Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Pictures!

Well here are my cuties in there costumes this year. Destiny definitely got into character with her Cinderella princess. I was definitely ready to de thrown the little princess by the time we arrived home from trick or treating. We started our day by running some errands which meant walking all over post so I grabbed the girls some BK on the way home for lunch. Then we had to clean the house which Destiny wined that we wouldn't have enough time! But we still had 3 hours before trick or treating began which meant 2 hours for cleaning, dinner and making sure sugar levels were good enough for Destiny to go out walking for trick or treating. DH had staff duty which is a 24 hour shift so he couldn't go with us again this year. Our evening was interesting enough. In fact we had a fun conversation on the way to our friends house before trick or treating.
On the way out the door:

Me: Destiny take your coat its going to get cold

Destiny: But I am hot, I don't want it

Me: take it anyway I don't want you getting sick

Destiny: rolls her eyes and grabs her coat

We cross the street

Destiny: mom can you carry my coat?

Me: no you can put it on

Destiny: No, Cinderella doesn't wear a coat

Me: No but Cinderella doesn't go trick or treating either

Destiny: Well Cinderella has servants to carry all her stuff

Me: Destiny, we are not your servants so carry your own coat

Destiny: Well if I were rich I would have my own servants

Me: That gives you something to shoot for then doesn't it?

The rest of the evening went on like this with her telling us what Cinderella does and doesn't do and with a snobbish attitude. I was on my last nerve by the time we arrived home. Poor Kiley was exhausted too. She was complaining her legs hurt so she fell asleep quickly when we got home. They loved carving there pumpkins too. Kiley picked out the window with the kitty, spider and pumpkin which I traced out onto the pumpkin and daddy carved out. The girls both cleaned out the inside guts too. Destiny wanted to do a twilight them so we made up a vampire about to bite a girls neck. she loved it! We made cinnamon and sugar seeds too which turned out pretty good. :) I am so glad Halloween is over, this one was the most tiring yet.

I did start crocheting a baby doll for Kiley but ran out of yarn for her arms so i ordered some on payday and will finish it up when it arrives. I didn't take any pics though. I also pulled out some yarn to crochet me a top but am not sure I like it too much and may scrap the project all together. DH bought me some drawers and shelves for my stitching and crocheting supplies and made sure I had plenty of extra room for when I buy more! I am so happy! Though I am not sure what to work on next as I need to finish up some gifts to get sent out next payday so they arrive by xmas at their destinations which means I won't have too much to show you all.

I'm sorry I am not commenting on all your blogs. I am reading them but as my life is a bit busy right now I don't have too much time on the computer each day. Thank you for all your comments though, I really do appreciate them so very much!

As for everyone who loves my Mr and Mrs snowman. I bought the kit here

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