Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 4th, bunnies, and a car.

Okay I just realized I hadn't shared our July 4th holiday with you. So here are some pics. We waited an hour in line to get the girls faces painted which they love having done. and then DH spent $20 USD on krispy kreme donuts. The nearest one to us is in France so they had them shipped to us. I told him why he was doing that when we could make them at home for a lot less? His answer? They won't taste the same. Yea. whatever. So then DH was hungry and with everything closed except the shoppette and neither of wanting to run home and cook a meal we get in the only food line there was. That was another hour wait just to find out they were out of cheeseburgers, hamburgers and hotdog buns. So we paid for 5 hotdogs with a slice of bread for each, 2 bags of chips, and 4 sodas. Now their was only 4 of us and when the girls saw the hotdogs they refused to eat them and only ate their chips and shared the soda dad bought them. My Dh ate 4 hotdogs and drank 2 sodas while I ate 1 hotdog and drank 1 soda. By then it was nearly 8 pm with fireworks not going off till 1030 So we took the girls thru a couple of jumping balloons and with all the screaming kids and the hot sun I was ready to leave. So we went to a friends house where the kids could play with their kids and they had a BBQ so DH ate yet again! I grabbed a beer and caught up with some friends. It was nice. really. I didn't relaize I was drinking dominican coronas which if you have ever had will mess you up pretty quickly so once the light headed drunk feeling started I stopped drinking. So we hung out and the kids watched the fireworks which my youngest Kiley exclaimed "Look mommy popping light bulbs!" LMAO that was just too cute! But we stayed till 230 am when i pestered my DH to lets go home as I was tired too and Kiley could hardly stand. We had walked to our frineds so Dh and I could both drink so we walked the 15 min home with DH carrying Kiley and Destiny crying because she didn't want to leave her bff. But we got home and the kids into bed and ourselves into bed by 3 am. When I woke up I had this killer headache, now I wasn't dizzy or anything by the time we went home, I had felt fine. But I couldn't sleep all night tossing and turning and could only figure that i slept on my pillow wrong. But i went grocery shopping and pet shopping too on the 5th with sunglasses on the whole time of course.

Now the pet shopping came up like this. It was the morning of the 5th and we were giving Cocoa his bunny vitamins. But Kiley threw a fit about destiny having any interaction with him as it was HER bunny. So daddy told Destiny he would buy her own bunny for her so we had to go shopping. we needed a bigger cage so we go to this new store where we were told has animal cages for cheap and they truly do but it was more of a hardware store so DH wanted to look at the lights and fans. ugh! So then we are driving down the street and I see the pet store I had gone too with one of my neighbors but didn't remember afterwards how to get there so we go in.They have treats and food and litter and fish out the wazoo! So we find an awesome deal on bunny litter too. We had found a cage at the first store along with a house for cocoa. So then we drive to a garden center that sells pets and she finds these little black and white spotted bunnies so cute! But then DH tells her on payday we would get her one. Okay so now after he shows her all this, he then tells her you a 6 year old must wait 10 days for your bunny and hope he is still there?? Ugh! I am ready to kill him by then especiallysince my migraine has worsened even with 4 excedrin gone through me by then and my daughter starts to cry and get upset becuase 10 days to her is an eternity. The woman in the pet store tells me that because we have a 6 or he could be 7 year old bunny at home it would be best to buy a female and fix the male. Um I don't think so as females stink when flo comes visiting and I refuse to go thru 8 to 12 years of that as it is so I explain toher that when i was a child my sisters and I owned rabbits i.e. 3 males all in one cage and they got along fine so there will be no fixing of bunnies. So she suggested that we start them out in 2 cages next to each other for 2 weeks and then let them out in the livingroom together to see how they react to each other which is fine to me since we will have 2 cages by then anyways. I plan to move cocoa to the bigger cage and put the baby in cocoas current cage hoping that he will adjust to cocoas scent easier and thus we can eventually put them in the same cage. I have to point out though that cocoa is extremely tame so I am not worried.

Now my DH when we arrived in germany said he wanted a BMW, he just HAD to have one. So we find a cute little blue one with next to no issues for 1400 Euro which at that time came out to about $2200 USD so not bad at all. Now here it is 2 years later and he knows we are going back to the states soon and there is a lot to do to the BMW to make it American specs so we can take it back. Basically we would have paid nearly $3000 to $4000 USD to make this happen and I'm sorry but my money tree just isn't producing this year. So DH spends a month hunting down and looking at American cars from soldiers PCSing and not wanting to pay to have their car taken back. Now the military will pay for car #1 but after that, you pay to ship all others back. So this week he lucked out. He found a 1998 Mitsubishi in Aqua 2 hours away from here. The guy wants $3500 USD and we are selling our BMW for $3000 USD so DH talks the guy down to the $3000 USD since he is leaving this week and needs to be rid of the car. All in all we now have sold the BMW and have the Mitsubishi which is now the envy of the neighborhood I am hearing. To me it is just a car but w/e. It has bucket seats in it too which DH loves. I just told him he best hope I never get pregnant while we have this car. I went through bucket seats when I was pregany with Destiny nearly 7 years ago and by the time I was 6 months along, I needed someone to come around to the passenger side and help pull me out.

Anyway i know I have talked your ears off and congrats to you if you have read this far. :0) I have one more FS exchange to stitch and then I am back to sticthing on things I can show you all. Thank you for being so patient thru all my drama here. I did read thru some blogs tonight and comment where I could so if I haven't commented on your blog yet, I will soon. I made it about halfway today so hopefully tomorrow I will be caught up.

6 comments on "July 4th, bunnies, and a car."

Lucy on Friday, July 11, 2008 2:24:00 PM said...

Whew...that was alot to take in!!!
Alot going on in your life that's for sure!

Sharon on Saturday, July 12, 2008 3:35:00 AM said...

Goodness,you had a busy fourth! The car sounds like a great deal.

Bliss on Saturday, July 12, 2008 3:53:00 AM said...

It's good to read your news. Keep it coming. It only seems long winded to you cos it took you time to write. To the reader, it's just a few minutes long ... and a lot of fun

Dawn B. on Saturday, July 12, 2008 4:26:00 AM said...

Well all and all it sounds like you all had an eventful 4th weekend. The Girls look happy in the bonch houses.

stitcherw on Saturday, July 12, 2008 6:32:00 PM said...

Sounds like your 4th certainly was eventful and looks like they had a great time. Good luck resolving issues with the bunnies, and glad you were able to work the car situation out. The squares you did for Sandra looked great too, so bright and cheerful.

Lillie on Monday, July 14, 2008 8:59:00 PM said...

Looks like you had a wonderful family day and good to know that Destiny is herself again.


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