Monday, December 31, 2007

Stitchy Stuff and the end of the year

Here is my Fair and square exchange to Vicki. She received it so now I can show my final cross stitch piece for the year. She loves birds so I knew I had to do this freebie from Vermillion stitchery It was so much fun to do.

Also in the year 2008 I plan to start or try a new hobbie. I want to try scrapbooking. I don't know that I will post the pages up on here or not.

In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! See you in 2008!

Completed Projects through 2007


Okay all in I finished:

10 crochet projects: pincushion, hat, bag, hoodie sweater, barbie dress, stuffed bear and elephant, and 3 magnets

27 cross stitch projects:

4 rounds of the Fair and Square exchange, 2 bookmarks, 4 scissor fobs, 2 needlebooks, 1 biscournu, 8 Ornaments, 5 Medium Projects, 1 large project which should be finished early January 2008 and 1 BAP which may be another few years till its completed.

All in all I think I got a lot done in 2007, how did your year go?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007


Newsboy Cap Finished! And xmas slide


Newsboy Cap
Red Heart Super Saver yarn
Country Blue
Started: July 02- 06, 2007 Completed: December 27 -28, 2007
Okay I know my stitcher friends that you have seen a lot of crocheting as of lately. But I have been going through my stash and pulling out those projects that need completing. This hat, I had made the diamond shapes but then put it away so last night I found it and decided to put them together and finish off the hat. Its an adult size but I had no other female around to model it for me. Maybe tonight I can get my DH to snap a picture of me in it.
Okay time to go see what I am going to work on next. :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Etsy shop Now Open!

Okay well after the holidays and all, I have some bills in need of paying and Ruby needs to go to the vet and get fixed so I am going through my stash and will be selling things I no longer have interest in doing. I'll be adding a little bit each day so please do keep checking. I put the link in my sidebar -------------------------->>>
I'm also thinking of crocheting some things too for those who don't know how or don't want to crochet. I take requests too. :)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Shell Stitched Flower Bag

Shell Stitched Flower Bag
Red Heart Yarn
Started: December 22, 2007 Completed: December 24, 2007


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Page 7 Complete and PIF Gift Received

Here is the great PIF gift I have received from Michele. I saw the tin and was instantly excited! You all know how much I love snowmen. She also included an adorable santa ornament (which is already on my tree) that she stitched up and had someone else do the finishing. And what a cute box of chocolates, a reindeer card, a pillow insert, and a beautiful skein of overdyed floss by Needle Necessities #152. I'm already thinking of what I can stitch to put into this cute little pillow this floss. Thanks Michele!!!

And here is my excitement! I completed page 7 last night! I still need to work on page2 which is whats left of the moon you see there. I did a little last night and I may continue it till I'm bored with the yellow again and then I am going to do page 6. so anyway this is 4 1/2 pages completed out of 20 pages but 2 are blank. I was wondering whne I started this so I looked up my first WIP photo and can you believe I started this Nov 01, 2006? I hadn't realized that I only got this little bit done in a year, which is motivation enough that I am going to work on this for awhile and see how much more I can get done before another project screams at me.
EDIT: I also completed my Round 4 F&S Exchange last Friday and have mailed it out today too so Vicki, its coming your way in the USA. :)

