Monday, March 26, 2007

Miribilia Easter Fairy Update

Here she is as of last night. This is the first time I have gotten to work with Krienik Metallic threads and let me just say I hate it. Its pretty but it sucks, its so rough and irritating to work with so I think that part of her wings is going to go a bit slower than usual, but I still plan to have her completed before Easter on April 8th. You can also see in this picture the beads I have been able to put in. The ones outside of her will be last seeing as this is the largest hoop I own not counting my floor stand and I don't own any Q-snaps yet, though after this project I am thinking I seriously need to get some. This week I have to get a birthday gift finished up and mailed out by Friday plus I still have to mail out a very late bday gift to a dear friend of mine.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Postcard Exchange and Update

Okay, Thank you to everyone who responded to the post card exchange idea. Do you all want to send to each other as well? I will send to everyone who sends me one, so let me know, ok? Also can you all email me your snail mail addy's? My email is on my profile here.

I'm sorry I haven't been around in awhile. My camera card was stolen by little ones here and I have yet to find it and it had my update picture on it. So I took the one from my DH's old ipod so I could retake a picture for you all. I have also been sick. My lungs contracted Sunday evening and I could barely breath. I know its from holding Otis after his bath. So i thought if I showered and got some rest then by morning I would be okay. Turns out it was worse Monday morning and since it was a four day i couldn't go to the clinic and I wasn't about to go to the hospital here either, I have no trust for them as all my fellow readers know. Anyway I had to cough to exhale sadly and so I spent the day on the couch wheezing and wondering if I was going to pass out or not. I didn't but did make it through Monday night waking up with a little relief. DH and I went to the clinic Tuesday after dropping Destiny off at Sure Start. They were going to wait and give me an appt at 1405 but my DH wouldn't accept that and we went to the triage nurses who thought it was only allergies and thought the pharmacist could give me something for it and thus sent me away. Even though I told them both that I know whats wrong with me and I need an allergy inhaler which is in no way over the counter stuff. So here I am going lets take the appt, I need to see the Dr. Well, Ms Latif (a nurse under Destiny's main diabetes Dr for the clinic) came out to find me since Destiny's school nurse called. Destiny's sugar levels were elevated and again she couldn't simply follow Dr's orders, she had to have me tell her what they were though she has the paper in front of her. Anyway back to me, Ms Latif found Dr Stein and he heard me wheezing and ordered the head nurse to fit me in to see the Dr ASAP. Finally hours later I was given the prescription for my inhaler and ordered to go back on Thursday for anibiotics since my tonsils are also inflamed. She wanted to give them to me yesterday but I am allergic to Amoxicillan and then the one she wanted to give me I hadn't heard of so she was like ok one problem at a time. My blood pressure was also 146 over 103 and that was with my Atenonal in me. They also did my oxygen saturation and a normal person is 99 to 100% and an emergancy case is 95% and lower, I was at 96% I couldn't even lay down, she said I had fluid in my lungs too. Scary stuff. Anyway the inhaler worked and I can breath at last!

Stitching Update
Here is my current update on my Miribilia Fairy:

I found a smaller needle (not a beading needle) and was able to attach all the beads on her dress.

I also received a package over the weekend which was very sweet but I am confused as I don't think its an exchange gift. Its from an S. Montgomery in Kirkcaldy. So if this is you or anyone knows who she is please let me know so I can properly thank her. There was no note in the envelope either. Here are pictures of what I received:

And a close up of the biscornu scoissor fob:

Everything really is quite lovely. :o)

EDIT: Carol, Thanks for letting me know, I was thrilled and confused to receive her gift. Now I can go thank her properly for her wonderful gift. :o) And yes I am still game on the SAL, tried to go comment on your blog but my ISP kept crashing. Please let me know when you two finish Paradigm. :o)

Thank you all for the lovely comments, I am feeling better and am able to breath normally.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Post Card Exchange idea

