Monday, July 13, 2009

DH's journey off to Romania!

Okay so as of last night DH has left for Romania! So before we headed over to put him on the bus with everyone else I said "girls pose with your daddy one more time"

Destiny "mommy I want to take a picture"
Me: "okay take one of daddy and I together"

Kiley " me too! I want to take a picture!"
Me " uh okay take another picture of daddy and I"

So we get there at 7:45 pm put his bags down and FYI this was not everything he took with him, times this amount by 3 and thats what went on the ISU's ahead of him, this stuff was what he was taking with him. So I thought I would grab a pic of Kiley who chose to sit on his stuff while he checked in at 8 pm
Kiley "wait I'm not ready!"
Me "okay get ready then"
Kiley "Aren't I cute? Now let me see that picture!"

After that I chased them off to go play with the other kids. The buses didn't get there till 9 pm at which they only loaded there things onto the buses and then at 10 pm they decided to load the soldiers on the bus. We did a lot of standing around talking. But when it came time to say the official goodbye Destiny broke down into tears, completely depressed! I sucked it up for the girls sake and none of the other parents were tearful after all its only a 4 month mission, right? Okay whatever it still sux to be away from him for so long. Thankfully we have web cam! After the buses left Kiley started crying too so I did what I could and took them both to the shoppette and got them some ice cream to drown those sorrows into. There were smiles after that along with the Pirates of the Caribbean movie! We just couldn't sleep yet. the kids were out by midnight but I still felt wired and I struggled to sleep and even then maybe got 2 hours of sleep the whole night.

So today we are completing our housework and laundry in hopes of a beautiful day tomorrow so we can finally go swimming! We have had so much rain and clouds lately. Did I mention I have serious anxiety today? I mean it, I can't stand all the idiots today. I am definitely staying in today or I could get myself into trouble. Hopefully no one rings my doorbell....

2 comments on "DH's journey off to Romania!"

Pike on Monday, July 13, 2009 4:58:00 AM said...

Take care of you and the girls - I'm sure time will fly :)

CindyMae on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 12:31:00 PM said...

I will keep your husband in my thoughts and prayers as well as you and the girls! I pray that he stays safe and I thank him for all he does for us!!


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