Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am sooooo happy! I had been looking for these snowmen for awhile now but had no idea who made them. Well, yesterday it hit me, why not search www.patternsonline.com? I typed in snowmen and there it was, the very last one was them! And so I just bought them right up. (shhh don't tell the hubby)

Now I do plan to finish up my Stress Killer picture before starting them and so today I will be working on it along with finishing cleaning up my house. I am hoping by next week to be done with it especially because there is so little back stitching done on it.

I almost had to redo my snowman ornament too, while I had my back turned my youngest, Kiley got a hold of an ink pen and colored his face! I was mortified! I tried to use shout to get it out and nothing seemed to work so I soaked it in some cold water and some laundry detergent for a few hours and luckily it worked, so he is as good as new. I rinsed him out and left him flat on a towel to dry overnight and then this morning I put him away in a safe place away from her. Now I just need to find an ornament to send with him since the exchange is for one made and one bought. I signed up thinking that would be easy to find and buy but we were at the store yesterday and there were NO ornaments! I am hoping they get some in before the mailing deadline or I will have to dig mine out of the basement and send her one from my collection, though her colors are red and green and mine are blue and silver so that will only be LAST resort.

Okay now for the purpose of the Ballerina Bunny pattern: I bought this as a kit a few years ago with the intention of stitching it for my oldest daughter to hang in her room. Her room is now Disney Princess and I no longer have any interest in stitching it. I did start it so a little bit is done. Anyways, I was looking to see if anyone was interested in trading for it, maybe some cross stitch magazines or something. If your interested please email me at Poohcorner1114 at yahoo dot com and we can work something out.

8 pm.....YAY!!!!! My hubby found and xmas shop here on base that just opened today! They were still stacking the shelves when we were there, thats how new it was. Anyway I was able to buy some ornaments for my exchange and a center piece for our table PLUS a cute little couple from Holland that are kissing. It was just too cute to pass up. :-P

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Stitch or no stitch on Tuesday, October 17, 2006 4:14:00 PM said...

What a relief for you that you were able to restore your snowman ornament.
Congrats on finding the patterns you were looking for - they are very cute.


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