Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bad Infection, fevr, and stitching kinda


Well I went to the dr's on Monday and told him i was in pain. Turns out I had a 101 fever and after a quick one hour lab wait I have a bad bladder infection. So onto antibiotics i go. This one is completely new to me its called nitrofurantoin (Macrodantin EQ), anyway after two days of meds, tons of water, pain killers, and excess amounts of sleep I am feeling much better. Still have a bit of pain but i can deal.

Anyway yesterday i was able to sit down and stitch some. I know its not much but this is what I got done during Flubber. No I had never actually seen it all the way through though i saw the begining 15 minutes like a trillion times, LOL.

Today the kids want to go swimming and yes I think i could use a nice day swimming and lounging by the pool. Then when we come home we need to clean house and my laundry really needs putting away and towels washed.

Oh! Today I hit my 8 lbs lost mark! Woohoo! This definitly brightens my day!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We went for a walk


I really don't know where my time goes! So this morning the girls and I wanted to go off post and go thru this walking path through the forest that one of my neighbors suggested. She said she takes her dog out there and lets him run around and it tires him out so he naps when they get home. So I though Batista should go with us, but he was pulling so hard this morning that I didnt even make it off post with him. I was afraid if he saw a rabbit or something he would yank me down and we would lose him. So he will stay at the house until this weekend when we walk to the pet store and get him an easy leader leash which I am told should help so much when it comes to walking big strong dogs. I hope so cause I love being able to take him everywhere with us.

Anyway so it was so nice to be out there in the quiet cut off from the street and its sounds. Even the girls enjoyed it! Took us an hour but very nice. I want us to get some bikes and go riding through there as it did go farther than what we went but a lot of ppl with bikes were starting to come through so we headed back home to have some lunch. ^_^

Anyway as you can see no stitching this post, I havent picked up a needle in days! I feel faint now, LOL. DH has been online so much lately with the kids and I its just hard to find time to do anything else. I truly need to sit down today and put in some stitches!

Happy Stitching everyone!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

WIP, TUSAL, and sick kids

Here is my TUSAL for this month, Destiny added a few fabric scraps as she was trying out that heart clover thingy and the only threads I have added this month are DMC #333 as i have only worked on the below project this month. The TUSAL is ALWAYS accepting new members so if your interested you can go to the TUSAL site here.
And here is my EMS Rose Sampler so far I have about 3 1/2 rows to go before this Happy dance, i cant wait! I think this is so pretty but really I am tired of looking at it. I feel like this is dragging but its also cause i have next to no stitching time lately.
And lucky me (not) has sick kids, not 1 but 2! Last night Kiley and destiny were complaining about tummy aches. Then last night Kiley blew chunks! Fun stuff! (not) And today they both have fevers so much for their playdates! Batitsta thought he would keep Kiley company today too and curled up on our little loveseat with him where she then covered him up. I had to take a pic of course. Kiley is the most sick as she laid on the couch all day and went to bed several hours earlier. I sure hope she feels better tomorrow.

Anyway Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My stitching around the house


The Sampler Girl yesterday was showing the different places around her house she has stitching and so posed to us to show the different places we have it around our house so this morning I walked around the house on a hunt for them and these are the three I found. I know I had more but I think they were removed and replaced by DH's military pictures and achievements. Hmm will have to get more put out I think and try to keep lil hands from stealing them, LOL. I do have a friendship quilt I am working on though that I think I will put over the back of the couch so I'll have a big piece of stitching out just not sure when that will be completed. The rooms you see these in are my bedroom and livingroom, not as pretty as the smapler girls house but I have begun the packing process here as we leave in Dec but the movers will be here in November and as they pack and ship anything and everything I need to go through some stuff and throw some other stuff away first so things are getting put into boxes and into the basement all summer long.

In the meantime, I'll show you my rose sampler progress tomorrow!

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update on me I guess

well not anything to show you all today. Just thought I would share with what i have been doing.

I haven't stitched much as I have been visiting a neighbor friend who is 7 months pregnant with her second child. We had a fun time over coffee and Red Bull (not mixed together) catching up as its been several months since I could getaway and go see her which is a shame as she is a good friend of mine. Her baby theme is Winnie The Pooh! As all my loyal followers and friends know, I am just head over heels for Winnie The Pooh! I have several cross stitch I have done of Winnie The Pooh and they are framed as I had used them in Destiny's baby room. I may take them over to her to use in her sons room.

