Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 7 SMO Happy Dance

Well it took me 2 weeks to complete the green on the left, right, and bottom. Thats how busy I was in the hospital. So last night I sat down and finished the green and did up all the pink hearts and then today was the all the words. So here is my first happy dance this month and probably my only, lol.

Destiny went into the hospital last Sunday before and is still there 2 weeks later. They said maybe on Sunday she can come home but before that they had said tomorrow so who knows? But I utterly hate being up at the hospital all day long everyday 24/7. My DH goes up on his day off which is only maybe half day each week. I am hoping she does come home cause I feel bad if I don't go up there but I am eager to come home once I am there.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Last wek for 5 days I was in complete pain on my left side of my head. I went to the dentist Thursday and turns out my left bottom wisdom tooth had an infection. So the Dr tells me it MUST come out but they don't do extractions on post. So he prescribes me Erythromycin. Horrible stuff! Figures I would get the stomach pains reactions. It was bad! I felt like I was was satrving 24/7 and I am suppose to spend 7 days on this stuff?? No good! So Friday morning I called my offpost Dentist Dr. Giannoulopoulos and he said he could see me that day at 1400. yay! I have my DH reschedule his dental at the clinic for Monday so he can take me to mine. As you all know I don't drive offpost, the streets are terribly small and you can easily get lost. So we get there I fill out a few forms and he says they can take out both wisdom teeth on my left side! Yay! But with needle injections to numb, Yikes! I hate needles and then to say your going to put it in my mouth?? Anyway he was careful and the only one that hurt was the one in the roof of my mouth. I was all numbed up and 30 minutes later both teeth were out! Yay! And even when the numbness wore off I wasn't in any pain. He had to cut my lower gums and stitch them up but I am doing great now. And I was ordered to couch potato the entire weekend! Stitches come out Friday and then next week I am going in to have my wisdom teeth on my right side removed. I am so glad I found an awesome dentist because really I am terrified to go to the dentist. Oh since I got my teeth pulled I no longer have to be on antibiotics either, yay!

Anyway, today Destiny goes into the Klinikum to start the process of getting her insulin changed. Hopefully it goes well and I can leave the hospital during the daytime. DH works nights so I have to spend the nights there. Now I am a type of person if you wake me at night, I am up for several hours before falling back asleep and with a diabetic child in the hospital, they will be in every hour checking her sugar levels until her body has adjusted to the new insulin, see my problem now? If all goes good though we shouldn't be there more than 2 or 3 days. DH and I have to take classes to learn this new plan but it looks hopeful. I am taking a few stitching projects with me and an exchange I need to up too so i will be busy while I am there so I should have some pics for you when I return!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fair and Square


I did an inbetween 4th of July round and saw today that Donna has received her squares. So here is what i had sent to her. This round kind of baffled meon what to stitch but I found this July biscournu pattern from Helga Mandl on patternsonline.

Friday, June 06, 2008

EMS Rose Sampler along with July 4th

I completed part 4 between yesterday and this morning. I'm so glad its done. Part 6 was released this month so I am still a part behind but thats ok, I think I am making this month my month for catching up on SAL's before i continue on my rotation.
I received my 4th of July squares from Donna today. Thank you Donna, their lovely! And look at the floss! I never knew that mix was out there. I know I live under a rock. And she also included the tin of altoids. The kids are already eyeing them.

Destiny goes into the hospital on the 15th to change over her insulin and not a moment too soon as I am having to give her extra rapid insulin since her 30/70 mixture is not working so well anymore. The nurse at the school is finding out the same thing too so she is checking her sugars more often to make sure they stay down.

And I have to show this pic of Kiley. She was holding Cocoa and said "mommy take my picture!" and she posed this way on her own. Can we say possible model? :)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

SMO Bunny

I have a finish! Its small but a finish. I did this one up because on the SMO board a fellow member is teaching us how to do up cards so i thought i would participate. Hey you never know I could learn something new. :) There is more stitching to add onto the bunny but she is going to give it to us with the instructions so expect to see this little guy again.


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