Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stitching and life in general

I heard from Sharon today that she has received the Fair and Square Halloween squares I sent her. She said its her daughters birthday this month so she will be turning them into an ornament for her. This was a krienik freebie if anyone is interested. I did change the ghost colors so its glow in the dark thread so he will glow for her daughter at night! :)

I have completed most of my MA exchange, i want to add something to the envelope flap and am also not sure how i can close it up. Until I send it and its received I can't show it to you. It's taken me longer than expected as Batista ate the first one i had going! Sneaky little guy. I can definitly say that it has given me new experiences and challenges but I am happy with it!

I am currently working on my Fair and square Autumn exchange so I am afraid i still have nothing to show you all. But after this is finished i can then actually do some stuff for about a week or so until Round 16 starts. And that will be the end of my Fair and square exchanges for the year. Not because that's all of them but because I have a huge move coming up! We are finally moving back overseas and to the USA in December and I have 4 years worth of household things to go through and discard excess junk. DH won't be returning now until Nov 4th, basically 5 weeks before we move leaving me to do a whole bunch of prep things that have to be done before he comes home.

I have had to force myself to slow down too, turns out i made myself sick by being too busy! LOL so you know what that means? My kids have 4 days off this weekend and other than i have to run to the store for a few hours on Saturday I plan to sit and stitch!

In the meantime I found a few completed cross stitch pieces on ebay that caught my eye and I just had to buy so I did! two of these pieces will be given away as gifts and the other one I plan to frame and hang up.

2 comments on "Stitching and life in general"

CindyMae on Thursday, October 08, 2009 11:51:00 PM said...

Love the square!!! It is just too cute!!! What great finds on Ebay too!!

stitcherw on Sunday, October 11, 2009 6:01:00 PM said...

What a fun square, the little ghost is so cute. Good luck in organizing everything for your upcoming move, sounds like you're going to be quite busy. How does bringing a dog back to the states work, do you have to get special shots or things for Batista?


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