Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yard work and snow

So this past few weeks have been filled with yard work. DH chopped away at the overgrown tree and now it looks so much better!
Even Kiley pitched in to help out I think...

This tree was in our dog run area (which we will be moving) and its completely dead so DH used an axe and chopped it down. The noise even attracted some neighbors who sat on their porch and watched his chop away.

Once it was down he had to chop it into pieces so we could get it out of the gate door. We also raked up this entire area so now its just soil. It was so uneven there so he evened it out as best as possible but we are going to have 15 tons of dirt delivered on April 15th so we can even out the land here and on the other side of the garage.

We even dug up and removed the two laundry poles in the middle of the yard. The one closest to the house was only half foot deep so I am glad we removed it before it fell on someone. The one farthest from the house  was required for us to dig 5 feet deep hole and DH and myself had to work together to pull it out of the ground. We stacked all the garbage near the gate at the front of the house and today DH will bag what he can so we can dispose of it.

The day after this we were hit by a huge snowstorm and it practically buried the dog house, and trees pieces we had piled up.

It even snowed so much it weighed down the huge bush up against our house. I don't much care though since we plan to remove this bush. 

It even piled up on the cable lines running across our backyard.

Stitchy news:

Friday the mailman delivered these to me. They were all forwarded from my last address so these are all from December till now. I was pleasantly surprised!
I did get some beading done over the last week though. Her entire top of her dress is now completed and her earring beaded and I am working on her sleeve now too. I am still dreading working on the owl though, not sure why other than the several color changes it has. She is still going slowly though since my mood to stitch is just not here lately.

Sorry this post took so long to post, I had tried to post earlier this week but the internet went stupid and froze on me before any of this was saved. So today I am finally able to post again and felt like blogging.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

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So my day was spent fighting the worst migraine I have had in the longest time.And my horrible luck, there was no Excedrin migraine in the house nor could i find Tylenol or ibuprofen either. I did find some old prescription painkillers and so i popped a few of those and got the girls off to play in there room while i went to lie down for an hour. All in all I got desperate and took some of the children's ibuprofen and some stress reducer vitamin and by 4 pm today I was good as new. So i went out with the kids to play outside. Here's a few pictures. Destiny made an island and Kiley made a mud cake on her mini skateboard.

I spent this evening unpacking about 7 more boxes. My craft room is now unpacked and things put away even though DH's still has his things piled in there. I seem to be missing some things, including last year's TUSAL which i had planned to empty and reuse the container for this year's TUSAL. Remember the glass jar   I had shown in my last TUSAL picture? Well Kiley broke it and DH threw it away glass and orts! Am I cursed on saving my orts this year?

Anyway hope you all have a good day! Did you remember to wear your green today?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy birthday Rowan! Congrats sisters!

February 13th my eldest nephew Rowan turned 7 years old. Happy birthday! Anyway here is his cake and a few pics including his mom and dad. It was just a small family celebration. Auntie Lynnette couldn't make it as she had to work and Uncle Shawn forgot it was his nephews birthday.....we won't go there LOL. 

I had to include the last picture of Kiley as she was just diving into this ice cream cake like it was going out of style! We were all having a good time that night.

My normal morning routine starts out with my phone alarm waking me up at 0700 meaning its time to get up, wake up Destiny, check her blood sugar levels, give her two insulin shots, feed her breakfast, brew coffee. Then while she eats I get to sit down and enjoy my coffee while I check my email and all by 0730 on the weekends. Anyway this past Saturday morning instead of hearing my alarm go off, it was my phone ringing. My mom calling which that early in the mornings means something is wrong. My Uncle John had passed away in his sleep. It wasn't surprising as his health was failing fast over the last 5 weeks. My Aunt Leala was driving up daily to sit with him all day in the hospital. Some days he was lucid and they could have a conversation but most days his memory was failing him. It was a hard reminder to me that Destiny could be going through that one day in the future. My Uncle John was a diabetic but he would sit at work all day and then come home and sit till bedtime, and this was him over the last 30 years or so. Which made his leg muscles very weak. Now I know he had a lot more health problems going on and its not just the diabetes, but since he was in a hospital and not really wanting to eat, it messed with his blood glucose levels and that takes a toll on his body. Anyway I want bore you with anymore details. I met him one time in my life when Destiny was a baby and we emailed too. He was a sweet man and will be dearly missed. He leaves behind a wonderful wife, two kids Trish and Scott and several grandbabies and other family. We love you Uncle John.

