Monday, January 25, 2010

MLOTS and house inspection


Here she is after the weekend. I only got in a few hours these last few days.I also discovered I am missing a color for her hair which is odd as I had her kitted up so I wonder if Destiny went digging through my zipper bag one day and snagged it. But oh well I will have to go to hobby lobby in the next few weeks and pick it up. I'm trying to get her hair done as much as possible before I work on her skin.


We had an inspector go to the house this past Saturday to make sure all was ok because if it wasn't we could back out of the contract (which I don't want to). Anyway our main concern was the roof as it looks a bit worn out. He said we have another 5 years for the roof but if we get a good hail storm here then our home owners insurance will cover the roof replacement. So that was good news! The electrical, plumbing, and gas lines are all good. The electrical box is in need of replacing and a few things in the yard removed, but all is well which is a HUGE relief on mine and DH's part. So today the VA inspection is ordered and that takes 2 to 3 weeks before they come out. Since we are using our VA through the military, they have to come out and make sure the house is up to par for their standards which it is so its just a formality.

How was everyone else's weekend? Good I hope.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Playing in the park


When we first got here it was so pretty outside that we just had to come out and play. They said its pretty like this most of the year, never really too cold except for a few days in the winter time. Just thought I would share these with you. It's next to the hotel we are staying at so not too far to go to enjoy the outdoors. See mom? I told you we went outside and played. :P

Thursday, January 21, 2010



I asked my mom to bring me this piece when she came to visit me so I could work on her. I worked on her hair these last two days which is taking me awhile to do as its a lot of color changes. But its nice to be able to stitch again. ^_^

Felicity - Does the new baby count for our new cat for the new house? LOL. I'm sure a puppy will come in the next year or so as we want to get the yard finished this summer if all goes as planned.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our new family addition


Our new kitty. With us coming here, the girls were excited to get a new kitty especially after spending 3 weeks playing with about 5 cats at our families houses. So my older sister Lynnette and I went out to spend a girls day one day and thought we would stop and have a look around the local no kill shelter. When we walked in the cat side I saw this huge Maine Coon that I just fell in love with! We had a visit with him and learned he was a huge lush and was getting over a cold. Turns out this guy was found wandering the streets, guess he got out from his family and no one came to claim him or put posters out or anything so after 3 months he was put up for adoption, lucky me! His name is Manzo, anyone know if this means anything? It was the name he had on his collar when he was picked up. Anyway I called and sent pictures to my DH and he said yes. My sister said she would keep him at her house until we can bring him into our home. Good thing he gets along with her cat and her pit-bull mix. The girls and DH came to my sisters to see him and get acquainted. He still has his front claws but doesn't use them at all with the kids or us and loves to have his belly rubbed. So cute! We only had one accident though. He hisses and scratches at the dog if she gets near him when he is getting attention from someone. My sisters boyfriend was watching the girls for us while we ran to Verizon and Kiley was petting Manzo when the pit got near him and in the "fight" Kiley got in the way and had a few scratches on her face and a huge black eye. But she is fine now and all healed up, it took about a week to heal up. 

We went to Cracker Barrel on the way here. My mom swears by their food. So we stopped for lunch on the 9th and had a 45 minute wait so we wandered around their gift shop till we were called. Such cute things they have! Have you seen this years Easter train set? I love it! It reminds me of Peter Rabbit. Destiny got to have a diet root beer in a frosty mug, it sure looked good and her smiles were proof that it was! We played some little peg game on a triangular board till our food came.  Sorry no pics of the food, we were all quite hungry when it arrived. The food was soooo good! Though the coffee sucked big time but that was the only downfall there. I loved everything else. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our new house


In pictures 1 and 2 is our backyard, as you can tell lots of work needed but this is what DH loves to do so not a problem. Pictures 3 and 4 are of our front yard, same issue as the backyard. Pictures 5 and 6 are of the front room. Picture 7 is our dining room and picture 8 is our kitchen and then pictures 9 and 10 are the downstairs family room which we actually plan to use as a master bedroom since the one upstairs is a bit small for us. None of this furniture is ours, its all for show when they put it on the market. I would show you more of the house but DH took the photos of the house and OMG I hate them, I should have took the pictures. Well when we start decorating and remodeling the yards I'll be the one to take the pics so there is something decent for you all to see. My mom saw the place this morning and she said we did good and even she loves the place too.  Well I'm off to go try and stitch.


Monday, January 18, 2010

The Garden of the Gods


Wow I'm so sorry I have been gone these last few weeks. On the 9th of January we came to Fort Carson, Colorado. We talked to housing and got the xtra leave approved so we could find a house to live in and after much discussion we decided on trying to find a house to buy. We looked for about a week and found one that we love and as of yesterday we are officially under contract. We are set to close on the 15th of February if not sooner. I'll show you all pics when my DH returns from signing in since his leave is over with now. But he has the camera so I have to wait. Anyway, we all had gotten bad colds when we got here so we have been going thru and getting over that. I haven't touched one craft thing since we have been here though so nothing pretty to show you. Yesterday though we went to The Garden of the Gods so here are a few pictures of that. Enjoy!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas and visit update

Destiny was thrilled to get to feed her cousin the first day we arrived and of course Kiley is sitting there waiting to get to hold him.My moms adorable tomcat Philadelphia, she adopted him from petco and he loves sleeping in this box that has a book in it my mom was suppose to return months ago.My younger sister Heather holding our adorable nephewMy older sister with of course her son, baby PoeMy nephew Rowan being goofy, he s so hyper and loud, I think it makes me happy that I have two girls lolMy moms Bernese Mountain Dog, Panda, who is just a huge teddy bear and loves the kids so much plus he is a huge mommas boy.And our Christmas tree with all the pressies under the tree.I found a little sewing machine for $20 at Michael's and was so thrilled! I think this has to be Destiny's favorite gift though they both got lots of barbies and a barbie jeep to boot! LOL The holidays were great though we didn't get to go out for New Year's but its ok, DH and I watched TV shows and then slept.

Well thats it for today. I'm looking for a new TUSAL container as I want to do it again this year.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Crochet Baby Bee and much needed update

Goodbyes were made...

We then moved to our hotel for the last few days before our flight, it was tiny but cozy

We enjoyed the local Doners stand and had some most delicious Turkish foodSome temporary tattoos were added into our days from the nice bakery across the street from our hotel.More goodbyes were made to our dear German friends and the girls had there final playtie together. Remember this piece? I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby the day after we got here and thought I would make this into a hanger for my new kitchen when we get our new house.And since I have had a bad cold sinceI got here I wasn't feeling up to any crafting till today when I saw this adorable baby bee patern on my moms skein of yarn she is using to make my girls a blanket. My girls wanted this little gal when she was completed but my mom was just feeling down and upset too so i took it to her and said here bee happy! I know cheesy but she loved this baby bee and it made her smile so mission accomplished!
Our flight went well and I was so exhausted by the time we had landed. Neither kids slept and i didnt either. DH slept like a baby no shock there.I was up for nearly 30 hours by the time i went to sleep that night. Since this post is so picture heavy I will wait until tomorrow to share Christmas and new years and pictures of my beautiful baby nephew.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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