Thursday, October 29, 2009

DH is home!


Tuesday morning i got a phone call saying my husband was coming home and will be here at command in about 6 hours! So i ran to the store for a decent meal and came home to clean and organize what i thought i had a week to do still and tried to get it done in a few hours. I grabbed the girls an hour early and head to command where we then found out that they didnt realize our soldiers had bags and equipment so we will be waiting longer. he finally arrived at 1600. I cried all morning long, happy tears of course!

I have been stitching on my fairy and even crocheting on a sweater for Destiny, my pattern of course, lol. I'll share these two things with you later on today or tomorrow even.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christmas elf fairy Day 3

Here she is after 3 days of stitching now. I am surprised how much I was able to get done on her yesterday though it helps that I am enjoying this one a lot so it keeps me motivated. I don't know that I will get a lot done today as my kids are up for a big unhappy surprise for them when they come home today from school so I will be doing that today. I'll explain about it more later.

Happy Stitching!

TUSAL and a Christmas Elf fairy

Here is my TUSAL for this new moon, well OK I'm two days late in posting this and i won't make any excuses, its pure laziness lol. So i snapped one with my webcam this morning so i apologize for the bad picture. The only added things in here that I can tell you about is some excess fabric from Poe's curtains and some reds from my Christmas elf fairy that I am currently working on. All the other tidbits that I added this month are from exchanges that I am still waiting on to arrive at their destinations. Also if your interested in joining this just click the link in my sidebar under SAL's

Yesterday I was able to sit and stitch for a good 4 hours! OK I admit I watched TV shows too while I stitched this. But I am happy with my progress and plan to work on her some more today. Names were sent out to for the fair and square round 16 so soon i will have to set my fairy aside to complete MY last exchange for the year. Once I am moved into my new place I will start doing the fair and square exchange again.

Sunday, October 18, 2009



Christmas Ornament Kit of the month
Painting penguins
Oct 18, 2009

This is what I did on Sunday The girls tried to help me out but it ended up being messy and i had to do fix ups on them. So they ventured off to pain on their own and ended up getting it all over my hard wood floors and now there's a spot of pink dried on my floor where Kiley laid her paper to dry. Hmmm I don't think we will be pulling the paint out anytime soon again with them home. Next painting kit that arrives, I'm doing it while they are at school lol.

I did crochet on Saturday but then on Sunday decided I wasn't happy with the way it was turning out and I set it aside. I unravel it today I think and just sit and go back to my love of cross stitch.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Curtains, bowls and an adventure at the post office


DH got to re up in Romania! I'm so proud of him! And Fort Carson is in his contract! WooHoo!! Congrats babe!

Here are the curtains I made for my darling nephew Poe's room. I stayed up till midnight on the 14th to get them completed for mailing on the 15th. They are Precious Moments and if you recall they match the quilt I made him, in fact this is the same fabric that was used for the back of his quilt. I just had to order more. If you don't remember the post I am talking about then click here
And these two little things are small Halloween bowls. I actually used a free pattern for a bag and just went up to Row 9 before stopping. I may fill them with candy....any ideas? They are sitting on my coffee table right now. Free pattern is here
And here are my squares for Fair and Square Round 15 from Peg! They will make a great addition to my friendship quilt. To see the post of my quilt click here. I don't think they have my fabric anymore either so I will just use what I can for now and leave it smaller than planned if I can't get more from Joann's.

So I went to the post office on the 15th with the intent of mailing off 4 packages, one to Lynnette filled with baby things, a few gifts for family sent to my mom, my fall F&S exchange to Jeanie C in Singapore, AND my very first MA to Dawn. So I go to the guy I know and my husband and him are friends and he sees my MA and is like

