Monday, April 21, 2008

Peacock stitching Chair #2, EMS Rose Sampler, and Exchanges

Okay so you know how I told you I had the itch to start something new? well the Peacock stitching chair won out. In one day i completed the scissor fob, chair sides, the front drawer, and part of the arms. I also am showing you the progress on my EMS Rose Sampler. Its really bothering me that I am behind on this so I have been working on it today to try and get it caught up especially since I am still on part 3 and part 5 is to be released in a week. So yes, I am trying my best to get caught up before I get too far behind. But soon I have to quit becuase my Mothers day towel exchange is due to mail out May 1st and I haven't even started on it yet but no worries! I will complete it in time. :)

I just heard today that my partner has received my Monchromatic biscournu exchange on the floss moms board. Rachel I am so glad you liked it and all the goodies inside. :) I chose Green as my theme and used many colors of greens to stitch her 5 inch biscournu and even used a mint green fabric to stitch it on. I used a green flower button for the center of the biscournu. If any of you remember it is the same buttons I used on both DD's sweaters, I just changed out the center so both center and outside would be green. Here is what I sent to her:
The front and back of the biscournu before stitching together.

On a bad side, I have not stitched Thursday through Sunday because I have been a bit down. My DH is getting ready for his first deployment at the end of the summer to the worst place of all and its not Iraq. They may stick him with another unit and that would move us from bamberg to K town, which i am dreading. I have finally settled here and things are going good with the school and Destiny's diabetes German Dr and I don't know what they have set up in K town not to mention its huge there and the base is divided up into four bases and I don't drive here, the orads are too small and make me nervous so I never bothered to try and get my liscence here. DH's SGT is trying to make it a temporary thing that he goes with this unit so we can stay in Bamberg which I am asking everyone pray that it happens and of course for DH's safe return. I just heard today from my upstairs neighbor that her DH who is also an 88M like my DH was injured today while driving a convoy, it was just his leg but still it makes me worry more. Her little girl who is Destiny's age is sitting on their balcony while her mommy is on the phone looking as depressed as can be. I just wanted to go up there and hug her.

DH has food poisioning today too. Turns out I had some expired eggs in my refrigerator and he ate them. I don't really cook eggs so when I do I check the expiration date on te package but he didn't and he ate a few yesterday. Now he is vomiting and can't keep anything down and has been in bed since they let him come hoem finally at 1500. I feel for him, I hate that this has to just run its course and there's nothing I can do to make him feel better. So this is my life lately, hopefully things will get better soon but as I am not working this week it just leaves more time to worry and stress and when I am like that it is hard for me to sit down and stitch.

3 comments on "Peacock stitching Chair #2, EMS Rose Sampler, and Exchanges"

Cheryl on Monday, April 21, 2008 9:46:00 AM said...

Sounds like you are having a stressful time {{hugs}} i hope everything works out how you want it to.
Dont worry about being behind on the Rose Sampler...i only just finished part 1 LOL Isnt it an enjoyable stitch? Love your colours!

tkdchick on Monday, April 21, 2008 5:21:00 PM said...

Sorry to hear you've got some hard times ahead of you!!!!

Lillie on Monday, April 21, 2008 10:25:00 PM said...

Lovely exchange and don't worry about the RS, You've got me, I'm behind too :)

Ups and downs in life is something that can't be avoided. Just make do of the best you can, one step at a time maybe? Take care!



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