Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yard work and snow

So this past few weeks have been filled with yard work. DH chopped away at the overgrown tree and now it looks so much better!
Even Kiley pitched in to help out I think...

This tree was in our dog run area (which we will be moving) and its completely dead so DH used an axe and chopped it down. The noise even attracted some neighbors who sat on their porch and watched his chop away.

Once it was down he had to chop it into pieces so we could get it out of the gate door. We also raked up this entire area so now its just soil. It was so uneven there so he evened it out as best as possible but we are going to have 15 tons of dirt delivered on April 15th so we can even out the land here and on the other side of the garage.

We even dug up and removed the two laundry poles in the middle of the yard. The one closest to the house was only half foot deep so I am glad we removed it before it fell on someone. The one farthest from the house  was required for us to dig 5 feet deep hole and DH and myself had to work together to pull it out of the ground. We stacked all the garbage near the gate at the front of the house and today DH will bag what he can so we can dispose of it.

The day after this we were hit by a huge snowstorm and it practically buried the dog house, and trees pieces we had piled up.

It even snowed so much it weighed down the huge bush up against our house. I don't much care though since we plan to remove this bush. 

It even piled up on the cable lines running across our backyard.

Stitchy news:

Friday the mailman delivered these to me. They were all forwarded from my last address so these are all from December till now. I was pleasantly surprised!
I did get some beading done over the last week though. Her entire top of her dress is now completed and her earring beaded and I am working on her sleeve now too. I am still dreading working on the owl though, not sure why other than the several color changes it has. She is still going slowly though since my mood to stitch is just not here lately.

Sorry this post took so long to post, I had tried to post earlier this week but the internet went stupid and froze on me before any of this was saved. So today I am finally able to post again and felt like blogging.

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