him: "this is so nice! Are you sure you don't want to put it into an envelope?"
Me: Nope please put actual stamps on it and all
him: you want me to stamp on your fabric? what is this? hemp?
Me: no its linen and yes stamp on it
him: hey (guys name next to him) look at this! Isn't it nice?
Guy: Yea that's nice! Did you make that?
Me: Yes I did (beaming with pride)
Guy: is that knitting or what is it
Me: (looking at him like he's crazy) No its cross stitch
Guy: oh OK (then precedes to ask me about myself blah blah blah)
him: I'm not sure if I can mail it like this, let me check with my manager (checks & yes he can)
Me: (Rolls eyes) You can mail it this way. People do it all the time
OK so the stamps are on there, are you sure you don't want to put it into something else? I worry it will get dirty
Me: No please just mail it like it is
him: OK ready (he positions the black time date stamp over the proper place and gives me an are you sure look and when I give him a blank stare he stamps it) I have to put tape over this to ensure they stay, OK?
Me: OK that's fine.

Then I was able to pay. I left kind of laughing at how many postal workers/stitchers have gone through this same conversation. If you made it this far, congrats to you and thanks for reading through my post!

The Monster Mash!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He has arrived!!!!


Poe Byron Jones
October 13, 2009
9:19 P.M.
6 lbs 8.7 oz
20.75 Inches long

My sister Lynnette had her baby last night!!! Poe Byron Jones was born at 9:19 P.M. on October 13, 2009 He has blue eyes and black hair. No height, weight or pics yet but I'll post as soon as I get them all! He didn't even cry his daddy told me, he just cooed. So cute! He had some issues breathing when he came out but is fine now, they are just keeping him for a bit for observation. Mommy is doing good too. CONGRATS LYNNETTE AND SHAWN!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!

I'm kind of laughing too, his due date was Oct 31st, yep Halloween and he decides to show up early on the 13th LOL definitely Lynnette's son.

I do have a few crochet finishes but today is Poe's day so you can see my finishes tomorrow.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mirabilia Christmas Elf


Yep I decided its time to start something! I have had this kit in my stash for a few years now and I finally decided its time to pull her out and stitch her up, maybe with any luck she will be my first cross stitch piece I hang up in our new home.

Sue: No Batista wouldn't need any shots as they do the same ones here as they do in the states. Unfortunately we had some problems that I just couldn't fix with Batista. He would steal the girls toys and then growl and snap at the girls when they would try to get them back. He kept getting closer and closer to their hands and I found out he has an authority issue with the girls and so we tried everything we could think of and nothing worked. I knew if he bit one of the girls he would have to be put down so rather than risk scarring my kids or having an innocent puppy put down, I found him a childless home where he will be loved and well taken care of.

Stitched On: Fair and Square Autumn Round and Completed it! Also started Mirabilia Christmas Elf

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stitching and life in general

I heard from Sharon today that she has received the Fair and Square Halloween squares I sent her. She said its her daughters birthday this month so she will be turning them into an ornament for her. This was a krienik freebie if anyone is interested. I did change the ghost colors so its glow in the dark thread so he will glow for her daughter at night! :)

I have completed most of my MA exchange, i want to add something to the envelope flap and am also not sure how i can close it up. Until I send it and its received I can't show it to you. It's taken me longer than expected as Batista ate the first one i had going! Sneaky little guy. I can definitly say that it has given me new experiences and challenges but I am happy with it!

I am currently working on my Fair and square Autumn exchange so I am afraid i still have nothing to show you all. But after this is finished i can then actually do some stuff for about a week or so until Round 16 starts. And that will be the end of my Fair and square exchanges for the year. Not because that's all of them but because I have a huge move coming up! We are finally moving back overseas and to the USA in December and I have 4 years worth of household things to go through and discard excess junk. DH won't be returning now until Nov 4th, basically 5 weeks before we move leaving me to do a whole bunch of prep things that have to be done before he comes home.

I have had to force myself to slow down too, turns out i made myself sick by being too busy! LOL so you know what that means? My kids have 4 days off this weekend and other than i have to run to the store for a few hours on Saturday I plan to sit and stitch!

In the meantime I found a few completed cross stitch pieces on ebay that caught my eye and I just had to buy so I did! two of these pieces will be given away as gifts and the other one I plan to frame and hang up.


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