Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Halloween Freebie


Isn't it adorable? I just had to share this!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Okay I saw these another another blog called My Little Mochi at and she had made some little flowers called Kanzashi and if you go to this link you can see some other things this lady has made. Its amazing I think and it makes me want to try it out but I have to dig for some material here. There is a neat little tutorial on how to make these flowers too. But not on how to piece them together so that will be interesting trying to get them to hold together....

I also wanted to show you this real quick. It's my exchange for the ornament exchange. I decided to stick with the snowman theme and am sending as rewuired one stitched and one bought ornament. Added bonus: my iris folded snowman card and a ornament/pin with a cute little scarf and hat. :-) Its going to Australia. This lady doesn't read my blog so its ok to post all this. I hope she likes it, it's all in her christmas colors.

I have been Tagged!

Books, Books, Books
I have been tagged by Gaiarose
1) One book that changed your life:
I can't really say that any book has changed my life
2) One book that you’d read more than once:
Say You Love Me, its so romantic and heart renching. I love it.
3) One book you’d want on a deserted island:
Laughing upwards, its a book of funny poems and always makes me laugh
4) One book that made you laugh:
Laughing Upwards, I laugh everytime I open it up
5) One book that made you cry:
Say You Love Me
6) One book you wish you’d written:
Don't think I have one
7) One book you wish had never been written:
Any Steven King books, I hate them with a passion
8) One book you’re currently reading:
I'm not. I have been stitching and haven't picked up a book since I finished my last one. I know its terrible, I really should read more.
9) One book you’ve been meaning to read:
7 for a secret.
10) Tag five people:
1) Dawn
2) Stitchornostitch
3) Eileen
4) Nita
5) Sharon

New Project

Okay just a quickie. I have started a new project but it is in crochet and I am afraid I will not be telling you what it is or have any progress pictures for you since it is a christmas gift and the person it is for reads this blog.

On the stitching side, I am very tempted to start this:
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The Chinese Goddess of Mercy. I was at hobby lobby awhile back before I moved here to germany and they were having a huge discount sale on leaflets and so I got this one for $1.00 originally priced $11.66 I also found a few of the others in the collection. I had gotten the floss for it about a month ago but couldn't find the color i needed except a few weeks ago I found it and got two yards of it. 1 yard for this one and another yard for another one of them that I had bought with it. So now here it is calling to me 'stitch me!' Even though I know I still have to finish the stress killer, its just the border left but I am dredding all those white stitches. So I will end up jumping inbetween projects right now I think.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tea Bag Folding

Well, here is what I accomplished today. It's called tea bag folding. The frames are the sunshine, the blue and purple is a rosette and the other two are kite medallions. I got all the instrutions and all from in case anyone is interested. I had never dne any of these before and had a sudden interest in it yesterday and today. Let me know what you think. I thought it fun to turn the sunshines into frames and add magnets to the back to put them on my fridge. The girls are my daughters and the boy is my only nephew Rowan. He lives in Wyoming with his mom, Aunt, and Nana. I am lucky if I get to see him once a year and his mom is bad at atking pictures so this way i get to see him everyday. LOL

Also, is an updated picture of my stress killer. Its getting there but I slacked it yesterday and have today too. Not sure I will get to it anymore today but I am hoping to make some serious progress over tomorrow.

We have decided to paint our hallway, livingroom, and diningroom this weekend too and then finally be done with painting the inside of the house. Mike wants to do all of it since he complains about the way I do it, but he is a perfectionist and I am not. I'm not a bad painter, its just I don't use globs and globs of paint like he does.

Tonight the hubby and I are getting a babysitter and going out to the movies for the first time in almost a year. The last movie we saw was Ice Age II with both kids in our laps because they couldn't see in their own seats. Kiley also decided halfway through the movie that she was done with it and wanted to try and run up and down the aisle. I was thrilled when the movie ended. So tonight we are going to see the new movie with John Cena called 'The Marine'. Has anyone seen this movie? Is it any good? It looks like it will be a good movie.

