Friday, December 14, 2012

The Royal Gorge

Today my dear friend got in there bright mind that we should drive to Canon City and see the Royal Gorge and even cross the bridge! And me having a giant fear of heights said "OK" Ikr? Absolutely crazy! this thing is like 1/2 mile walk and 1,000 feet over the Arkansas River! But he grabbed my hand and dealt and i think enjoyed my fear as i squeezed his hand and winced at every creak the boards made. yes those are wood boards! You can walk or drive over the bridge. My friend took pity on me and we walked over it 3 times! we walked across once and realized the only way back was to go back across. Then we took the air tram (little red box that goes across on wires) across the gorge. I just about fainted just getting into it and since we were the only ones there we got the box and the conductor to ourselves! So we picked his brain as it went. It wasn't as bad as i thought really. Then we walked the nature path that lead to the opposite side of the bridge hence we had to go across it a 3rd time. It's worse walking across while a car is driving over as you can actually feel the bridge bouncing and moving! At that point i practically ran to the other side of the bridge. Yes i was scared even though i was assured by many that's its completely safe. They also had a zip line across it! Thankfully they were doing maintenance on it so i was spared. In the picture above you can see the wires for the zip line, i swear its longer than the bridge itself. The park also had para sailing but as that is only offered on Saturdays and we went on a Friday i was spared that treacherous fear as well. My friend was determined he could get me over my fear of heights/falling. I glared at him in disgust but truly he is the only one that could have gotten me to go to such a place and I know he would never allow any real harm to come to me ^_^
This is the view of the Arkansas River from the right side of the bridge. We took an incline train thing to the bottom so we got to be like 5 feet from the River where the fences blocked us from getting any closer. You could also see where the old train from the 1800's ran and the wall was blackened. I wish i coulda taken a picture but my phone was dying and one more picture would have made it die.

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