Saturday, September 30, 2006

Alright, I feel good today. Yesterday I got my small pincushion mailed out to Dawn so once she emails me saying she has received it then I will publish the post I had written about it when I was working on it, their all saved as drafts right now. I also mailed out a post card yesterday to a little boy in Flagstaff, AZ. I found out the family through the EMS board, his mom posted that she was teaching him about geography and so she asked if people would be willing to send a postcard to him about their area of the world. I found one with about 6 different places on it and the names of the places so thats the one I sent him. It made me think I should get a few for the family in Wyoming so they can see where their daughter/sister/aunt has been living. This is also the last weekend for Oktoberfest too. I didn't get here in time last yar to attend it and this year it would cost us over 100 Euros in gas just to get there so again I will hav to miss out on it. Perhaps next yearI can go....

The hubby arrived home yesterday evening and enjoyed his home cooked feast tremendously! LOL. And our one year old, Kiley, had attached herself to her daddy after dinner. She curled up in his lap with a blanket and stayed there until he had to eventually carry her to bed where she slept peacefully for the first time since he left. He hurt his back and his ankle while gone but refuses to go see a doctor about either one. He is so stubborn, anyone elses husbands this way too?

Okay stitch talk now....
Haunted house is still a work in progress, you can imagine not much got done last night, maybe about 10 stitches.....Sorry I have no updated pictures yet, and I have a lot to do this weekend too so I am not sure how much I will really get done on it, which irritates me cause I am eager to finish it.
The cross stitch halloween freebie is not started yet either but I plan to use the skein of glow in the dark floss I received months ago on the ghost and possibly the white parts of the border. I had forgotten that I had it and then when I was going through all my floss the other day there is was! I was thrilled to pieces! LOL
I also got in some size 10 crochet yarn to make this dress for a barbie that I plan to give my daughter for christmas. It only took an entire month to come in! But it was a fabulous deal so I am ok with waiting for it to get here, besides they sent it SAM so thats why it took so long.

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