Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fair and Square Spring Round


Here is the Fair and Square Spring Round I sent to Renee. I was getting worried as it took longer I guess to reach its destination than normal. She is happy for the bright and cheery spring flowers I sent her. One of the flowers was originally blue but as she hates blue, I simply changed it to a cheery purple.

As for other things, I am slowly crocheting the baby blanket but not doing much else as I am dealing with a continuous migraine no matter what or how much meds I pop. Plus both girls have turned off their listening ears (as the school calls it) since dad left last Monday and so I find myself repeating myself multiple times and wanting to rip out my hair. Oh! And DH broke his cell phone and told me he wants to spend 350 Euros on a new blackberry!!!! I nearly fell out of my seat as there is no way we can afford that!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coffin Buzz Completed!!!


Coffin Buzz
Freebie from Plum Street Samplers
Completed: April 25, 2008
32 count Silkweaver Paradise Blue
DMC 828

That's right! Yesterday I sat down and put on some shows I was behind on and said to myself "I am not moving until this piece is finally finished!" And you know what? I didn't! Boy I had to pee afterwards, LOL. Anyway i washed it this morning to remove the spilt crystal light DH had done to it last week and here it is all laid out drying on a towel waiting to be turned into a flatfold. Though I realize now that it is going to be a big flatfold. I did adjust the year though as it is no longer 2008 but 2009.

Now I have cleaned my house up this morning. I just have to wash and dry my laundry which will postponed as I feel like stitching some more! I did crochet a few rows on the baby blanket as well but then I came across a tangled area and after messing with it for awhile, I gave up. I don't feel like going back to MLOTS just yet so I am off to see what I feel like working on. ^_^

Saturday, April 25, 2009

TUSAL and Fair and Square Round 12

Well, here is my TUSAL this month. Yes, Kiley decorated it with stickers. I haven't done too much stitching this month but I plan to do lots this weekend. For more info on the click here

Yoyo - The DeFac wouldn't give me a large jar, I tried them both, I swear. They basically said for all they know I plan to smash it in the streets. Do I look devious to you? But I am going to go off post next Friday to the German stores and am hunting for a large jar no matter whats inside! LOL

I also saw today that Marg F. received my Fair and Square Round 12 squares and so now I can also show you these. Glad you liked them Marg. This was the Quaker hedgehog freebie by The Workbasket.

I wonder where my Spring Round has gone too now as it was mailed out on the exact same day and was only going to south Carolina. Normally it only takes like 7 days for it to reach anywhere in the USA......

To answer the questions about Bob the guinea pig. He is doing great! So he gets to stay and we decided to leave his name the same. Their are no fights or anything with them, its like he was there from the beginning. ^_^

And now I leave you with a picture I thought too funny not to take. Kiley fell asleep on the couch last week with one finger in her ear and in the other hand is a straw from the juice box you see on the floor next to her.

Thursday, April 23, 2009



Okay so since DH left on Monday at 0400, I haven't stitched or crocheted. I'm not sleeping too much but have been getting lots of housework done. Last night we had a meeting with Staff SGT King to discuss housing stuff and turns out our building is doing awesome but now is the time they are starting to come and inspect your house or I should say apartment as thats what we are in. So besides catching up on needed laundry, I have been trying to keep the house spotless. But with Kiley and Batista I feel like they are forever seeing how they can dirty the house so I am cleaning up after them and trying to take them to the dog park to wear out both kid and puppy.

So anyway I am sharing a cross stitch design I finished years ago but that I still love so much. Its not framed yet as its rather big and there are no framers here so when I go back to the states I will take it to hobby lobby and have them frame it. its 10 in High x 20 in Wide and done on 18 count oatmeal fiddlers cloth. I love that stuff besides linen of course. It took me 12 weeks to complete it. At the time I was only working on one project at a time. I kind of feel like I need to go back to that, maybe I can get something accomplished then, lol.

Anyway just my room is left to clean today and of course the kitchen again but then I plan to stitch on coffin buzz. In fact, I plan to spend my entire weekend watching TV shows and stitching!

So have a great weekend everyone! I'll try and catch up on blog reading too this weekend.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life Is A Stitch


Life Is A Stitch
Helga Mandl Designs
July 2008 issue of The Gift Of Stitching
32 count Silkweaver Linen
Completed: April 18, 2009
plans: Flatfold maybe...

In other news, today I have made it over the 5 lbs lost mark! I'm so happy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stitch For A Cure

Donna has created a blog called Stitch For A Cure, here's a short description I stole from her blog:

What is stitching for a cure? It is a year long project to help save lives. We are stitching ornaments to decorate a tree that will be raffled off in November 2009. The money raised will go to American Cancer Society. We want to raise $5000 with this project. If you are interested in helping, please choose a pattern from the right side of this blog and stitch an ornament.

I plan to stitch up a couple to send along and hope you all will join me in this.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fair and Square Round 12


Today I received my squares from Margie F. She apologized for them being simple but no worries Margie, I think their pretty!

