Saturday, July 11, 2009

A finish, WIP and July 4th

Okay as promised here is what I have completed on my 2008 EMS Rose sampler. Please forgive the fact that it is so wrinkled. I carried this everywhere with me during all the trips in case I felt like stitching or had a chance for it.I also in the meantime since I had no desire to stitch, I crocheted! I made a pair of purple and pink fingerless gloves and then just had to make the hat to match. These patterns cam off of Susies site again. Though I did make a few adjustments. These I think will be gifted to my older sister as a mommy gift at her baby shower. (Just for my notes: The fingerless mittens I used a J hook and did 26 rows and for the hat I did 40 rows and used Carons 1 lb baby yarn.)And also here is a slide show of the fun we had on July 4th. The fireworks pictures came out all wrong but oh well! Enjoy it anyway. DH had staff duty that day so he had to miss the festivities but that didn't stop the girls and I from having fun! They wanted to throw balls and see if they could dunk the commander at the dunk tank. Kiley missed her two throws but ran up and dunked him anyway! LOL Then Destiny was up and hit him on her first try! So proud! She missed the 2nd time and so ran up and dunked him again! There were guys up there who had 5 balls and missed all 5 times! Okay well with the rain pour and beer, I'll not say anything else about them, lol. EDITED: okay is giving me issues so I will try and add a slide show later on.

Wow 2000 posts on my blogroll in a month! But i am reading through them. sorry if I don't comment on every single one but I am reading them!

I also found out that we may not get Fort Carson, Colorado as we had hoped. DH hasn't ever been deployed and so they want to send us to Fort Bragg, Carolina where he will deploy in a matter of months. I really hope we can get things fixed soon. The guy who does the orders is trying to help us out. In the meantime DH leaves tomorrow night for 4 months to Romania for training. He should be back in time for the kids birthdays though.

Also DH and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on the 6th of July! It was nasty out and we had no babysitter that could be trusted to properly care for Destiny so we spent the day having a movie day and having subway for dinner. I know it doesn't sound like much but it was really nice. We all cuddled underneath a blanket on the couch and just enjoyed the day.

Happy stitching everyone!

2 comments on "A finish, WIP and July 4th"

CindyMae on Sunday, July 12, 2009 9:19:00 AM said...

Lovely progress!!! Gorgeous gloves and hat!! Yes, it is so easy to get behind on blog reading!!

Babs on Sunday, July 12, 2009 12:47:00 PM said...

It looks so nice, I'm not really into making sampler myself, but I love to look at them.


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