I was in the baking mood too today and baked from scratch some pumpkin bread and tomorrow I am planning to make chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and coconut too.

Friday, October 20, 2006

My first Iris card


DMC Shopper checklist

Great way to check off what you need when you are off to the store.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy mail day!

I got in the floss I had ordered! 210 Skeins! I know its alot but I go through a lot too and I have to order it all online isnce there is no store here in town. I only paid about 10 cents for each skein so I ordered these 2 packages. I am sooo happy!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Was Tagged

I was tagged by Dawn !!!

The rules; List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

Okay here they are and in no particular order:

1. Unfaithful by Rhianna
2. So Cold by Breaking Benjamin
3. Vampires by Godsmack
4. I F**king Hate You by Godsmack
5. Hips don't Lie by shakira
6. Pump It by Blacked Eyed Peas
7. Call Me When Your Sober by Evanescence

And now I tag:

1. Patternuts
2. Tracy
3. Nita
4. JerWife
5. stitchingKorner
6. AngelSan
7. tirefils

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I am sooooo happy! I had been looking for these snowmen for awhile now but had no idea who made them. Well, yesterday it hit me, why not search I typed in snowmen and there it was, the very last one was them! And so I just bought them right up. (shhh don't tell the hubby)

Now I do plan to finish up my Stress Killer picture before starting them and so today I will be working on it along with finishing cleaning up my house. I am hoping by next week to be done with it especially because there is so little back stitching done on it.

I almost had to redo my snowman ornament too, while I had my back turned my youngest, Kiley got a hold of an ink pen and colored his face! I was mortified! I tried to use shout to get it out and nothing seemed to work so I soaked it in some cold water and some laundry detergent for a few hours and luckily it worked, so he is as good as new. I rinsed him out and left him flat on a towel to dry overnight and then this morning I put him away in a safe place away from her. Now I just need to find an ornament to send with him since the exchange is for one made and one bought. I signed up thinking that would be easy to find and buy but we were at the store yesterday and there were NO ornaments! I am hoping they get some in before the mailing deadline or I will have to dig mine out of the basement and send her one from my collection, though her colors are red and green and mine are blue and silver so that will only be LAST resort.

Okay now for the purpose of the Ballerina Bunny pattern: I bought this as a kit a few years ago with the intention of stitching it for my oldest daughter to hang in her room. Her room is now Disney Princess and I no longer have any interest in stitching it. I did start it so a little bit is done. Anyways, I was looking to see if anyone was interested in trading for it, maybe some cross stitch magazines or something. If your interested please email me at Poohcorner1114 at yahoo dot com and we can work something out.

8 pm.....YAY!!!!! My hubby found and xmas shop here on base that just opened today! They were still stacking the shelves when we were there, thats how new it was. Anyway I was able to buy some ornaments for my exchange and a center piece for our table PLUS a cute little couple from Holland that are kissing. It was just too cute to pass up. :-P

Monday, October 16, 2006


Okay I finished up my snowman ornament this afternoon and used the sewing machine to put a decorative stitch all around it but the machine hated the thread I used for the hanger and messed up the last 2 inches so I am going to
find a thread puller and see if i can remove the stitches and redo them. This is my VERY first ornament I have ever made. How does it look? I hope she likes it. But I also hope I can fix the messed up part too.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Okay so finally I can show you my progress from Stress Killer from last weekend. Between blogger, aol, and those dang sun spots I am going crazy trying to use the internet for more than two minutes at a time.

Also I can show you my progress on my ornament exchange. I love snowmen and so thats why I am making one for the exchange. The colors I picked out turned out to be perfect for my exchange partner too. Her xmas colors are red, green, and gold and I picked out red and green for his outfit. I will probably use some red felt to cover the back and of course add the string on top for hanging. This will be my very first ornament so hopefully it turns out right.

