Tuesday, April 07, 2009

MLOTS, beads, a blanket and the rain!

First I want to say thank you to all the kind comments about my horrible day. The rest of my week was a lot better. DH didn't arrive home until midnight Thursday night so he slept most of Friday morning (good thing it was a 4 day weekend for him) Friday evening DH returned home from the post office with my monthly ornaments so this month was beading. Destiny helped do up the dark blue one, she did good. ^_^ She enjoyed it so much she asked if I would order some more for her to do so I guess I will have to look into it. ^_^My moms plane ticket was also bought and paid for so she will be arriving in Frankfurt at 0745 June 12th. We will all have to get up extremely early to go pick her up but thats ok as the kids and I can dose while DH drives and I am sure he will just go to bed early the night before. We have plans to spend the day in Frankfurt as my mom said we have family there?? I don't know them and I don't know if she knows them personally or if they are long lost relatives from my grandpa Bolte's side. It also rained this past Saturday like cats and dogs but that apparently didn't stop the candy man! LOL I had to snap a pic to show you all. For everyone in the USA, the candy man here is like the ice cream man there. He has his music and drives around post selling German candies, mainly gummy candies. Kiley had to comeo out onto the patio and jump into my picture as well. ^_^ And if your curious what our car looks like, its the green mitsubishi you see by Kiley's head.

And here is MLOTS as of this morning. I worked on her most of the weekend trying to finish up her cape. I was going to bead her arm and the top part of her outfit before starting on her skin colors but for the life of me could not find a bead needle that would work with the small beads. I have no idea what i did with the one I used before. So I think on the 15th I will be placing an order with 123stitch.
Here is a baby balnket I started for Lynnette's baby. I figure if she has a girl a will weave in some pick ribbon in certain places to girl it up some more. I have no idea why its making this wierd shape so I am hoping that once its finished and I wash it and block it, it will be okay. And I leave you with a picture of dear Destiny stitching on her Chinese Boy this morning. Please excuse the multiple stuff around her, as we were doing crafts in the living room all weekend. Ok I am off to work on my next two exchanges as I want to run to the post office with them on the 15th.

Happy Stitching!

2 comments on "MLOTS, beads, a blanket and the rain!"

Yoyo on Wednesday, April 08, 2009 7:00:00 AM said...

Don't worry, my blankets always looked like that before blocking, I'm sure it will look nice when it's finished. The bead balls are really pretty My MIL used to do those. She did them herself with no kit and she tried to teach me but I never got the hang of it. Maybe I should try a kit sometime. MLOTS is really looking nice, hope you find that beading needle.

Anna on Saturday, April 11, 2009 10:03:00 AM said...

I love those ornaments! Wow a candy man??? I dont remember that from when we lived in Germany. We had a beer and beverage guy that would come every week. Do they have that on your installation? We were in Wurzburg.


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