the sun. He will be 9 months old on September 1st. Its hard to believe.

August 2009 issue of
The Gift Of Stitching Magazine
32 count neutral linen
DMC colors 895 & 3770

Thats right I have a new completion and its been finished into something called an Etui. There is a matching scissors fob to go with it but this gave me so much trouble last night putting it together that I am not going to do the fob right now. Besides a new round for fair and square started and I am going to stitch up the squares so i can mail early and get to work on an MA exchange with a teddy bear theme.

Monday, August 24, 2009



Here is my August TUSAL. Added this month is some yarn colors from making the bear for baby Poe and some greens and fuchsia colors from the below project which should be completed today if i can manage to find a few minutes of peace. I know i should have finished this days ago but my youngest DD has well made my life and her older sis's life a living hell this week but she seems to be back to her normal cute self today so here is hoping. Anyone have any guesses yet on what this might be? Since its so close to be completed Ill probably just wait to show this till i get it actually turned into something.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I have been cross stitching!

here is what i started stitching on the night after i finished the bear for Poe. anyone care to venture what it is or will be and what pattern it is? The colors wont help cause i changed them to what makes me happy. ^_^
I went to get my hair done today and 3 hours later and a walk home on the hottest day of the year and this is what i look like though i dont think the webcam made the colors come out like they are so ill try another pic tomorrow morning. with my highlights and low lights its more strawberry blonde.

OH! GREAT NEWS! We are moving to Fort Carson Colorado! We report in January 2010! We had to wait a month to get an answer from them but we are all so VERY VERY happy about the move!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bear completed

Today i finished this lil cutie. I even put a squeaker in his tummy so now lil Poe can squeak his heart away, lol that is when he is old enough to squeak. I snapped a quick pic with my webcam cuz I am just too lazy right now to dig out my camera and then the cord and download it to the computer blah, blah, blah. Destiny wanted to help me so i let her attach his arms and legs too but the rest I had made.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday and a teddy bear


As most of you know, yesterday was my birthday but with DH gone, I wasn't really in the mood to celebrate. My dad called and my older sis Lynnette IM'd me plus I got various texts and calls and friends stopping by so don't get me wrong I didn't just sit at home and sulk. I didn't receive any stitchy gifts which does not shock or upset me as I know I have been kind of "absent" this year. Anyway the above photos are some of my small celebration with the kids. (Please ignore my dirty stove, I was on a cleaning ban yesterday) They decorated the cake and surprised me with the way it looks. They had a blast ^_^And this guy is being crocheted for baby PB&J, I was making him at like 11 pm last night, Ijust couldnt sleep and now I realize one of his eyes are off so I need to fix that before I can continue. and next to him lies his ears which ill get attached today. I plan to put a squeaker in him so as he gets older he can squeak it LOL Its made using Red Heart yarn in Cornmeal. I wanted a yellow but my lil DD has depleted my stash guess its time to place an order ^_^

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Happy Wedding Day Sis!

Today my baby sister gets married to a wonderful soldier named Jeremy Martin! He loves Heathers son Rowan from her first marriage as if its his own son. She finally found the guy of her dreams. Congrats sis and welcome to the family Jeremy!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Engineer Lake - Wednesdays Adventure


Well yesterday we were home cleaning and I was sick of it so i said to the girls "Lets bike to Engineer Lake!" They were thrilled! So off we went. Here's some pictures showing it. They have musical things all through the park and the path you hold onto the rail and close your eyes and walk along the path feeling different textures. I was laughing cause everytime they would get to the rocks they sounded like little barking puppies. It was so cute! The lake here has fish in it you can feed but we forgot to grab some bread for them so we only looked at them though there were some huge red dragonflies out everywhere near the lake so we went to play on the musical things. Which was fun in itself. We had the whole lake to ourselves as no one else was there! So we played outside most of yesterday afternoon so no stitching got done!

Today we played at Hidden Park but i forgot my camera. We were originally just going to ride around for a bit just to get out as its been so pretty lately! The girls both have a playdate today at 1500 at Friendship park here on post for about 2 hours. I am debating whether to bike the few miles to the commissary and buy laundry soap that we do depserately need or to sit and stitch for 2 hours lol. Though I do need the soap so we can wash towels and the kids clothes today so I guess I'll go then and use what time i have left to sit and stitch. Maybe I'll give them another hour to play with their friends......I have to think about it though as Destinys sugar levels drop fast with all the activity we have been doing lately. Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather as they get it! Tomorrow we are going to go to the stadionbad again for hours of swimming! Not 7 hours like before lol. If you don't know what I am talking about scroll down several posts and youll see.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Time Flies

Time fliesWow time flies! I havent stitched or anything over these past four days! I'm doing so much better now that my bladder infection is gone. So this past Saturday I pierced my tongue! No joke I actually did it. Don't ask me why i dont know. My mom asked me if i had enough holes in my body, lol. Hmm yes i think i do but a few more wouldn't hurt either. And yes i do always seem to get a piercing when DH leaves me for an extended period of time. hmmmm.

Ok so wow in 8 days i turn 28. Not much planned then either. A friend of mine wants to treat me to dinner or something that evening though i dont know if it will happen. Destiny wants to make me a cake so I bought the stuff and will assist her in the cooking part but plan to let her decorate it all on her own as she wants to surprise me! So cute!

Here is the little seedling we planted the day DH left, I planted two in case one seed didn't take but they both did and wow. I need to transplant them into bigger pots asap as they are getting too big for this one. Hmmm I wonder if we will get to see any lil sprouts or beginnings of a watermelon before we PCS and I hand it over to a friend........


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