Monday, January 28, 2008

Stitching, Crocheting, and life

Here is the blanket I have been working on. Its a little over 1/4 completed. So maybe by winter 2008 it will be finished?And here is the set of Fingerless Mittens I made in this super soft pink yarn Dawn had sent to me but it had no wrapper on it so I don't know what kind of yarn it was.
And here is the little bit of stitching I was able to do. Her hair is complete and I am now working on her dress. The empty squares you see currently through her dress is a DMC color I don't have and when I purchased the floss for this chart using the color list on the back, this color wasn't there so it had a misprint which I now have to order.

And in my life:

I apologize for being gone so long. My DH and I had decided on a divorce and then with me being upset and all we were pulled into his 1st SGT's office and I found out my DH was on leave for a month and for 2 weeks had been lying to me about it. He claims he spent his days at the CAC center and working on his car. Anyway with all this I was ready to pull Destiny out of school and move back home ASAP. But after the meeting with his 1st SGT we sat down and talked and he actually told me how he was feeling and all and I got the truth from him. And then we figured out it was all a misunderstanding and so now we are no longer divorcing. So we spent these last 2 weeks of his vacation working things out and re discovering our love for each other. DH also went to do a bowling tournament and won! He won $98 and a 3 day trip for 2 to Switzerland and Austria! I'm excited. He has to get his passport first before we can go but then we are going to get a babysitter and go. We also are going to a marriage retreat sometime in the beginning of February. Children can go and daycare is free and thats also for 3 days. So it looked like everything was smoothing back out again. On this past Wednesday DH and I went to the Klinikum to schedule my surgery to remove all the metal from my leg from when i broke it in 3 places in July 2006 when we get a phone call from Social Services saying they want to see us Friday as there is a complaint I don't give Destiny her insulin in the mornings before school. So I spent the rest of the week too angry to do any craft let alone sit down for 5 minutes. We spoke with the principal at the school and the nurse, turns out it was her teacher who called because my daughter who hates to wear socks showed up a few times without them and a few times she hadn't eaten breakfast. And instead of coming to us with her problems Destiny's teacher immediately called Social services which she told us she does not need to go through the parents for any problems. And her TA tony said he would report any problems for any child to SS so I asked him do you ask every child if they have eaten breakfast? Do you check every child to make sure they have socks on too? He refused to answer me but stated he wasn't prejudice against my family though everyone says this sure looks to be prejudice against us. So Friday at 1400 we showed up and I filled out a huge stack of repitive paperwork and after Mrs Kelly spoke with each of us alone she came to the conclusion that the accussation was false and we told her what the teacher said and she wants to have a meeting with the principal and this teacher as she even believes all problems should go to the parents first. We meet with her one more time this Friday to hand her paperwork stating the days and times we have seen her off post Dr for the last 3 months and for him to put Destiny is doing good. The lack of insulin claim was immediately tossed into the waste basket. Also my DH's 1st SGT advised us to report this teacher and TA to DODDs, ICE, and the Garrison commander. We plan too. :)

Kiley went to Audiology today and has something green like a bead stuck in her ear so an ENT has to remove it. And then she goes to get retested. The initial test was her left ear passed barely and the one with the bead in it, well the Dr couldn't get that eardrum to even move but said it could be because of the bead. So tomorrow I make the appointment with the off post ENT and then she can go back to the Audiology Dr and hopefully we get good news but for now we get a lot of "huh?" "What?" from poor little Kiley.

Now since DH and the kids are out bowling for another 2 hours, I am going to try and catch up on all your blogs

6 comments on "Stitching, Crocheting, and life"

monique on Monday, January 28, 2008 1:41:00 PM said...

Good grief, Heidi... what a rollercoaster you have been on! I sure hope things settle down for your family soon :)

Bliss on Monday, January 28, 2008 11:27:00 PM said...

Gracious me, Heidi! Here's a hug from Australia {{{Heidi's hug}}}

Karin on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 7:07:00 AM said...

Hope that life gets better for you soon.

Sharon on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 8:10:00 AM said...

My Lord Heidi! You have had a time of it. I glad that you and your husband are working things out. The teacher reporting me to SS would have just set me off! How ridiculous is that! I hope things will begin to settle for you soon. Your crochet looks lovely!

patternnuts on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 8:20:00 PM said...

Whoah! No wonder you have had a time of it, haven't you?
I hope things calm down for you very soon. And I am glad you are working things out with your DH.
(best of luck with everything)

stitcherw on Saturday, February 02, 2008 7:47:00 PM said...

How awful, you've certainly been having a time of it haven't you. I'm glad that it sounds like you and your DH are working things out. Marriage has so many stressors on it anyway, and the situtions that you've had to deal with make it even harder. The vacation sounds like a wonderful break for you all, and the marriage retreat a very timely opportunity.

How rotton of that teacher, you would think common sense would say talk to the parent first, but evidently the teacher (and principal) don't seem to have very much of that. I'm glad the worker was reasonable and agreed that they were out of line.

Good luck at Kiley's next hearing test, hopefully having the bead out will help her hearing. The blanket and collecting shells are looking lovely, and the fingerless mittens look like they'd be very soft and warm.


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