Sunday, July 27, 2008

EMS Rose Sampler Part 6 WIP

Well amongst my issues with the ISP once again, I have been working on Part 6 of the EMS Rose Sampler. I just need to finish up the rose and part 6 will be completed. And then I can work on part 7. I know this is all you guys have seen in awhile but I am really in the mood to just stitch on this piece right now so I figure I might as well run with it since I am behind anyways. Sorry about no pics but its not wanting to load up so I guess I will try next time. But my ISP keeps going ina nd out so I better publish while I have it.

Destiny also finished stitching a little butterfly she had been working on which I'll show a picture of next time. She has picked a PINN chart to stitch. Its a little Chinese boy holding a fish. I had kitted it up earlier in the year meaning to sticth it for my lil sister as a birthday gift but Destiny wants to try a big piece and so I figured, why not? I'll let you all know how she does. I may have to get her own blog for her soon. :)

1 comments on "EMS Rose Sampler Part 6 WIP"

stitcherw on Monday, July 28, 2008 6:15:00 PM said...

Your Rose Sampler is looking so pretty. As long as it holds its appeal over other projects I'd say stick with it, it will be a gorgeous finish. Congrats on Destiny doing so well on her stitching, you'll need to post a picture for us so we can admire it.


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