Sunday, October 15, 2006

Okay so finally I can show you my progress from Stress Killer from last weekend. Between blogger, aol, and those dang sun spots I am going crazy trying to use the internet for more than two minutes at a time.

Also I can show you my progress on my ornament exchange. I love snowmen and so thats why I am making one for the exchange. The colors I picked out turned out to be perfect for my exchange partner too. Her xmas colors are red, green, and gold and I picked out red and green for his outfit. I will probably use some red felt to cover the back and of course add the string on top for hanging. This will be my very first ornament so hopefully it turns out right.

This past weekend I made a wonderful discovery! We drove to Graffinveire and discovered they had a craft store there. At first i thought it was like ours, you had to be a scrapbooker only. Anyways, I walked in and it was like going into Hobby Lobby! I saw some beautiful quilts hanging there and then when you go all the way in, they had DMC floss, yarn, material, scrapbooking stuff and they even hold classes there and every Friday the women can come in and crochet or knit with the other women for 2 hours. It was like I had died and gone to heaven! LOL, you realize I haven't been in a craft store in over a year except that one here which you can hardly call a multi craft store. Now Graff is about an 1 1/2 hour drive from here so I will only get to stop in before we reach the hubby's grandparents about 10 minutes from Graff. Lucky me though that we have to go back this upcoming weekend because Destiny forgot her girl baby at their house. As long as the hubby doesn't spend all the money this week I can splurge on a few items for my stash. :-P

Okay non stitching talk.....I finally helped destiny clean her entire room this past weekend. It was driving me crazy. I had tried removing her movies, her Disney princess kitchen set, and even grounding her for days and to no avail it never got cleaned. So I crumbled and helped her out. The hubby also painted our bedroom finally too. I hate white walls. He picked up an Oyster White color to match with our bedset. Its more an oyster color than a white color and it makes the room look a lot better. It was also a good excuse to rearrange the furniture so we would have more room in there too.

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Stitchingnow on Monday, October 16, 2006 4:41:00 AM said...

Love the snowman and the progress on the stress buster too. Hope to see your name on the group list soon... Yes my internet acted all frogging Sunday as well..


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