Monday, March 10, 2008

EMS 2008 Rose Sampler

Well, today I measured, counted and cut out my fabric for the Sampler, I chose to use DMC 333 as my main colour and I am using 18 count Oatmeal Fiddlers Cloth. I like the way its looking but hate that I didn't get in a lot of stitching time today, I felt so burned out today all I wanted was to sleep all day long. So I am thinking of stitching this piece until I am caught up to everyone else or at least until I complete parts 1 and 2 and then I can work on Part 3 on Mondays. I kind of want to finish this sampler on time this year so next year I am not having a repeat of having to finish up last years sampler i.e. TOL sampler. I took a picture of the entire thing just so you can see the size of the piece though there is a 3 inch border all around.
I want to thank you for all your concerns about Cocoa, he is doing better and is even relaxing in front of our electric fireplace in the evenings when the kids are in bed. He always runs when Kiley gets near him but is getting curious about Destiny. He also decided to try eating the jeans I was wearing today, lol. I had to laugh as I chased him off my jeans. He is also a paper eater too as I discovered him chewing on some that the kids had left on the carpet so I picked that up too. He's so funny at times.
Did you all remember to turn your clocks forward one hour on saturday evening? I didn't, but I found out that Germany will change times on March 30th. I hate losing that hour each year, it really throws off my sleep schedule, not that I have one this month with DH working 12 hour night shifts all month, but still.

2 comments on "EMS 2008 Rose Sampler"

Dawn B. on Monday, March 10, 2008 5:11:00 PM said...

Great start...Thank you for the B-day card & no I let the computer tell me it was time change..LOL

tkdchick on Monday, March 10, 2008 5:27:00 PM said...

Hedi your start is looking lovely!


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