My older sister is getting married!!! Lynnette and her dbf Shawn will be getting married on April 30th. Pop over to her blog to see her engagement ring and to read more about her adorable son.

BOTH my sisters are pregnant! My little sister Heather (the one in the picture above) is just finishing up her first trimester of baby #2. And after a few days of her son crying that he doesn't want a little sister or brother, he is finally excited to be having either one. CONGRATS! I still say I am sorry Jeremy as I know this is your first and you didn't know that Heather would turn into a sleeping, eating, puking machine and her labor isn't much better either! Expect screams of agony when she is only 1 cm dilated. Best of luck!

My older sister Lynnette and her soon to be husband Shawn are pregnant with baby #2. They wanted to wait till Poe was a year old before trying but well God had other intentions for them. ^_^ Poe is only 5 months old and she just found out this past Saturday that she is expecting! Congrats to you both! Good luck with the move to a bigger place too. Hopefully you can move here so I won't have to drive 3 hours one way just to see you all. My offer still stands!

Both my sisters first kids are boys so I only have nephews. So will the baby gods (LOL) please give them both or even one of them a girl?? I want a niece. Am I asking too much? LOL. I'll be happy with whichever they have. I love my nephews even if Rowan treats me like I'm chopped liver and tells me I should leave my daughters there forever so they can always play.

And to end off on a cute note, here's my adorable nephew Poe (i.e PB&J)

Monday, March 15, 2010


Wow nearly a month since my last post. I'm so sorry everyone! Ok so let's get you all updated.

Stitchy News:
Okay so nothing added as of lately. Just haven't felt like sitting down and doing much on her. Though I did finally get the beads for in and so I can start beading and getting those empty spaces you see filled in. Then i can work on the owl.

These flower pens below is what I made a few weeks ago. I wanted something pretty like this for my craft room and also the kids keep losing my pens, this way my pens won't "disappear" and it I get pretty flowers. I made about a dozen of these peonies pens in one day.


We have been painting the weekend away. We have enough rooms in this house that I was able to let DH have his man room. And since he had all his photos and stuff piled up in our guest room which will be used for the first time April 2nd. We had to get his room done so he could clear out all his things and so i could get our guest room ready. So since this is a Dallas Cowboys NFL household (living in a Denver Broncos town) his room had to be painted in blue and silver. So here it is so far. Tonight the painting will be completed. We had to do 2 coats primer plus one coat silver and about 2 coats dk blue. As you can see the dk blue is the trim.
I also have my own craft room! So happy but now when I look at it I am at a loss on how to set it up for my sewing, crocheting, and stitching. But as you can see we have to get DH's stuff out first. Paint job maybe?

We finally got to bring Manzo home too in the beginning of March and he is loving it. I smile every time I see him walk as he reminds me of the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. Yes in this picture he is giving Kiley a dirty look as she had locked him into her sisters room with her. I love our Maine Coon and I am not allergic to him.
And DH had to bring home this little bundle of joy from Petsmart. Meet Xena the Cuddly? Princess. She is only 6 months old. She gets my allergies going really good too.
Hmm oh yes! I got a new laptop! DH has been promising me one for years now and finally this month he delivered! Its pink! my fav! Ok well not my favorite color but its the color I wanted in laptops Its a Sony Vaio with Windows 7 on it. I am so loving Windows 7!! Its worth every penny! Anyway he even got me a pink wireless mouse to go with it. What a sweetie! I ordered my mouse pad from Amazon as we went to nearly every electronic store and not one pink mouse pad! You can see the book that has been keeping my attention the last several days too and my LG cell phone I love.
Well I have more some good news and some bad news but if you have made it this far congrats! I'll post the rest tomorrow. 


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