Friday, November 20, 2009

Hmm wonder what my days have been filled with? Let's see I ran around doing last minute things and contacting people about this weekends double birthday party for the kids, Go Wednesday grab the kids, mention to the school nurse that destiny seems lethargic as she laid down on the nurses bed while we chatted. So she has no temp and claims she is fine so off we go home. She fell asleep on the love seat for several hours before getting up to nibble on some dinner. I looked at Mike concerned but again no fever or complaints though she has come home from school all worn out since she began pre school. Sure enough Thursday morning she is in a ball complaining of stomach pain and she has a 101 degree fever so we had a Dr appt anyway with her German Dr and after dosing her with pepto for her tummy and Tylenol for her fever she fell asleep. We had our Dr appt at 1130 and asked him to look at her in which he stated she has a virus which will work itself out. Mike (DH) on the other hand decided she needs medicine for this virus! I just gave him my if looks could kill look as the Dr explained to him yet again how virus do not need antibiotics and will work itself out, if she vomits or her fever spikes to 103 then bring her back in or to the klinikum. We say or P's and Q's and left out the door, came home fed and medicated her as her first dose had worn off by 1300 (1pm) she rested and I spent the day telling Kiley to leave her sister alone, she is sick, stop pestering her, no don't poke her either! Yes thank you Mike for the wonderful suggestion of lets keep both kids home! So today both kids continue with the fevers and to add to it Kiley had a new cereal last night and woke with a red rash from head to toe, her face was puffy and looked like a tomato! I had no benadryl left in our cabinet and was severely low on Tylenol and no ibuprofen so i sent Mike to the clinic for all 3! Poor thing stayed rashy all day today till he arrived home tonight and after a nap she is looking so much better! Though the party has been canceled so my entire day was spent on the phone relating the news to all our parents guests. Mike told the girls he would still get them their cake though. Of course we have to, its special ordered with Disney princesses and Tinkerbell and half pink and half green and reads Happy Birthday Kiley and Destiny! LOL I'll show you guys, this was a huge argument on the kids part but the bakery lady was laughing with us about it. Awww good times.

Well  my stitching mojo has been missing too so if anyone has seen it please send it back to me. Its been missing all week and I can't find it anywhere. It must have runaway with my sanity too.

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