Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Oldest/Newest Furbaby addition!

This is Jenny. My sister found her on the streets as a 6 month old kitten. She was scavenging for food around the dumpster of our apartment in 1999. Well Lynnette took her in and has had her ever since. Her and her DH with her 2 boys recently moved to a much bigger/much needed place. But the downside was they didn't allow cats so Jenny needed a place to stay. At age 11 years old she was too old and too much of our family to be adopted out to someone else. My mom took her for a week but during that week her never hurt a fly puppy tried to "eat/attack" Jenny. So we brought her home with us. Our two kitties have been fine with her but we think the ranking wars have begun. Xena always stays in Destiny's room which Jenny has tried to claim so they have peed in her room. Grrrrr. So I told Lynnette that hopefully they will stop if not then she will have to hide Jenny back at her place.

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