DH has been able to get online each day and so we turn on the web cam and chat so the girls and I don't miss as much as we would if we hadn't seen him at all. He like it there and his job is very laid back. But things are bought up so fast there by payday its hard for him to get what he needs. and things take 2 to 3 weeks to get to him when mailed so I think I will have to be mailing him a box of toiletries every two weeks so he can get what he needs. Plus his ATM card doesn't work over there so he has to get money pulled from our account another way.

I met a SFC (Sargent First Class) in Stuttgart this past week and we really hit it off. I was amazed at how much we have in common and that we had to chat about. I have been talking to him online, texting and calling back and forth since the first day we met. He even came to Bamberg last weekend and we spent time hanging out and talking about everything and anything till we both fell asleep and we were awoken a few hours later by his phone ringing. One of his underling soldiers messed up and he had to go. Yes DH knows him too and knew he came over and that we chat so much. DH is wonderful though as he has no trust issues between me and Chris hanging out. And he has no reason to have trust issues either. :)

The girls and I keep watching Twilight over and over. I don't entirely know why we do. Just another movie we love. Or could it be that Edward Cullen is so hot! You didnt hear me say that, LOL. So I am trying to stitch on my rose sampler while we watch it as I really want it finished and am just itching to start a new project but at the same time I feel this needs to be a year of finishes so I am planning on doing up my collecting shells after this. Don't quote me on that either! I am woman and I change my mind like I change my clothes or maybe like I buy shoes! Did I mention I am a shoe fanatic too? ^_^ All who go with me to a shoe store go at their own risk, LOL.

Happy Stitching all!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

our day at the stadionbad (pools)


So yesterday was so pretty we all went to our local swimming pools and had a blast! I got a nice tan now, well at least on my upper half, lol. My legs still look really white. We ran into a few of our neighbors too who only stayed for a few hours. We stayed for 7 hours! Wow time flies when your having fun! I took a picture of the purple slide they have there as thats the slide the girls kept going up and coming down on, it was their fav part! I put life vests on them so they could go all over and I didnt have to worry about them. Destiny loved it! Kiley on the other hand preferred to stay with me. I didnt get a ton of pics as we were all swimmming so much but here is a few of them while they ate their smarties ice cream push pops. For you non germans out there in America they are called M&M's but here for whatever reason they are called smarties and the handles of these push pops are filled with mini ones while they are also mixed with vanilla ice cream in the top part.

No stitching to show as when we got home I started to pay dearly for those 7 hours of swimming by getting really bad pain in my legs, like when you work out and all those muscles hurt afterwards. Pain killers didnt help but a full nights rest did and I am all better today. I have ppl coming to fix my screen door today and so I need to clean up a bit.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rose sampler and MLOTS


Okay so I got bored doing one part at a time so I thought with my last three parts I would just go across so there is no need for me to end my thread and start again. I also didnt want to keep moving my hoop so I took MLOTS off the scroll frame and put my rose sampler on it so no more hoop marks! Yay! Anyway I thought I would also show you MLOTS entirely since I had to remove it anyway. She really needs a bigger scroll frame though, perhaps next month I can get one.

And I leave you with a picture of Kiley looking all cute as can be with her new baby. Her sister also got this same doll. But as not to get confused, they each got a different race of doll. ^_^

Monday, July 13, 2009

DH's journey off to Romania!

Okay so as of last night DH has left for Romania! So before we headed over to put him on the bus with everyone else I said "girls pose with your daddy one more time"

Destiny "mommy I want to take a picture"
Me: "okay take one of daddy and I together"

Kiley " me too! I want to take a picture!"
Me " uh okay take another picture of daddy and I"

So we get there at 7:45 pm put his bags down and FYI this was not everything he took with him, times this amount by 3 and thats what went on the ISU's ahead of him, this stuff was what he was taking with him. So I thought I would grab a pic of Kiley who chose to sit on his stuff while he checked in at 8 pm
Kiley "wait I'm not ready!"
Me "okay get ready then"
Kiley "Aren't I cute? Now let me see that picture!"