I also mailed out my Round 12 to Margie and my Spring round too so now I am waiting for Round 13 to start up. ^_^

Oh! I also received my package from my floss mom Tracy, she sent so much extras! What a sweetie! What would I ever do without you? So now I can pull out Coffin Buzz and finish it! Woohoo! Though I do have another small project I started on yesterday and want to complete so I will do that tonight and pull out Coffin Buzz tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy 29th Birthday my love! May all your wishes come true!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt and a baby blanket


How was everyone's Easter Sunday? Ours was pretty good. The Saturday before our post held an Easter egg hunt for all the kids on post and separated them by age group. Luckily our neighbors went with us and since our kids are about the same age, we took the older ones and they took the 2 younger ones. Here they are afterward showing off all the eggs they collected. They had a blast and then spent all evening playing out in the front yard till 930 pm! Time sure flies when your having fun as DH and I were socializing with the neighbors and completely didn't notice the time! We all had late suppers then, LOL. Easter Sunday we ate early and the kids played some more with the neighborhood kids and we spent the day relaxing and enjoying the wonderful weather. I got my two fair and square exchanges completed also along with a little more of the baby blanket done up, though I do still have a ways to go with it. So i am off to stitch up one more thing that I need to mail out on payday this Wednesday. I'll show it to you when it arrives where its suppose to. ^_^

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Festivities

So today we decided it was time for Easter preparations. The girls got to dye 5 eggs each as I didn't want all my eggs hard boiled. They had a blast!

And then we made Easter cookies! Okay I cheated this year I bought those pre made packaged ones that Pillsbury sells in the fridge section. So I popped them into the oven this afternoon and here they are 4 dozen cookies later. Kiley's expression about not getting another cookie.And Batista the entire time was sleeping under our dining room table. Yes I know my floors are scratched. They need to be waxed and buffed badly. Sadly it won't happen until the movers come and take all our stuff from our house next year.

Did you notice I changed my blog? What do you think? Better? So if I don't post before Sunday. Everyone have a Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bob and a new blogger


We got a new pet! Yes he is a guinea pig. His name is Bob but the girls want to change it. Our upstairs neighbor had him before but as he was being mean to the other 2 she had, he had to find a new home. I told her he could try living with us for a bit and if he can get along with the bunnies then he could stay. He is a year old right now and about 12 inches long. Thankfully we have a big cage so it should all be fine. Batitsta wants so bad to play with him and smelled him instantly when I brought him inside. ^_^

As for the new blogger its my older sis, Lynnette. She stitches too like most of us but hasn't done it too much lately. Anyway she posted her first entry which is nearly a novel itself. But if your up to it, you can see her blog here.

I have no stitching or crocheting to show you today as I am still working on my fair and square rounds and then a birthday gift so it may be a week before you see any crafting pics up unless I get bored or something. Hey I am a woman and I do change my mind as much as the hour of the day changes.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

4.5 lbs lost! Woohoo!!

I stitched up 1 signature square last night and started the second one for my 2 Fair and Square Exchanges. Then I am off to stitch the main squares and a Bday gift for a certain someone...

Erynne has a new freebie posted today. Its a pretty wintery scene. She is getting so much snow there. Freebie is here


This afternoon we went to the library to see the Easter Bunny, color plastic eggs, and get read some Easter stories. We had a blast except Kiley was freaked out by the size of the Easter bunny even when he took his head off and showed her he was only a man in a suit she refused to take a pic with him. Anyway here is our afternoon there though I forgot to snap pics of storytime. And you see the red and yellow puppet theater in the back? Apparently we won enough awards for the library they got to add that. ^_^
And when we arrived home the girls had to be cute and pose with Bobby and Michael. ^_^ ahem, please excuse the mess behind them. We uh uh were having a lot of fun today and haven't cleaned up. Um yea, that's our story and we're sticking to it!

Destiny decided to start her own blog so I hope you all will pop on over and send her some encouragement. I am helping her design her blog which we will work on more tomorrow so its called Princesses and Mermaids, pls drop on by.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

MLOTS, beads, a blanket and the rain!

First I want to say thank you to all the kind comments about my horrible day. The rest of my week was a lot better. DH didn't arrive home until midnight Thursday night so he slept most of Friday morning (good thing it was a 4 day weekend for him) Friday evening DH returned home from the post office with my monthly ornaments so this month was beading. Destiny helped do up the dark blue one, she did good. ^_^ She enjoyed it so much she asked if I would order some more for her to do so I guess I will have to look into it. ^_^My moms plane ticket was also bought and paid for so she will be arriving in Frankfurt at 0745 June 12th. We will all have to get up extremely early to go pick her up but thats ok as the kids and I can dose while DH drives and I am sure he will just go to bed early the night before. We have plans to spend the day in Frankfurt as my mom said we have family there?? I don't know them and I don't know if she knows them personally or if they are long lost relatives from my grandpa Bolte's side. It also rained this past Saturday like cats and dogs but that apparently didn't stop the candy man! LOL I had to snap a pic to show you all. For everyone in the USA, the candy man here is like the ice cream man there. He has his music and drives around post selling German candies, mainly gummy candies. Kiley had to comeo out onto the patio and jump into my picture as well. ^_^ And if your curious what our car looks like, its the green mitsubishi you see by Kiley's head.

And here is MLOTS as of this morning. I worked on her most of the weekend trying to finish up her cape. I was going to bead her arm and the top part of her outfit before starting on her skin colors but for the life of me could not find a bead needle that would work with the small beads. I have no idea what i did with the one I used before. So I think on the 15th I will be placing an order with 123stitch.
Here is a baby balnket I started for Lynnette's baby. I figure if she has a girl a will weave in some pick ribbon in certain places to girl it up some more. I have no idea why its making this wierd shape so I am hoping that once its finished and I wash it and block it, it will be okay. And I leave you with a picture of dear Destiny stitching on her Chinese Boy this morning. Please excuse the multiple stuff around her, as we were doing crafts in the living room all weekend. Ok I am off to work on my next two exchanges as I want to run to the post office with them on the 15th.

Happy Stitching!


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