Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I know I have been absent

I know I have been absent but I haven't been in the mood to craft anything. Plus now I am sick thanks to my sister Heather. She visited this weekend on her way to Las Vegas NM to hand her son over to his father who gets him for 2 weeks and in two weeks she will stop here again. But this past weekend she asked if I would watch my 4 month old niece for the day while she handed her son over. Little did I realize my poor niece had a nasty head cold and so it was passed on to me to which Sunday morning i already had symptoms and by Monday morning I felt like hell on earth.


Then to add to my misery I had pain in my back left tooth. Luckily the dentist pulled it this morning and so I am much better to that too.

Oh and the best part yet is my FIL messaged me on FB saying we should get an envelope today and to use it well. SO I was like ok thanks. Then he threw himself a pity party because his son my DH is too busy to call him. SO I asked why don't you (FIL) call your son (my DH) to which he is the dad and has done his time! OMG he thinks raising his son was a prison sentence!!!! I was so pissed!!! Then he tried to say my DH was a leach because we sent him an xmas gift list that my FIL had ASKED us too!!! And I had put on there that they are only getting the list because he wanted it because we did not expect one thing from them!! 

Anyway, needless to say I am no longer speaking to him! What a fucking asshole!!! Sorry for my language.

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