Thursday, September 09, 2010

My House *pic heavy*

Well since my dad wanted pics and a few others of you have been asking to see pics of my "new to me" house, here they are. Please ignore the mess. LOL
My Kitchen, small but I love it! I plan to do a coffee house theme full of reds and browns. I'll have to show you the picture my mom bought me which was my inspiration for what I want to do in here.

My diningroom, just as small as my kitchen. In fact you can kinda see the picture I was talking about in this picture hanging up on the wall.

Destiny being cute before school this morning
My entryway. You can see my couch in the bottom right.
My livingroom plus Kiley holding Manzo

These two pics are of my craft room. I know its pretty plain right now but until we have more income I can't do much with it. In the cabinet is all my yarn and then i have two more on the other side filled with all my other crafty things including my sewing machine.

These are of my husbands office. He keeps all his military clothes here and all the big things are in trunks in the garage. They give him enough stuff to fill a good size room. Crazy considering he only uses half of it and the other half is used once in a great while.

Here is my small laundry room. Just big enough to fit my washer and dryer. I'll get some decor put here later on as well.

Here is Kiley's room. DH will hang up her posters and stuff for her when he returns from the field.
Right next door is her sister Destiny's room. She loves princesses and Twilight and yes you see the wall at the end of her bed? There is an Edward and Bella poster hanging right there! She told her dad to put it there so its the last thing she sees before she falls asleep. LOL
My hallway as you come down the stairs and also where we keep kitty food and water and there little play houses, though the bigger one broke cause Manzo is so big. These apparently aren't meant to hold Maine Coon's. Yes that's Manzo in the pic. He was suddenly hungry when I was taking pics. :-)
And finally my room though I'm not showing the part of the room with my viewable closet, TV, and the mess on the floor where the kids and I veg out in the evenings. Its messy LOL.

And that's all folks! If you made it this far congrats! 

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