Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flowers blooming and not much else

These are some weird little pink flowers which bloom off a vine. They grow like weeds though.

These are called Seedums and even the darker green ones next to them are the same but different colored flowers. They seem to love the shade by the garage though so it may become a seedum flower bed as I have so many!

These are my first two Iris's and they are actually in a pot and seem to be doing great unlike the ones planted by the tree which Zeus seems to love playing in and running through so I am not sure those will make it.

Just some little pink and red flowers (ignore the dead one on the end)

This one I love! It was so small when she brought it to me and its just blossomed and those are all the babies on her and the ends will flower so as soon as they bloom i will show you them. 

Here is another view of the same plant. She gave me a bunch of babies too in another color but they arent growing as fast as this one. 

THIS weekend even though its fourth of july weekend I plan on getting most/all of these plants into the ground. We figure we can always move them later if we need to. I also need to go buy like 4 rose bushes too for the backyard and I would love a butterfly bush under my kitchen window as well! 

My mom arrives here Friday for a 4 day weekend visit too! I can't wait and I know she won't mind going to the nurseries with me either!

We went to the Renaissance Fair this past weekend as well but i'll post pics of that tomorrow. If you are on my Facebook list you can see them now as I posted them there days ago. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The girls won a free month of TKD so Monday was their first day and they LOVED it! 

You can see them here in the back of the group.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is anybody out there?

I had such a long day today and it all started out good till DH came home in one of his moods. So i did what I could and took off to check on the pups. Here's Zeus chilling in the outside chair. Please ignore the beer boxes. They were put out there to go into the trash but somehow the can ended up out front and these stayed out back. I'll go clean them up tomorrow.
Even Duke got bored waiting for me to put down my camera and play with him.
But then he gave me a smile err i guess you could call it one.
Yes Duke is standing in my planters and with all of my plants in cups and containers. Why you ask? Because my DH said he wants to make hills and stuff thru the planters so it looks "decorative" and really I couldn't give a rats butt. The dogs are eating on the cups and tipping over plants and I am losing my patience with him. So if he leaves next month on his training thing and they still aren't in the ground. I'm putting them in it without the "decorative hills" 

So anyway enough of my rant. I came inside and fed my kids a bowl of Potato soup for dinner and found Zeus looking depressed as I feel.
And i have no idea why Destiny's apron is upon my floor. I told her to put it away.....

OH! Did i mention DH got pissed enough that he broke yet another laptop tonight??? Now miss Destiny must lose her desktop to him so he can have a computer. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Some Cross Stitching and a finish!

Recognize this? Its my Chinese Goddess piece. After I finished crocheting the baby blanket for Baby Girl Martin I was in the mood to stitch on it. I did some more of the light pink around her head. Not too much done but its progress and it was so nice to stitch on something. My big round hoop stand was destroyed in the move so I'm on the hunt for a new stand.

Here is the baby blanket I finished for Baby Girl Martin. It is the size of a crib bed. Plus its not the normal rectangular ones. I wanted something different for her. Besides we found out she is going to be a special needs child. She has Cystic Fibrosis ( 1 out of 3,000 get it). We won't know the severity of it until she is born this September.  I am hoping its a very light case instead of a worse one as I know that my sister is very sensitive and won't be too emotionally stable if its a severe case. Anyways pls keep her and the baby in your prayers. 


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