Monday, May 24, 2010

Wind storms and Yard work

We had a bad windstorm the other day and several large branches fell from our large Maple tree. We really need someone to come out and trim the tree but they want like $300 just to do this one tree! So we will be shopping around for a better price.

DH decided to get working on the backyard so first thing to come out was those annoying steps and the brick  which was a horrible make shift patio. It left huge holes in the ground since they used these long thick wooden beams to make them. Even the girls wanted to help so DH gave them each a job to do. It was too cute not to take a picture or several. He then filled in all the holes so the dogs could still go outside and play. 

My in laws are coming Friday afternoon to help get our backyard going. I really can't wait cause it means green grass, flowers, and a huge play set for the girls. I have a feeling i'll be taking my stitching/crocheting out into the backyard with the kids and puppies. 

I have also been stitching on the baby blanket squares again. Found out my little sister is having a girl! So I'm working on the pink squares. I have 3 to go and then I can put it all together. I'll show pics when its completed. My two cousins found out what they were having too. Kirsten is having a girl and Kylee is having a boy. So now we just need to know what Lynnette is having. I know crazy our family is having 4 babies this year. 

Happy Stitching everyone!

1 comments on "Wind storms and Yard work"

stitcherw on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 7:25:00 PM said...

Good luck with finishing up the patio. It looks a lot of work, but you'll love it in the end. Your new addition Duke is so cute, and I love the picture of the two of them sleeping together.


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