Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update on me I guess

well not anything to show you all today. Just thought I would share with what i have been doing.

I haven't stitched much as I have been visiting a neighbor friend who is 7 months pregnant with her second child. We had a fun time over coffee and Red Bull (not mixed together) catching up as its been several months since I could getaway and go see her which is a shame as she is a good friend of mine. Her baby theme is Winnie The Pooh! As all my loyal followers and friends know, I am just head over heels for Winnie The Pooh! I have several cross stitch I have done of Winnie The Pooh and they are framed as I had used them in Destiny's baby room. I may take them over to her to use in her sons room.

DH has been able to get online each day and so we turn on the web cam and chat so the girls and I don't miss as much as we would if we hadn't seen him at all. He like it there and his job is very laid back. But things are bought up so fast there by payday its hard for him to get what he needs. and things take 2 to 3 weeks to get to him when mailed so I think I will have to be mailing him a box of toiletries every two weeks so he can get what he needs. Plus his ATM card doesn't work over there so he has to get money pulled from our account another way.

I met a SFC (Sargent First Class) in Stuttgart this past week and we really hit it off. I was amazed at how much we have in common and that we had to chat about. I have been talking to him online, texting and calling back and forth since the first day we met. He even came to Bamberg last weekend and we spent time hanging out and talking about everything and anything till we both fell asleep and we were awoken a few hours later by his phone ringing. One of his underling soldiers messed up and he had to go. Yes DH knows him too and knew he came over and that we chat so much. DH is wonderful though as he has no trust issues between me and Chris hanging out. And he has no reason to have trust issues either. :)

The girls and I keep watching Twilight over and over. I don't entirely know why we do. Just another movie we love. Or could it be that Edward Cullen is so hot! You didnt hear me say that, LOL. So I am trying to stitch on my rose sampler while we watch it as I really want it finished and am just itching to start a new project but at the same time I feel this needs to be a year of finishes so I am planning on doing up my collecting shells after this. Don't quote me on that either! I am woman and I change my mind like I change my clothes or maybe like I buy shoes! Did I mention I am a shoe fanatic too? ^_^ All who go with me to a shoe store go at their own risk, LOL.

Happy Stitching all!

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