Monday, November 23, 2009

TUSAL and a Christmas Elf fairy

Okay I know I am very late showing my TUSAL but both kids were ill all the way thru Sunday and even Kiley wasn't feeling well so she stayed home today too but both kids are so much better and will finish off the remaining two days of school this week. Anyway what did I add to this container this month? Different colors from my FS exchange which I can't show yet but I also added more fibers from my Christmas elf as well. I am actually working on her wings as we speak or type? Anyway I am hating working on her wings and was highly tempted to leave them out. But alas she shall have them so she may continue to match my other fairies. And I normally don't mind beading but this one seems to have a ton of them oh well one bead at a time right? Besides the finish product will be beautiful!

DH signed the 4 of us up for a marriage retreat at Edelweiss Lodge. It's a free trip and we always wanted to go there so now is our last chance. We have to go to a few group meetings with our Chaplin but I am actually looking forward to what he has to say. They have free child care as well during these meetings and all kinds of things to do when we are not meeting with the Chaplin. We leave this Sunday and return Tuesday December 1st. 1st SGT is approving the leave of the soldiers to miss work Monday and Tuesday but the kids don't have those days off from school so I will have to let the school know they will be missing more school. And then on the 2nd and 3rd housing comes and collects all our things to ship to Colorado. woohoo! But this means I must have everything we are taking on the plane packed up this Saturday as I don't think I will have the energy when we return. How was everyone else's weekend?

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GoldenAngelsWorks on Monday, November 23, 2009 10:41:00 AM said...

Fairy is sooooo pretty!


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