Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Day Two

Saturday - Our house warming gift. :)

Time to wake those that were still asleep at 0800

Then the boys used the skidster to level out the backyard. None of realized how much excess dirt was there but it was in our favor! We had so much excess there is no need to bring in anymore to fill in the step areas

DH had to move our sprinkler pipes so Opa wouldn't run them over

There were lots of huge rocks against the neighbors fence so those all had to go.

And while Opa took his cigarette break he watered the dirt down.

As you can see even Oma wasn't immune to the high winds we had.

After she got her hair tied back it was time for more chalk coloring! They even discovered that if you dip the chalk in a bucket of water that they color darker colors and they also:

Color the water!

More work, but can you tell Jeremy didn't do much? (Glad a 12 pack a beer was his only payment)

Then while Jeremy and DH grabbed lunch, Opa pulled out the trencher to dig the trench holes to lay in our sprinkler systems. we found driveway under all this dirt on this side of the house so Opa had to get the Skidster out and remove the driveway too. It was all asphalt.

Then time to set up the main and the electronics parts. We had to find a weekend plumber to install a pipe coming out of the side of the house too. Cause our water hose connection has a no freeze valve on the inside which meant he couldn't use it to connect our sprinkler system.  

The girls played with all the blue flags. This is where you saw the steps last. Its mainly filled in now.

DH trenched the shorter sides by hand. Boy was he tired and sunburned when he finished!

Then after Opa connected all the pipes Jeremy put my girls to work filling in the trenches and patting them flat.

Then all us gals took a much needed break! Putting in sprinklers is hard work!

Opa finished up the zones getting them all connected together. There are 4 zones total!

Here is zone 1 being tested! Yay it worked! Jeremy messed up one of the sprinklers though as it goes off when zone 4 comes on and its suppose to be a zone 2 sprinkler but its a pain to fix so we just decided to leave it. At least it waters where its suppose to. This pic is just when the sprinklers flush out any dirt, before the guys attached the actual sprinkler heads to them and then adjusted them to the right direction. 

Opa was tired! Thank you so much Ron! I know this wasn't the funnest trip to Colorado Springs but definitely your next visit we will be able to do something fun!

Tuesday DH puts in the dividers for our planters and also he is working on getting the kids playset together as they also get a sandbox under it! (I wonder how much sandbox sand is?) Also we get the grass put in this week too which means the kids can't play back there for two whole weeks till the grass takes root! 

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