Friday, June 28, 2013

Lots going on

I'm truly sorry my posts are far and wide as of late. But i'm going through a lot and haven't had the time to craft of any kind.

#1) I'm getting a divorce from my husband. July 6 will make 11 yrs married and 14 yrs together. The longest relationship i have ever had by far. Though I am OK with all this. I am the one that asked him for it and i have had over a year to prepare myself for it. He cheated on me and more then once. It will never stop and he was never interested in seeing a marriage counselor either. Also for some unknown reason he was always able to be honest and truthful to whoever he was with but never me. The only honesty I have ever got from him is when he admitted to his many flings. I honestly don't/can't trust a single word that comes out of his mouth. There are many other reasons why we are divorcing but this seems to be the main reasons.

#2) I'm moving (see #1 for why) to Toledo, Ohio. My older sister lives there with her husband and two boys so I am going to go there for awhile while i start school in a career i enjoy. It won't be full blown college, just a technical school. Times like this I am thankful I have a wonderful family willing to support and help me out. I will try my best not to be a burden.

#3) My girls and I fly out in about 9 more days and i haven't packed much at all so this will definitely be a busy week. But my monster in laws have suddenly decided this is the perfect time to show up and make my life miserable a bit more so we will see how this week goes. I don't want to be rushing to pack the 2 days before i fly out.

Once I am settled I will try and post more but for now this has to be this way.

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