This past weekend I made a wonderful discovery! We drove to Graffinveire and discovered they had a craft store there. At first i thought it was like ours, you had to be a scrapbooker only. Anyways, I walked in and it was like going into Hobby Lobby! I saw some beautiful quilts hanging there and then when you go all the way in, they had DMC floss, yarn, material, scrapbooking stuff and they even hold classes there and every Friday the women can come in and crochet or knit with the other women for 2 hours. It was like I had died and gone to heaven! LOL, you realize I haven't been in a craft store in over a year except that one here which you can hardly call a multi craft store. Now Graff is about an 1 1/2 hour drive from here so I will only get to stop in before we reach the hubby's grandparents about 10 minutes from Graff. Lucky me though that we have to go back this upcoming weekend because Destiny forgot her girl baby at their house. As long as the hubby doesn't spend all the money this week I can splurge on a few items for my stash. :-P

Okay non stitching talk.....I finally helped destiny clean her entire room this past weekend. It was driving me crazy. I had tried removing her movies, her Disney princess kitchen set, and even grounding her for days and to no avail it never got cleaned. So I crumbled and helped her out. The hubby also painted our bedroom finally too. I hate white walls. He picked up an Oyster White color to match with our bedset. Its more an oyster color than a white color and it makes the room look a lot better. It was also a good excuse to rearrange the furniture so we would have more room in there too.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Well I wanted to show you my progress over the weekend. I had never done anything on such a high count of linen or aida before so I thought this would take me longer. But, once you get going on it its pretty easy. I think I may start using the higher counts now. Anyway, once blogger wants to be nice and upload photos I will post progress pics.

But things on this project have to be put on hold as I have an ornament exchange I need to get working on. The mailout is November 10th but if I wait until last minute I won't want to do it and then it will drag as I do it. Hopefully I can finish it this week and get it mailed out shortly after.

How was everyones weekends? Mine was pretty good. Mike and I finally got Kileys room painted pink. She was squealing with excitement the whole time. It matches her Hello Kitty room and yesterday we also found a good room size rug to lay onto the floor for both girls but it will have to wait until we have some money.

Destiny is getting even more stubborn than ever lately. Last week she trashed her room. I had asked her for days to clean it and even grounding her to her room didn't work. I took away all her movies and even removed her beloved princess kitchen telling her she could have it back when the bedroom was clean. I even was nice and removed all her dirty clothes from the room, asking her to just put the toys in her toy box. But still her room is not clean. She has been spanked several times and still nothing. I don't know what to do with her...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Stress Killer


Okay so I chose this as my new project, Its called Stress Killer and its a freebie by This has been in my to do list for awhile now. I am stitching it on 32 count Belfast Linen called 'Boo!' Kinda fits this months theme, huh? I didn't pick it on the color name though. I just liked the thought of it on this color and I am doing it on 2 over 2. I'll post a picture later this week on my progress.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

So the hubby finally remembers to go check our PO box yesterday and I was wonderfully surprised! First of all the Pin Cushion Dawn had sent to me finally arrived and also inside she had sent me two skeins of floss, some winnie the pooh patterns and a winnie the pooh pez dispenser. You see I absolutely love winnie the pooh and collect it too. She used heart buttons in the corner and a little cat charm with another charm that says made with love. I absolutely love it! Not to mention purple is my favorite color.

My second surprise was that finally me new tablecloth and placemats finally came in! It only took a month to get here but I love it! The hubby and I had been looking for a longtime now for the perfect tablecloth and placemats and finally we did online and it felt like an eternity for them to get here.
And finally my third surprise was that the floss my floss mommy had sent me had finally arrived! Now I have the floss for my next three projects, though there are 5 colors missing but most likely my fault when I made the list so next week I will probably just order them online. she also found some felt for me so I can make the needlebook I wanted to. Finding supplies here in Germany is like finding a needle in a haystack. Unless you are a scrapbooker person then, you can find supplies everywhere!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's done! I finished all the stitching last night before I went to bed and I put it all together this morning! I am so glad its finally finished. I am putting it on my front door. Comments are welcome.