After that I chased them off to go play with the other kids. The buses didn't get there till 9 pm at which they only loaded there things onto the buses and then at 10 pm they decided to load the soldiers on the bus. We did a lot of standing around talking. But when it came time to say the official goodbye Destiny broke down into tears, completely depressed! I sucked it up for the girls sake and none of the other parents were tearful after all its only a 4 month mission, right? Okay whatever it still sux to be away from him for so long. Thankfully we have web cam! After the buses left Kiley started crying too so I did what I could and took them both to the shoppette and got them some ice cream to drown those sorrows into. There were smiles after that along with the Pirates of the Caribbean movie! We just couldn't sleep yet. the kids were out by midnight but I still felt wired and I struggled to sleep and even then maybe got 2 hours of sleep the whole night.

So today we are completing our housework and laundry in hopes of a beautiful day tomorrow so we can finally go swimming! We have had so much rain and clouds lately. Did I mention I have serious anxiety today? I mean it, I can't stand all the idiots today. I am definitely staying in today or I could get myself into trouble. Hopefully no one rings my doorbell....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A finish, WIP and July 4th

Okay as promised here is what I have completed on my 2008 EMS Rose sampler. Please forgive the fact that it is so wrinkled. I carried this everywhere with me during all the trips in case I felt like stitching or had a chance for it.I also in the meantime since I had no desire to stitch, I crocheted! I made a pair of purple and pink fingerless gloves and then just had to make the hat to match. These patterns cam off of Susies site again. Though I did make a few adjustments. These I think will be gifted to my older sister as a mommy gift at her baby shower. (Just for my notes: The fingerless mittens I used a J hook and did 26 rows and for the hat I did 40 rows and used Carons 1 lb baby yarn.)And also here is a slide show of the fun we had on July 4th. The fireworks pictures came out all wrong but oh well! Enjoy it anyway. DH had staff duty that day so he had to miss the festivities but that didn't stop the girls and I from having fun! They wanted to throw balls and see if they could dunk the commander at the dunk tank. Kiley missed her two throws but ran up and dunked him anyway! LOL Then Destiny was up and hit him on her first try! So proud! She missed the 2nd time and so ran up and dunked him again! There were guys up there who had 5 balls and missed all 5 times! Okay well with the rain pour and beer, I'll not say anything else about them, lol. EDITED: okay is giving me issues so I will try and add a slide show later on.

Wow 2000 posts on my blogroll in a month! But i am reading through them. sorry if I don't comment on every single one but I am reading them!

I also found out that we may not get Fort Carson, Colorado as we had hoped. DH hasn't ever been deployed and so they want to send us to Fort Bragg, Carolina where he will deploy in a matter of months. I really hope we can get things fixed soon. The guy who does the orders is trying to help us out. In the meantime DH leaves tomorrow night for 4 months to Romania for training. He should be back in time for the kids birthdays though.

Also DH and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on the 6th of July! It was nasty out and we had no babysitter that could be trusted to properly care for Destiny so we spent the day having a movie day and having subway for dinner. I know it doesn't sound like much but it was really nice. We all cuddled underneath a blanket on the couch and just enjoyed the day.

Happy stitching everyone!

Friday, July 03, 2009

My last 3 weeks and some finishes.

Sorry I have been absent so long. I had no idea that my mother would keep us so busy each day. We went everywhere in Germany that we could go in a 3 week period. So much fun! We went to Legoland, Europa Park, Coburg Castle, Neuhaus Pegnitz Fortress, Bamberg Castle along with downtown, Rothenburg and many other places as well. We had over 1,000 pictures and over an hour of video combined. I'll try and pick out some fun things to show you all. We also recorded the dolphin show at the Neurnburg Zoo if anyone is interested in watching it. Here is a photo of my mom and the girls in their new dresses that nana brought them. ^_^
Crafting things:

I did complete section 8 and 9 of my EMS Rose Sampler and am currently dragging on part 10 but I don't have a photo to show you all yet. I'll try for my next post but I am also crocheting some fingerless gloves trying to get back in the mood to stitch again. My mom made sure I was too tired to do anything but crash when we got home so no stitching in the last 3 weeks. I also know I need to post a new photo of my TUSAL as I am a week behind so next time my fellow readers!

I completed June's Ornament of the month. Their golden apples and pears but since they do not fit my christmas decor I sent them home with my mother as they do fit hers. ^_^

Also here is the Fair and Square Exchange squares I had sent to Janice. She did receive them but its taken me this long to get them posted to you all.


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