Wednesday, September 02, 2009

FS Rnd 15 and some pics!

So I completed my Fair and Square Round 15 squares and mailed them out yesterday so as soon as she lets me know she has received them then I'll share them with you guys. It was another fun freebie design.
In the meantime. Destiny learned to ride her two wheeler! She is now training wheel less! She and I are both so happy! We were charging her scooter nightly before so she could have power the next day and she always eventually whined that even us on slow peddling were going too fast for her. Thankfully she had enough motivation to try her bike again. She was screaming with joy so loud our whole building heard her lol
And above is Kiley on her bike as well. You know if you take a picture of one child the other needs her picture taken too. :)

And here are my girls on Destiny's first day of school. I found out yesterday that Kiley was approved for Sure Start (pre-K) and will attend from 0900 to 1435 so I can pick up both girls at the same time. I will finally be childless for about 5 1/2 hrs 5 days a week! I do plan to go to the gym each day after dropping Kiley off. And we finally found Jenga in our PX! Do any of you remember this game as kids? I do, I loved playing with my dad as he always made the thing wobbly making it a bigger challenge to get a piece and not knock it over. Although the container says ages 6 and up, I thought this was a good game for the girls and I to play together. They both caught on really quickly and fell in love with the game too. I'm so glad we have another thing we can enjoy together. I hope we can get DH to play with us when he returns.

1 comments on "FS Rnd 15 and some pics!"

Lillie on Thursday, September 03, 2009 1:15:00 AM said...

Congratulations to Destiny! Lovely photos of her.

Congrads to you too on your weight loss programme, good progress.


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