Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Lady Of Snow

Alrighty, here is my progress from yesterday and today. I took a picture of the entire fabric to give you all an idea of the portion size that I have actually completed.
Not much went on today though i did remove the bandages from my leg to find the top of my foot was swollen and there was a huge hard lump in the middle of my inscision. DH thinks its liquid built of from my bandages being too tight. So I propped up my foot and put ice on the lump and most of it is gone except this small hard lump. Hopefully with me now leaving this bandage off, it will shrink down. I'm kind of freaked out though and am thinking of going into the clinic tomorrow and see if a Dr can take a look at it.
Cocoa my newly adopted bunny is depressed. He is not eating. Only about 1/4 of his bowl is empty and I found out from his previous owners he should be eating more. They also said he was depressed for about a week when they got him so I got him Sunday so maybe by this weekend he will feel better. I have been feeding him lettuce each day to help put food in his tummy and he is eating that at least. Tomorrow I go buy his food and I'll pick up some bunny vitamins for him too. I have found he truly hates my wood floors, to the point he climbed onto my bottom shelf of my book shelf and just sat there, so i put him on my livingroom carpet for him to hop around so DH and I are trying to figure out a place to keep his cage where we can leave it open during the day so he can come in and out as he pleases. In case some of you are wondering, no he doesn't leave poop pellets around my house, he is litter box trained. :)

Dani - The pattern I used is from Nostalgic Needle called Tudor Rose Ornament. I got it out of the book 'Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornaments 10th Anniversary Collection page 80. Her roiginal colors were pink instead of the purple but I changed them to go with my partners likings. In case you want to know I used DMC 554 instead of 224 and 553 instead of 3722. :)

4 comments on "My Lady Of Snow"

Irishenchantment on Thursday, March 06, 2008 1:34:00 AM said...

hey still looking good its going to be some size! really pretty though :)

Lillie on Thursday, March 06, 2008 1:43:00 AM said...

I wished you a speedy recovery. That's is real cute bunny.

tkdchick on Thursday, March 06, 2008 9:27:00 PM said...

Thanks for the ornie info... I probably have that soemwhere then since I have all the magazines!

Anonymous said...

Hi there you shouldnt give rabbits lettuce it upset their tummys!!!


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