On another good note, Dawn got her pin cushion in yesterday. That went fast to her, I mailed it on Friday so....3 or 4 days to get to her? That's the fastest I have seen mail get delivered. Anyway so since she received it, I have published my WIP posts and pictures of it, so if your interested, have a looksie in the September archives. Or more for your convenience I have reposted the final picture of the pin cushion. She said she loved it and she loved the way I had put the colors in the design. I'll admit I think it came out better than I had expected. I also love the smell of leather so it was fun to finally get to work with it. My mom use to work for a company that made leather so when they got pieces they couldn't use my mom got to keep them and thats where I had gotten this particular piece. Theres nothing wrong with them, they were just too small for the place to use.

Okay as for non stitch talk, the mandatory meeting yesterday at Destiny's school was retarded. There was a physciatrist there talking about how kids and there reintergration goes. It took an hour and a half before the teacher mentioned that the babysitters that were watching our kids for all of us parents had to leave. The good thing is it counted toward our required volunteer hours and since both the hubby and I went, it was 3 hours counted towards us, now only another 57 hours to go, lol. These meetings are quartely though so thats another 9 hours we will have to go to, between the DH and I.

Well, just wanted to give you guys an update. Surprisingly between the weekend and yesterday I got a lot done. This is my progress as of last night. I am hoping to finish it up today.

There is a mandatory parent/teacher conference today at 1445 with Destiny's teacher Mrs Staggs. It was so nice of them to throw this in last minute and let us know in their weekly newsletter.

Tomorrow I have a doctors appoinment just to get two referrels so I can schedule the surgery to have my polyp removed and also to get my leg x rayed and the metal rod removed. After that all these surgeries and doctors appointments should be done with at last. I can't wait, hopefully things will go back to normal after that.

I also decided I want to work again and want to put Kiley into daycare. I found out I can be a substitute teacher at the elementary school and make $90 a day there. I will also be off in time to pick up Destiny so it won't interfere with that at all. Talked to the hubby and he really didn't say much but I know we need the money right now to get bills paid off. We pay about $650 a month in furniture payments and thats for about another 2 years and that puts a serious dent in our money each month.

Monday, October 02, 2006



Got this in today, I was so excited. I am always looking for new skirts and can never really find any that I like and so I had ordered this book because the one skirt on the front cover (the burgandy one) I really liked and thought I can even change the length so that its not that long. Now I don't knit whatsoever so the two patterns in here that are knit will never be used but who cares, right? The hubby doesn't like it but he never seems to like anything I do lately, so eh, whatever. If its not short and doesn't make you look like a hoochie then he doesn't like it. But I am a 25 year old mom and can't be running around like I am 17 anymore. This though will be added to my to do pile, I am not in a rush though since it is getting too cold for skirts right now so maybe this is a good one to work on in front of the TV one day when its too cold to go outside, then it will be done for spring!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Here is my updated picture of the haunted house. I was able to work onte top half yesterday for a bit. We were cleaning up for company and the hubby actually told me to stop and he would do the cleaning, he wanted me to work on this and get it done. I was in shock and had to do a double take. I still have one ghost that goes in the dorrway that needs finishing but my 4 year old daughter had wanted to help me on this so i have been letting her work on that one. He's about half finished and then I will do the outside overcasting and french knots to finish him up. I definitly will finish this up this week though. I am determined to do so.

Okay as for last night, we had Enya and Toby over to play spades and drink Pina coladas. I either had 3 or 6 but I was wasted by the time they left. 10 minutes later I was praying to the white porcelein god. Enya was wasted too and i found out that my hubby who swear he is so great at spades really does suck at it amd he was my partner last night. anyway, I woke up with a hangover so bad I could hardly move to get out of bed, so when I did I took an IBuprofen and went back to bed and made the hubby get up and take care of the kids. I slept till 1130 and I still feel a bit hungover which isn't really like me. Today we are going to go grocery shopping too.


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