Okay so I have an idea. I am part of I have fun doing it and getting postcards from all over the place. So here's my thought, anyone want to do a postcard exchange with me? You can buy and send one or you can make it, the choice is yours. Comment here if you want to join me. :o)

PIF #2

Okay so I had many requests to sign up for my PIF that I have decided to do a second round. Now anyone who signs up for this understand that you will get this in the next six months or sooner, ok? All previous rules apply to this one too. So I have three people already and will take in 2 more. Comment here if you want to join up. :o)

EDIT: Further explanation:
It's simple as this: The first five people to respond to this post (via the comments section) will get some form of "art" made by me. Please post that you want in on this and then email me at Poohcorner1114 @ yahoo dot com with your name and snail mail. Also please put in the subject line Pay it forward so I don't think its spam and delete it. Think of it as something to look forward to getting in the mail. It will be original, made by me, but it may not be immediate, as I haven't made them yet. I am not sure what it will be.There is a catch, of course, the way this works is that if you sign up, you have to blog this as well and continue sharing.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Easter Fairy

This one seems to be flying by so here's my update as of tonight:

I also found out today that two of my friends are pregnant and one is having twins! So now its time for me to start working on their gifts too. :o)

EDIT: Someone pls help me. I wanted to add some of the beads to this to help fill in some of the areas as I go, but once the bads slide down the needle to the floss they stop and won't get over the eye of the needle with the floss, I don't own a smaller needle and I am using the one that came with the kit. How did you get yours to slide on? Do I need to wet th floss? I am using one strand.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Miribilia Easter Fairy

Thank you everyone who commented on my DH and Otis. I appreciate it. I didn't post his photo for more comments. I'm proud of him that's why its posted.

On another great note: My new tower came in on Monday and the DH connected it right away, we got the new Windows called Windows Vista. I really like it much better than the Windows XP Home Edition we had on the old tower.

On the stitchy front: I knw I said I planned to do the chair first but I have to wait until the 15th to order the floss and fabric so by the end of March I should be able to start it. So instead Monday night I started Miribilia's Easter fairy. I couldn't help it, she was calling to me to stitch her so I caved can you blame me?

And here's my first WIP picture. Its going so fast and I am really enjoying stitching this one. :o)

Sorry for the bad picture, the lighting is not so great in here, perhaps this afternoon I can go out onto the balcony and snap a better photo.

Stitchy question: For anyone that has added beads onto their xs projects, how do you determine what color to use to add them on? I am not sure what floss color I am suppose to add these beads. They look clear with silver.

Also the paper that came with it said there were 6 limited edition fairies, what are all they? I only can think of Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and perhaps New Years? Though I think New Years might be #7.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stitchy stuff, Otis, DH

Okay first I got a new kitty! His name is Otis, yes he had a brother named Milo too. But Milo was adopted by a neighbor. So we drove 2 hours to a little town outside of Stuttgart, and collected him and a few toys and home we went, you would think 2 hours back right? Wrong! There was a road block from all the rain some deisel on the autoban smacked someone so we diverted to back roads which takes us normally 3 hours home well, 20 minutes from home another road block! We couldn't see what it was but there were tons of ambulances and police so we diverted again finally making it home. It took us 4 hours to get home. My wonderful DH drove all this after getting off of a 24 hour shift and only getting to sleep about 2 hours before we left to go get Otis. I was feeding him candy and caffiene the whole time and we had on some upbeat music. I fed my DH not Otis. Anyway here's a pic of him when we got home:

He looks exactly like my moms cat Jewel except she's fat and overweight.

And heres what I managed to get xs'd while I waited to leave but then got a migraine so I couldn't stitch while we drove there, it was gone when we left from getting Otis but then he sat in my lap the whole way home so still no stitching! But I'll complete this today. Its the second part of the TOL sampler:

And lastly, my DH got new pics done so I had to show him off:

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy Beer Day!



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