Friday, April 19, 2013

Meet Tyson


He's our new to us 13 month old boxer pup. Though he is nearly as tall as my waist so i'm not sure how much i can call him a pup. One of hubby's co-workers said his sister was looking to re home him free. She is divorcing her army husband who is getting a dishonorable discharge. idk why and its none of my business. Anyway she doesnt wanna move 3 kids and a puppy so we are fortunate enough to get him. He's really sweet and doesnt jump thankfully. Even my little Pomeranian likes him until Tyson gets near his peanut butter bone then Duke gets a bit nasty with him. Which in turn makes Tyson sit there and cry and cry and cry so hubby will be going back to the toy store and getting Tyson his own peanut butter bone :)

Polymer Clay delivery and realization w/questions

Joann's recently had a huge sale on polymer clay on there website for $1.50 USD per package vs the normal $2.50 to $3.50 USD they normally are. So i order a bunch to replenish my stash and a little more Sculpey liquid clay as im running low on my other bottle.
Recognize the background? LOL you should as its one i found in the remits bin at Joanns on my trip to OK.  Destiny is using it to make an outfit for her AG doll. 

And i realized i'm about 15 posts from my 500th post. I feel i should do something. We should celebrate. Maybe i'll do a contest. Please give me your opinions on it and if i do, what would u all like? A little something from each of my hobbies perhaps? Or maybe the winner gets a choice on what kind of stash to send out of the options i provide? 

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My trip to Oklahoma - the aquarium


This is the end of a large cannon with an enormous green eel in it. I was amazed and in shock. I would definitely swim away if i ever saw this guy in the ocean!

Hm ok these are what are visable off my camera lol the kids had mine so hubby was in charge of taking the pics. I'll have to copy them over so i can show you guys some others :)

Monday, April 01, 2013

My trip to Oklahoma - the crafting side

My family decided that spring break we would drive the 10 hrs to Oklahoma to visit with my mom, aunts, uncles and cousins. It turned out to be a long week but definitely worth it as we got to spend Easter day with everyone. Boy was the house full! One of my aunts is a quilter and while i was there she gave me a ton of fabric to bring back with me.

and of course i had to stop at the local Joann fabrics and pick up a few things

Oh I also noticed some stitched pieces around my aunts office and found out she did them but is no longer stitching so she passed me her WIP along with the book of 12 patterns which has been severely loved. ill have to find a way to preserve them. perhaps separating the pages and putting each into a protective clear sheet.

And i got my mom into polymer clay which my girls got to play with while we are there and i made this little guy with them one night. Sadly his 10 hr trip back to Colorado didn't go so well. His wings, tail, and a few legs broke off. So i repaired him the best i could when i got home and am awaiting delivery of this purple color to finish his repairs and complete him. He's my very first dragon but im really enjoying sculpting and am tempted to take a sculpting class or two ^_^


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