Thursday, August 06, 2009

Engineer Lake - Wednesdays Adventure

Well yesterday we were home cleaning and I was sick of it so i said to the girls "Lets bike to Engineer Lake!" They were thrilled! So off we went. Here's some pictures showing it. They have musical things all through the park and the path you hold onto the rail and close your eyes and walk along the path feeling different textures. I was laughing cause everytime they would get to the rocks they sounded like little barking puppies. It was so cute! The lake here has fish in it you can feed but we forgot to grab some bread for them so we only looked at them though there were some huge red dragonflies out everywhere near the lake so we went to play on the musical things. Which was fun in itself. We had the whole lake to ourselves as no one else was there! So we played outside most of yesterday afternoon so no stitching got done!

Today we played at Hidden Park but i forgot my camera. We were originally just going to ride around for a bit just to get out as its been so pretty lately! The girls both have a playdate today at 1500 at Friendship park here on post for about 2 hours. I am debating whether to bike the few miles to the commissary and buy laundry soap that we do depserately need or to sit and stitch for 2 hours lol. Though I do need the soap so we can wash towels and the kids clothes today so I guess I'll go then and use what time i have left to sit and stitch. Maybe I'll give them another hour to play with their friends......I have to think about it though as Destinys sugar levels drop fast with all the activity we have been doing lately. Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather as they get it! Tomorrow we are going to go to the stadionbad again for hours of swimming! Not 7 hours like before lol. If you don't know what I am talking about scroll down several posts and youll see.

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Chiloe on Thursday, August 06, 2009 10:00:00 AM said...

Looks like a lotof fun! I love these kind of parks: we don't have any here ....


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