Monday, January 07, 2008

Heart Magnets and WIP sweater

Heres what I completed the other night of the hoodie sweater for Kiley. I made Destiny the same one using the same colors in Sept 2007. The front two strips are the front of the sweater and the loose squares are the start of the back piece. I need 25 for the entire back and as of last night I have all the squares completed and so my goal tonight is to get them pieced together and attached to the front two pieces. Then I can start on the arms and then the hoodie and then the border so with any luck you'll see the finished product by Saturday.

Crocheted Heart Magnets
Red Heart yarn
Completed: January 05, 2008
Free Pattern is here
Well my weekend was eventful. We all received free tockets to the circus here at the Arena. So they called us 1 hour before it was to start so I had to rush and get the kids ready while DH grabbed the tickets and we got there in time. Destiny was hungry but they didn't have anything there she would eat so DH promised her McD's if her and her sister would behave. So they did and we got McD's for dinner. The next morning we all woke up with food poisioning. Destiny had it so bad she was vomiting every 5 minutes. It took 3 doses of Vomex to get her to stop. She was so week I had to bath her, dress her and carry her to bed. she wouldn't eat or drink so I was checking her sugar more often than I normally do, thankfully with small insulin doses through out the day she remained in the normal levels. By Sunday we were all doing better. Thankfully Destiny was able to be at school on their first day back form winter break. And I was able to babysit lil Toby for 12 hours today, its going to be that way all week until he is able to start at his daycare place on the 14th. Thankfully I am getting paid for this. So tell me what are the first thoughts of when you think circus? Mine were animal and people doing hard stunts and bending in ways that people don't normally bend and even a bearded lady. Well, Europes version is a guy reappearing and disappearing and pulling out women in tiny outfits out of a box. Though they had 2 seals come out and balance a ball on their noses and the magic guy made a tiger appear in a little cage which he then opened and petted the tiger. No other animals. Nothing really exciting except the 3 motorcyclist in a little ball on the wall. Anyway here is a few pictures of our circus experience:

This one he gets in abox and theres glass on top of him and then a sheet is pulled tight over and he magically appears on top of the glass.

These 2 made me laugh, they reminded me of those cartoons where 2 people did the most stupid stuff but it was funny.

These guys did basic gymnastict moves, things your HS would do, nothing impressive.The seals and their trainer. The brown one didn't really want to do anything

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