On the non stitching side Here is my xmas tree this year. Destiny and I did the decorating and the DH put fiber optic Santa up there. Please ignore my DH's workout bench to the left and the toolbox behind the tree or those hideous curtains either. Our house is a bit over crowded so deciding where to put the tree each year is a toughy. But we are currently working on cleaning out the basement so this stuff can go down there and I can have my space back. I think I have most of my xmas shopping completed and now it all needs wrapping up. I also have my tree up which my DH refused to help put up so Destiny and I did all by ourselves. I also put out a few of my xmas decorations around the house too but I don't feel much like celebrating this year. I did my grocery shopping on saturday and paid $10 for a small ham for xmas. I have never liked cooking turkey's so I do ham on xmas. Anyway today I went up to the store with a friend of mine since I needed to buy wrapping paper. Well we go into the commissary so she can get some groceries first and she tells me she is hosting xmas at her house this year. The Lindsey's had originally volunteered to host it but backed out last night. So she has $60 to buy 2 weeks of groceries for 2 adults and 3 kids plus xmas dinner for everyone. I'm like holy crap! But didn't ask how that ended up since their finances are not my business. Anyay so she went to the hams and we are noticing they are all expired! So I think holy crap I didn't even look at mine! well, once we got home I looked and sure enough its says Nov 21st! Now I am pissed! The commissary is getting horrible for expired foods. I can never buy ham from them and Destiny loves ham! The cherry tomatoes were moldy so that was out of the question. I hate this! During the summer I get Euros and go off base to the German farmers market to buy my fruits and veggies but its now winter and I am forced to stay at the commissary especially because the USD to Euro rate is outrageous! Why is it that this commissary has such low food standards?? I think I am going to start putting in some complaints or find out who I can speak to about this. Even most of their fruit is bad too. So here I am with a expired ham that i now have to return to the store and get refunded. I think I may just say forget it and pay the extra money to go out onto the economy to the German stores if it means I get fresh fruit and veggies.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chinese Goddess of Mercy

Okay this is how far I got last night before I decided I wanted to get Round 4 of the F&S Exchange done up and out of the way. So all day I have been working on my squares for Vicki. I am hoping to mail them off on Friday afternoon after the girls and I get our flu shots or nasal sprays I should say since the only shots now are for under 2 yrs old. Anyway, I have to go to the post office on Friday so I wanted to mail off the exchange too so I have no worries about forgotten deadlines through the holidays. Its not due to mail out until January 5th but I'll forget or I'll worry about forgetting so much that I'll hardly sleep. Yes, I know it sounds stupid to lose sleep over these things but I am one of those people that if I have something to do, I hardly sleep until its done. A Dr, once told me if I make a list of everything that needs doing, then I'll rest easier knowing its written down and so I won't forget it. Great idea! except I never do it or I forget to. Anyway I still want to complete this page by the weekend or over the weekend so I better get back to those squares so I can return to my Goddess of Mercy.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A little more progress on Page 7

Well here she is as of Sunday night. I worked on her a lot but I don't feel like I got a lot done. That little part of the moon felt like it took me forever. I am hoping to finish this page up this week. To her left is the little girl which is what I'll be doing next after this page.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chinese Goddess of Mercy WIP and Round 3 F&S Exchange


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Okay here she is so far as of last night. For those of you that have read my blog for awhile now, I knw you recognize her and I know I haven't worked on her in several months. I did all the outlining to page 7, I wanted you all to see how big one page is. There is still a partial moon that goes on the left side too. I know I need to get a rotation in so that maybe some progress happens in all those WIP's that you see on the right side of my blog. But I just can't seem to get myself into a rotation. As some of these WIP's including this one are on Aida cloth and I am starting to veer away from it. So what happens to those WIP's? I am going to try my hardest to finish them and if I can't then I will see if one of my sisters want them. Not this one though, its a BAP and so I am determined to complete it and turn it into a wallhanging. Though it could be another year or so before this is complete unless I work on it continously but you all know how I feel about filling in the moons on here, it boring and tedious so I think I will definitly save these for when I am watching a movie with my DH, then I won't be having the frog come for a visit.

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I finally recieved my round 3 squares for the Fair and square Exchange from Peg. She really likes samplers so she did this one up for me. She did it in this color to make it look like fall which I think it does. Its very nice Peg, thank you. I just got them in today and Peg had posted to them to the board not knowing if I had received them or not which kinda ruined the surprise but oh well it doesn't change how I feel about them.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Crocheted Barbie Dress

Crocheted Barbie Dress

Designed by Me

December 02, 2007

I made this dress for this barbie for Kiley for Christmas. I kind of designed this dress as I went along. But I wrote it down as I went in case it came out ok and I think so. Maybe I'll try my hand at designing another one. I really haven't done much else. With my DH gone in Graff all week on detail duty I have been a little extended. Kiley isn't sleeping at night and with continous excuses of aches and pains that are all in her head, she has been up and down every night all night. Anyways let me know what you think. :)


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